Harry Winston Review | Are They Worth the Extra $?

Harry Winston Review | Are They Worth the Extra $?

Harry Winston Review | Are They Worth the Extra $?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 20th Sep 2019

Harry Winston Review

Harry Winston – A Review

Our Rating 3.9 out of 5.

Compare Harry Winston Jewelry with James Allen.

Harry Winston jewelry goes hand in hand with ultimate luxury. Jeweler to celebrities and with an inventory of some of the most sought-after diamonds and jewelry in the world, Harry Winston jewelry can be found in over 40 locations, with pieces being sold in some of the higher-end boutiques as well.

James Allen

Carrying a higher price tag than most jewelers, Harry Winston offers luxury and class, but is it worth the extra money spent?

A Brief History

Harry Winston was destined to enter the jewelry business, with his father opening a jewelry store in New York City after emigrating from Ukraine.

From a young age, Harry Winston had an eye for quality, purchasing his first emerald at twelve years old, and selling it to make an astounding profit. Harry Winston’s legacy truly began when he bought the Arabella Huntington's collection in 1926. By redesigning these pieces, he showcased his eye for detail and expert craftsmanship.

Famously, Harry Winston was in possession of the Hope Diamond, a 45.52ct wonder, before donating it to the Smithsonian.

From opening many jewelry stores to having celebrities showing off his best pieces, Harry Winston grew an empire, which is now run by his son Ronald, and Fenway Partners.

What Harry Winston Offer

What Harry Winston Offer

Harry Winston is able to offer clients an exclusive range of jewelry that really does shine in all aspects. From the Secrets collection to The Incredible, the ranges are exclusive to Harry Winston, each with their own distinct features and impeccable design.

Known for providing only the finest craftsmanship, The House of Harry Winston claim to design their jewelry around their gems, making each one a custom designer piece.

Exclusivity, attention to detail, and luxury are what is provided from the higher price tag that jewelry from Harry Winston hold, but for some, it is completely worth the experience.


What Makes Harry Winston Stand Out?

Exclusivity –One of the biggest selling points of Harry Winston jewelry is the exclusivity they offer their clients. One-of-a-kind designer pieces are created for each collection, with each piece created to bring out the best of each gem or diamond.

A legacy – The Harry Winston name is not just branding, it is the promise of decades of experience and impeccable craftsmanship, in an industry where it is so important.

Customer service – Harry Winston go above and beyond to provide their clients with the best customer care around, both online and in stores. Their stores are based in luxury spots, and exude elegance and class.

Expert guidance – Something that Harry Winston offers where other jewelers are lacking are their expert staff. Both online and in-store, the staff at Harry Winston will help customers find their perfect stone or engagement ring, without influencing customers to make a certain purchase.

Certification – Each diamond engagement ring sold by Harry Winston is sold with the original diamond report from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

Harry Winston Pricing

When it comes to purchasing a Harry Winston diamond or engagement ring, you can expect to pay much more than elsewhere, simply for the name.

It goes without saying that the diamonds and jewelry on offer by Harry Winston are of some of the best quality found anywhere, but you really will be paying a hefty price tag.

If spending this type of money just doesn’t fit into your budget, you will still be able to find exceptional quality pieces, for a much lower price, at  James Allen or Blue Nile.

Harry Winston jewelry and diamonds are exclusive, high-class, and high-quality, but the price tags are simply unaffordable for most.

Custom Orders

Harry Winston does not offer the same level of custom order designs as other online jewelers, like James Allen.

All the pieces of jewelry found at Harry Winston are created to bring out the best of the gemstones or diamonds, so each piece is essentially a custom design. A custom design piece will have to align with the Harry Winston design aesthetic, which might be limiting for some.

Harry Winston also exclusively uses platinum for their settings, so there is not much option for settings in this regard. However, with the range of stones and experience offered by the jeweler, you should be able to find a designer, custom piece that speaks to you.

Website Ease of Use

The website is pretty, clean and fairly easy to navigate through. For such a prestigious company, the website could be laid out better, but other than a few tab flaws and information which is not easy to access, it is not too difficult to use.

One important factor is that you cannot actually buy a piece of jewelry or stone online, to do this, you will have to travel to a store. This lacks accessibility to most who cannot find a store nearby. While this is probably done to save the prestige of the company, it does limit shoppers who prefer the online experience.

Customer Service

Harry Winston can rightly pride them on outstanding customer service. Online and in store, as a customer you are made to feel as though you have stepped into a world of luxury and elegance, with staff being ready to help you with any request.

The service you receive from Harry Winston does make the higher price tags more worthwhile.

Returns Policy – Harry Winston offers a return policy on engagement rings within 30 days, as long as the ring has not been worn. A return will be met with an exchange, and not a monetary refund.

Knowledgeable staff – Sales consultants working with Harry Winston stores are incredibly knowledgeable and hold all the information necessary to help a customer make the perfect purchase. They go the extra mile to help clients in their decision making.

Harry Winston Financing Options

Customers will have to use private financing when purchasing a diamond or engagement ring from Harry Winston.

Why You Should Choose Harry Winston

Why You Should Choose Harry Winston

  • Exclusive collections featuring timeless jewelry
  • Impeccable customer service
  • A brand name that holds value
  • GIA certificates for all diamond engagement rings

Harry Winston – The Higher End Jewelry Store

For those looking to make a large purchase, conscious of a brand name, Harry Winston is definitely the store to visit.

However, for most of us who want to make the most of our budget, a store such as James Allen or Blue Nile will hold a lower price tag, but still provide stunning quality diamonds and engagement rings.

Credit needs to be given where it is due, and Harry Winston managed to build one of the most respected companies within the jewelry industry, providing clients with ultimate class and luxury, fueled by their outstanding customer service and expert craftsmanship.