Leibish & Co Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Leibish & Co Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Leibish & Co Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 28th Aug 2019

Leibish & Co – A Review

Our Rating 4.3 out of 5.

Compare Leibish & Co Diamonds with James Allen.

Leibish & Co are the necessary breath of fresh air into the diamond and engagement ring industry. Specializing in fancy color diamonds, their stones are unique and full of character. There is nothing ordinary about the diamonds sold on the site, they are vibrant and beaming with light and color.

If you are in the market for fancy colored diamonds, Leibish & Co should be one of your top choices. Not only are they one of the largest retailers of  fancy colored diamonds online, but the quality is outstanding, pillared on the success of the company.

James Allen

A Brief History

In 1979, Leibish Polnauer had just found out that the company he worked for, a polishing firm, was being shut down. That same day, he found an advert in a newspaper by Garrad & Co, looking for a rare diamond. Leibish took the risk and traveled three contents to  find the diamonds asked for by Garrad & Co.

This led to Leibish founding Leibish & Co, which is a family run business, known as well for being one of the largest buyers at the Argyle Tender, held annually.

Leibish & Co is responsible for pioneering online diamond retailing, starting way back in 1995, and the company supplies some of the largest luxury jewelers, such as Graff.

The business has grown to become the largest supplier of fancy colored diamonds globally.

What Leibish & Co Offer

Leibish & Co pride themselves on providing customers with only the best product around, fancy color diamonds in a large range of shapes, clarities, sizes, and hues, suiting different budgets and tastes. Experts at Leibish & Co travel globally to find the finest stones to retail on the site, making sure that all diamonds sourced are naturally mined, either in Africa, Russia, India, and Australia, with  GIA certificates and certified conflict-free.

Leibish & Co also believe that these incredible diamonds need the perfect setting, so they offer some of the finest engagement ring mountings available online. There are many different styles to choose from, and the settings are crafted to bring out the natural hue and saturation of the fancy cut diamonds.

Other than the superb quality of the products they offer, Leibish & Co also work to provide a seamless, enjoying shopping experience for customers, with expert guidance along the way.


What Makes Leibish & Co Stand Out?

Spectacular Ring Settings – To match the perfect fancy  color diamond chosen, Leibish & Co have a wide selection of beautiful jewelry to really enhance the unique characteristics of a stone. The metal components of the ring are crafted expertly, to make the most of the natural beauty of the diamond. There is a setting to match any diamond you choose.

Certification – All diamonds, stones, and jewelry sold by Leibish & Co come with a GIA, Argyle or IGI certification, or certificates produced in-house. All stones are also conflict-free and sourced from natural mines, through ethical procurement.

Expert Craftsmanship – Each piece of jewelry on the site chosen to be paired with a fancy colored diamond, is created with the right combination of metals and alloys to improve the top view color intensity of the diamond. For example, yellow-colored diamonds are often set in a yellow gold basket to enhance the warmth of the stone. 3D profiling scans are done of the diamonds before setting them, to help to properly design the custom setting.

Leibish & Co Pricing

Leibish & Co own all of the diamonds displayed on their site, which allows them to offer the diamonds at a competitive price, compared to other vendors who need to increase their price to offset high inventory costs.

As a wholesale company, the prices on the fancy colored stones and other gems are fairly competitive, but the high-quality of the stones bring about a higher premium. James Allen also features fancy colored diamonds, and are direct competitors to Leibish & Co, thanks to the pricing of the fancy colored diamonds that James Allen offers.

Being one of the few online retailers that sell fancy color diamonds, the prices may have more premium pricing, but the rarity and quality of the stones give you value for your money.

Custom Orders

Leibish & Co offer clients the option to custom design their own rings, with a user-friendly process to create a ring that is tailored to the client's vision.

The site has a three-step requirement with easy to follow steps where you will choose your diamond, your setting and then complete the request. While this does not offer customers the chance to design their own ring from the beginning, it does offer the freedom to match a desired diamond with a chosen setting.

Website Ease of Use

Opening the online Leibish & Co site, you are greeted with a pleasant pop of color thanks to the design of the page and the fancy color diamond images. Keeping with the trend of clean, appealing home pages, the Leibish & Co site is modern and neat.

The site itself is easy to navigate, with big bold text that guides you to find the diamond, jewelry, or information you might need.

There are some helpful filtering options available on the site, allowing you to narrow down your search to find exactly what you are wanting. A whole host of important information is shown with each stone and piece of jewelry, providing all the information a customer might need to decide on a purchase.

All diamonds are clearly imaged and displayed, as well as their specific prices, properties and availability clearly shown. This makes shopping on Leibish & Co an absolute pleasure.

Customer Service

Leibish & Co look to provide great customer service wherever possible. Being in the market for decades, they have built up reliable and knowledgeable customer service, and after purchase service that really does care for customers.

Full time Customer Support – There is an instant chat option on their site, where you are connected immediately to a knowledgeable and helpful customer care agent who is there to assist with any queries.

Return Policy – Leibish & Co offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on purchases made.

Warranty – There is a full warranty on products for any manufacturing defects.

Free Shipping – There is an overnight insured shipping option for all products, and most items are shipped within 48 hours.

Leibish & Co Financing Options

Customers are able to use external financing options such as PayPal Credit and Split It when shopping at Leibish & Co. Other than these options, there are layaway plans available for certain products, but these are set out according to the cost of the purchase.

Why You Should Choose Leibish & Co

  • Large inventory of in-house owned fancy colored diamonds
  • Engagement ring settings suited to enhance the beauty and hues of the fancy diamonds
  • Decades worth of experience in the industry help the company achieve only the highest quality of products to retail
  • Free, insured international shipping
  • All diamonds are certified and conflict-free

Leibish & Co – Colorful and Exquisite

For a different, colorful take on engagement rings, Leibish & Co are the perfect site to explore your options. With incredible customer care, you are able to custom design your own engagement ring or other jewelry, all crafted to bring out the natural hues and beauty of the stone you choose.

The experience and years of mastery put into the business show through their exception gallery of fancy colored diamonds, and perfectly suited jewelry to match.