Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Review | Are They Costly?

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Review | Are They Costly?

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Review | Are They Costly?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 7th Nov 2019

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Review

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 4 out of 5.

Compare Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry with James Allen.

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry stores have an elegant and luxurious ambiance to them. This paves the way for customers to expect service, diamonds, and jewelry that match the luxury. Unfortunately, the high-class experience ends with the in-store décor and feel and does not extend to the service or quality of the product.

Skipping the luxurious ambiance at Lee Michaels, you will be able to find an engagement ring for a fraction of the price, and much better quality at James Allen.

James Allen

A Brief History

Lee Michaels opened its first store in Baton Rouge in 1978, headed up by Lee and Brenda Berg.

Later on in the Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, the second generation of the family became involved in the business, where the company has now expanded to have 8 stores across 3 states. The stores are found throughout Louisiana, Texas, Jackson, Mississippi, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and San Antonio.

What Lee Michaels Offer

Lee Michaels offers customers the chance to experience a luxurious setting of a jewelry store, without having to visit a higher-end store such as Tiffany & Co. The stores are quite beautiful and fit well into the upscale shopping centers that they are set in.

The issue with the experience comes in when with the sales assistants. The service offered in-store does not in any way match the luxurious interior, and customers are left wanting. This is a big downfall for physical retailers, as they need to try to compete with online retailers who have a full time, helpful customer support always readily available.

To their credit, some of the diamonds sold at Lee Michaels do come with a GIA certificate, and while this is a great advantage, the diamonds are on the lower end of the quality you should be purchasing, with price tags which are way too high.

What Makes Lee Michaels Stand Out?

Store settings – The setting of the stores is the biggest show off that the company has. The stores are wonderfully elegant, and the ambiance in-store, ignoring the sales assistants, is quite something.

Settings – There are some wonderful settings available at Lee Michaels. The settings themselves are stunning and barring the subpar diamonds, you will be able to find a beautiful ring at Lee Michaels, either in-store or online.

Trained jewelry professionals – All members of the Lee Michaels consultant team have been educated through GIA, and they carry an Accredited Jewelry Professional certification. A number of the consultants have obtained the title of Registered Jeweler and Graduate Gemologists, giving them the ability to provide expert advice on all jewelry and diamonds.


Lee Michaels Pricing

The diamonds at Lee Michaels are overpriced. There is no way around this. Other than the diamonds being poorly cut and not so great, the prices cannot be justified. The only benefit of purchasing a diamond at Lee Michaels is to experience the interior of the store, but that quickly fades when you leave the store with an overpriced, low-quality diamond.

Physical retailers do have to deal with increased overheads compared to online retailers, but many manage to keep this to a minimum when it comes to pricing their diamonds. This is something that Lee Michaels does not do.

When comparing diamonds between Lee Michaels and an online retailer such as James Allen, you can expect a price increase of around 30%.

Custom Orders

Lee Michaels has a range of special jewelry that can be customized for special gifts, whether it be for a birthday gift or anniversary present. The stores and the online site feature a range of personalized gifts that can be completely customized.

The furthest you can have an engagement ring customized is by choosing a setting, and then a diamond to have set within that setting.

Website Ease of Use

The Lee Michaels website is a good representation of their stores. It is elegant, clean and gives off a high-class appeal.

The front page advertises different collections and other jewelry on sale, as well as a brief history of the company itself.

There is not much option when it comes to sorting the rings, and the only way you can do so is by price, which does not help you choose between cut, setting, and style.

Viewing a ring shows you one picture of a ring, which can be zoomed in and out, but is limited to how well you can see the actual design. There is a small amount of information on the ring and what diamonds it is set with, and there is an option to make an appointment to view the ring in a store. This is incredibly limiting for those who do not have access to a store nearby.

Other information is easily accessible on the site, and there are different options on how to contact customer support if it is needed.

Customer Service

While Lee Michaels pride themselves on customer service, this does vary between stores. Online, you will find a more helpful customer care line and additional information about the services offered by Lee Michaels.

Returns – There is a 30-day return policy for items purchased from Lee Michaels. The items can be returned for a refund, store credit, or for an exchange.

Appraisals – Lee Michaels offers appraisals for their jewelry by one of their staff who is a member of the American Gem Society. This is a complimentary service offered for purchases over $2,500.

Repairs – The service facilities at Lee Michael include the latest diagnostic and testing equipment, which then leads to a repair by one of the expert staff compromised of factory-trained technicians.

Lee Michaels Financing Options

Lee Michaels offers qualifying clients a credit card that is sourced from Synchrony Financial.

This involves a quick application process that provides instant credit when applied for in-store. Maintenance of the account can be done by low minimum payments, with special payment options available.

Why You Should Choose Lee Michaels

  • Luxury settings in-store
  • Affiliated with GIA
  • Staff members trained by GIA

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry – High Prices with No Perks

If you want to waste some money on a low-quality diamond and not-so-great service, you can visit Lee Michaels. The store is wonderfully inviting at first, but that is as far as the experience will take you.

For the sake of your budget, and to know you are wearing a diamond engagement ring that is worthy of your love, you should shop at James Allen or Blue Nile. You will be treated like a valued customer, and receive an engagement ring that will fit well into your budget.

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