Peoples Jewellers Review | Is Peoples Diamonds real & good?

Peoples Jewellers Review | Is Peoples Diamonds real & good?

Peoples Jewellers Review | Is Peoples Diamonds real & good?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 17th Apr 2021

Peoples Jewellers Review

Peoples Jewellers – A Review

Our Rating 3.2 out of 5.

Compare Peoples Jewellers with James Allen.

Nothing should draw a customer into a Peoples Jewellers store. The experience is drab, the quality is poor, and the service mediocre. This, coupled with the high price tags, makes the experience detestable.

James Allen

A Brief History

Peoples Jewellers can boast being one of the oldest jewelers in Canada. It was founded almost 100 years ago, and has expanded in those 100 years leading up to being bought out by the US  Zales Corporation. Peoples Jewellers joined the Signet Corporation, which hold  Kay Jewelers and Jareds, which now see them have 150 stores spread around Canada.

What Peoples Jewellers Offer

The Peoples Jewellers stores tend to feel outdated and drab, no matter where they are situated. The experience continues when interacting with the sales staff, who do not go the extra mile to make the experience memorable.

The diamonds on offer do not live up to expectations either; they are mostly poorly cut and with a very dull appearance. As for the prices, they are utterly unjustified because their diamonds' quality is below par. It would be best if you pay the same price at James Allen or Blue Nile to buy a diamond of much better quality and brilliance.

Besides having 150 stores located around Canada, Peoples Jewellers offer nothing worth a visit.


What Makes Peoples Jewellers Stand Out?

Store accessibility: As mentioned, having 150 stores around Canada does help the store be more accessible to many since you can find a store in almost every location. However, this does not help much when the store itself is not worth visiting, to begin with.

Responsible sourcing: Peoples Jewellers do ensure that their diamonds are responsibly sourced. Hence, customers can be sure that all diamonds bought from the store have been ethically sourced.

Largest retailer: Peoples Jewellers is the largest retailer of watches and fine jewelry in Canada, with stores ranging from the Maritimes to British Columbia. The company is also a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association, which certainly does build a level of trust with customers.

Personalized jewelry: Online at the Peoples Jewellers store, you will find that they offer a reasonably extensive range of personalized jewelry, from birthstone rings to initial necklaces. In short, there is something for every taste and style.

Peoples Jewellers Pricing

Peoples Jewellers fall incredibly short when it comes to the prices of their diamonds and engagement rings, which are exceptionally higher than James Allen or Blue Nile's. What makes matters worse is that the quality is not good either.

You will be paying a premium price for an underwhelming piece. Understandably, a physical jewelry store will cost more than an online retailer because there are more overheads and staff to pay. But this becomes unreasonable when the diamonds' quality is not excellent.

Custom Orders

Peoples Jewellers do not offer too much customization focused on engagement rings, but they have many other customizable jewelry options. There is for custom designing a ring, though this falls more into the category of birthstone and Mother’s Day rings than into one as life-changing as an engagement ring. It would be better to seek out custom design elsewhere to ensure that you get the best craftsmanship and design possible.

Website Ease of Use

The website of Peoples Jewellers is what you would expect from a mall-based jewelry retailer. It is full of promotional banners and sales to draw you in, similar to how it is done in a store.

Be that as it may, the website is relatively clean and easy to use and utilizes beautiful pictures to entice customers. There is quite an extensive wedding collection online, from engagement rings to wedding gifts, which comes in handy for prospective brides and guests to the wedding.

The engagement rings are displayed beautifully on the site, and there are some beautiful options to choose from. The pictures are clear but somewhat limited. There is also a decent amount of information offered on each piece, which further helps the purchasing process.

Online, customers can also find extensive diamond education that helps acquire the crucial information they need before making a purchase.

Customer Service

You will likely not be impressed by the customer service in-store, but there are some good aftersales benefits available for customers.

Returns and Exchanges: All jewelry can be returned within 60 days from purchase and can either be fully refunded, exchanged, or replaced with in-store credit.

Shipping: If you choose to have the jewelry shipped to a Peoples Jewellers store, the shipping will be free. Other than that, free shipping is offered on orders over $199.

Lifetime Diamond Commitment: All diamond purchases over $200 come with a Lifetime Diamond Commitment covering diamond breakage, replacing a diamond if it is broken, chipped, or lost. This commitment comes with lifetime cleaning and inspection to ensure that the diamond is kept in the best possible state. Besides, a Lifetime Guaranteed Trade-In on bridal sets and diamond solitaires is also offered.

Peoples Jewellers Financing Options

Customers can apply for the Peoples Jewellers Credit Card that allows for purchases and gives access to exclusive benefits and flexible financing plans. It includes a special offer with the welcome package, 10% off repairs, exclusive offers throughout the year, a $50 birthday voucher, and most importantly, flexible financing plans.

Why You Should Choose Peoples Jewellers

  • Responsibly and ethically sourced diamonds
  • 150 stores across Canada
  • Extensive range of customizable jewelry

Peoples Jewellers – High Prices and Low Quality

Unfortunately, nothing redeems Peoples Jewellers or warrants a visit for anyone in the market for a diamond engagement ring. The prices are high, while the quality is often lacking. The service comes with no saving grace either, leaving customers feeling underwhelmed.

It would be best to visit James Allen or Blue Nile, where you can get a beautiful diamond for a great price. Moreover, the customer service will make the experience worth your time and money, albeit online.

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