Lee Hwa Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Lee Hwa Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Lee Hwa Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 26th Dec 2019

Lee Hwa Jewellery Review

Lee Hwa Jewellery – A Review

Our Rating 4.1 out of 5.

Compare Lee Hwa Jewellery with James Allen.

Lee Hwa Jewellery has some really stunning stores, the kind of settings you would want to be in when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. The ambiance and décor of the stores are where the great experience starts to decline, as the quality of the diamonds found at Lee Hwa varies quite a bit, and the prices of the diamonds and settings are very overpriced.

For a more affordable shopping experience, where you can be guaranteed a stunning diamond engagement ring, you can look to visit either James Allen or Blue Nile online.

James Allen

A Brief History

The first Lee Hwa Jewellery store was opened in 1970. It was the first jewelry store to be publicly listed in Singapore. Through innovative design and market-leading innovation, Lee Hwa Jewellery has become the official licensee of Forevermark in Singapore. Forevermark is a diamond brand from the De Beers group.

Also moving forward with innovation, Lee Hwa created the first 19K solid Purple Gold, releasing it in 2000. It was also the jewelry company that made white gold popular, appealing to the modern woman.

From its beginnings, Lee Hwa Jewellery now has 15 boutiques across Singapore.

What Lee Hwa Jewellery Offer

Lee Hwa Jewellery offers customers a pleasant experience in-store. Their stores are luxurious, but with a modern feel. The sales assistants are friendly and helpful, but the extent does differ between the different stores you might visit.

The diamonds sold at Lee Hwa Jewellery stores are also really stunning. Yes, you might find a few that are mediocre, but the majority of the diamonds are nice, with good cuts, color, and clarity.

Other than diamond engagement rings, Lee Hwa also features some stunning collections of jewelry, either simple, enchanting, or elegant, for each taste.


What Makes Lee Hwa Jewellery Stand Out?

Stores – The Lee Hwa stores are really nice to visit. They have a modern, bright feel, and all the displays are set out clearly around the store. Even the smaller stores give off the impression of a larger retailer and do help the customer have a more secure experience. The stores all differ slightly, but there is a common thread of luxury and elegance between them all.

Accessibility – There are 15 Lee Hwa boutiques across Singapore, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists looking to visit one of the locations. Many of these boutiques are set in more upmarket locations as well.

Privileges – Lee Hwa offers privileges to certain customers who apply for the program. A minimum spend will see a customer invited to join the club, which opens up to discounts on Gem Set Jewellery, Premium Collections, Classic Solitaires, and other collections.

Lee Hwa Jewellery Pricing

Unfortunately, Le Hwa Jewelry does not have very competitive pricing. As a physical retailer, they have higher overheads and costs to pay, and while this always lands up with the product costing more, Lee Hwa seems to push this to the next level.

Comparing similar pieces from Lee Hwa to Blue Nile, the Lee Hwa piece can end up costing anywhere between 30-60% more. This is a huge price increase, and quite frankly, Lee Hwa does not offer its customers anything special to make up for such a premium. The stores are nice and the diamonds are great, but not 60% more expensive great.

Custom Orders

Lee Hwa offers customers the exclusive experience to have their own engagement ring designed. Customers are able to design bespoke jewelry with their own personal designer, inside a Designer Suite at the Lee Hwa Jewellery Diamond Promenade in ION Orchard, or the Lee Hwa’s Jewelspace in Suntec City.

Customers are also able to apply for a personal design online using an appointment request form. The consultation does cost S$50 and this includes the consultation and design with two revisions. However, this fee is redeemable off the custom order or any purchase from the Lee Hwa Jewellery boutique within 2 months.

From wedding bands to engagement rings, there are many options available to have designed with a personal designer at Lee Hwa.

Website Ease of Use

The Lee Hwa Jewellery website is really done well. It is simple, elegant and classy. There is no barrage of information that takes away from the stunning jewelry, and it only features enough imagery to be appealing, without being overwhelming.

The website is set out mainly by the different designers and collections at Lee Hwa, so you will need to filter through those to view engagement rings. You aren’t able to actually shop on the site, or view the rings outside of their display on the page. It is more of a catalog or reference for customers to look at before heading into the stores. The collections are all lovely to look at and include different jewelry for different occasions.

Customer Service

The customer service at the Lee Hwa stores does vary, but overall it is good and customers are left satisfied after their purchase. There is not much shown on their site regarding customer service.

Contact – There is an easy contact page on the website with different avenues to get in touch with an assistant from Lee Hwa.

Privilege Club – The Privilege club allows for frequent customers to benefit from specials, discounts, early releases, and birthday vouchers.

Lee Hwa Jewellery Financing Options

Lee Hwa Jewellery does not advertise financing options, which seems to be normal with Singapore based jewelry retailers. Customers will have to finance their purchases.

Why You Should Choose Lee Hwa Jewellery

  • Luxury store settings
  • Supplier of Forevermark diamonds
  • Helpful staff in-store

Lee Hwa Jewellery – High Premiums, Low Value

Lee Hwa Jewellery does offer great store ambiance, a good experience for customers, and some really beautiful diamonds, including the sought after Forevermark brand. However, their prices are just too high to be justified. The experience offered in-store does not make up for the premium, and at the end of the day, it would be a huge waste of money to most, considering that you could purchase a stunning engagement ring from James Allen or Blue Nile online, at a much lower price, while still enjoying great customer service.

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