Michael Hill Jewellers Review | Are They Bad Choice?

Michael Hill Jewellers Review | Are They Bad Choice?

Michael Hill Jewellers Review | Are They Bad Choice?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 18th Apr 2021

Michael Hill Jewelers Review

Michael Hill Jewellers – A Review

Our Rating 3.7 out of 5.

Compare Michael Hill Jewellers with James Allen.

Michael Hills should be avoided when purchasing a diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewellery. Their diamonds' quality is below par, yet they hold a price much higher than they deserve.

Shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile will see you purchasing a diamond of far superior quality at a reasonable price. The shopping experience in-store at Michael Hill is nearly non-existent and does not do enough to sway people from shopping online.

James Allen

A Brief History

Michael Hill is a well-known jewellery retailer worldwide, although their presence is not strong in the USA. The company started over 40 years ago when the first store was opened in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Once the company's presence had grown in New Zealand, Michael Hill moved over to Australia, where they grew in popularity rapidly. In 2002, Michael Hill launched in Vancouver, Canada, with a few stores in the United States of America and Australia.

What Michael Hill Offer

Michael Hill does not do much to encourage customers to return to their stores after their first visit. The experience is similar to a fast-food chain, where service is limited and the experience very in-and-out. There is no luxury ambiance or pull towards the store of the kind used by many to justify purchasing from a physical store over an online retailer.

Aside from experience, the quality of the products sold is not excellent at all. Some of the diamonds sold should never be considered for purchase and would never be found online at reputable retailers such as James Allen or Blue Nile.

You cannot expect value for your money at Michael Hill, and any purchase that you do make will be of low quality compared to what you could get online.

What Makes Michael Hill Stand Out?

Global retailer: Michael Hill stores can be found worldwide, such as in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada, making them accessible to many customers, with 300 stores worldwide.

Responsible Jewellery Policy: Michael Hill is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, an organization committed to ensuring that diamond, gold, and platinum acquisitions are carried out ethically, adhering to strict environmental policies.

Education center: Online, Michael Hill offers customers an extensive education center. Customers can find extensive information on diamonds, engagement guides, care and maintenance, style guides, gift guides, and other helpful information that assists with the purchasing and decision process.


Michael Hill Pricing

Michael Hill does not seek to make their diamonds affordable, especially considering the low quality that these diamonds hold.

Jewellery and diamonds at Michael Hill are difficult to compare with similar pieces found at James Allen or Blue Nile since these online retailers do not hold diamonds of so low a quality as does Michael Hill. However, with similar stones, one can deduce that diamonds cost nearly twice as much at Michael Hill. This does not come with an exceptional experience or anything worth one's time and money in-store, making the massive price hike unjustified.

Custom Orders

One of the in-store services that Michael Hill offers is the Restyling Events often held. These allow customers to bring in jewellery pieces and update them to be more suitable with the times or revamp them to an entirely new look. It also gives customers the opportunity to work with existing jewellery to create a fresh piece instead of spending more on purchasing a diamond and a setting from scratch.

Website Ease of Use

The Michael Hill website is reasonably easy to navigate and has the various categories broken down nicely for customers to browse through. The pictures are kept simple on the front page; hence it is not as overwhelming as many other sites.

When searching for an engagement ring, you can choose between collections or popular rings and viewing rings by their styles and settings. The rings are displayed with a stock image of the ring from different angles. Also, a shot of the ring while worn by a model is provided that helps view the ring better.

A fair amount of information is offered on each ring, with the stone and metal being described well.

There is easy access to all other information you might need when shopping online and an education center for some additional information for customers.

Customer Service

The customer service in-store is not great, and so you might have a better chance of getting one-on-one help online with the contact function. Some after-sales policies are worth noting.

Returns: Jewellery can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund provided that the jewellery is in original condition with the original purchasing slips.

Michael Hill Diamond Promise: The Michael Hill Diamond Promise covers any damage done to the diamond by manufacturing default. It includes chipped, broken, or lost diamonds in an original setting during normal wear, apart from the labor and material to replace the diamonds.

Shipping: Michael Hill offers free shipping on all orders over $100.

Michael Hill Financing Options

Michael Hill offers an in-store financing option for customers, designed with flexible options to suit different needs. The application is nearly instant in-store, and hence customers can start shopping nearly straight away. During the promotional period, no interest has to be paid. Besides, there is also a layaway option where a 25% deposit is required.

Why You Should Choose Michael Hill

  • Diamonds sourced ethically and within environmental guidelines
  • 300 stores worldwide, including in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia

Michael Hill – Do Not Waste Your Money

There is absolutely no reason you should feel the need to visit a Michael Hill store. The quality of the diamonds is far below what you could find online, and the service does not do anything to boost the lack of quality. The price of the diamonds is way too high for their quality and the service offered.

You will be much happier shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile, where you will be met with stunning diamonds at an affordable cost, even if it means letting go of the in-store experience.

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