Hardy Brothers Jewellers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Hardy Brothers Jewellers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Hardy Brothers Jewellers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 20th Feb 2021

Hardy Brothers Jewellers Review

Hardy Brothers Jewellers – A Review

Our Rating 4.2 out of 5.

Compare Hardy Brothers Jewellers with James Allen.

The Hardy Brothers stores are fairly different. The Sydney store is great and gives customers who are willing to pay a premium price a truly luxurious experience. On the other hand, their location in Melbourne is disappointing, and despite its lack of service and quality, the prices are incredibly high.

Hardy Brothers are known for the elegance, class, and luxury they offer, although upheld at a price. Therefore, given the price difference between Hardy Brothers and Blue Nile or James Allen, customers would be able to save a substantial amount of money on a diamond engagement ring when purchasing one from Blue Nile or James Allen.

James Allen

A Brief History

Hardy Brothers have a lengthy history. John Hardy left Nottinghamshire in England and arrived in Australia in 1853. It was then that he started Hardy Brothers and began trading from Jamison Street in Sydney. A couple of years later, he opened up a showroom in Hunter Street where Hardy Brothers set for the next 80 years.

The story of Hardy Brothers is a successful one, and the company has continued to flourish. Hardy Brothers gained notoriety when they introduced silver cutlery and plates to Australia. In 1894, a second showroom opened in Queen Street in Brisbane, followed by another opening of a showroom in Melbourne in Collins Street in 1918.

With a history of over 160 years, Hardy Brothers have continued to excel with service, design, and quality, while giving their customers a unique and memorable shopping experience that is difficult to come by. They are known to stock only the best jewelry, giftware, and timepieces in Australia.

There is more in store, such as the Hardy Brothers Jewellers Service and Manufacturing division that specializes in the manufacturing and design of trophies. This repertoire includes the Emirates Melbourne Cup Trophy, The Cup from Her Majesty Queen II’s, and the V8 Supercar Championship Trophy.

What Hardy Brothers Offer

Although considered an old company, Hardy Brothers utilize world-class design facilities, unique creative culture, and coveted artisans to ensure that their vision of outstanding jewelry is matched in real life. Hardy Brothers have a commitment to artisanship and design that is very rare to find among retailers.

Hardy Brothers also keep up with the changing times by ensuring to follow and respond to cultural movements in order to fulfill customer needs. The staff in-store are all on board and are very receptive to the unique needs of their clients. Along with the atmosphere in-store, this creates an unforgettable experience that makes the brand what it is.

What Makes Hardy Brothers Stand Out?

Experience: There is no doubt that the Hardy Brothers’ experience is one to remember. The stores are charming, elegant, and have a luxurious atmosphere. This is further boosted by the sales staff who make customers feel at home with their warm and helpful approach.

The Royal Warrant: Hardy Brothers were awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment by her majesty the Queen. The company has served each sovereign since George V, and to this day continues to serve Australian families and leaders.

Sustainability: From the procurement of precious materials and stones to the manufacturing of the products, Hardy Brothers strive to have a positive impact both socially and environmentally.


Hardy Brothers Pricing

For a brand such as Hardy Brothers, paying a high premium for the diamonds and settings can undoubtedly be expected. But compared to a site like James Allen, there is a huge difference. The diamonds and settings at Hardy Brothers are stunning, but a buyer can find just as beautiful diamonds and settings at James Allen for a lower cost. There is a price difference of up to 50% or more between Hardy Brothers and a site such as James Allen or Blue Nile; a difference that cannot be ignored easily.

Custom Orders

With an internationally renowned team of designers and fine jewelers, in-house facilities at Hardy Brothers allow customers to design customized precious pieces to suit their tastes and styles. The design process is assisted by professionals from start to finish and ensures that customers are left happy with their one-of-a-kind piece.

Website Ease of Use

The Hardy Brothers website is just as luxurious as one would expect. It is simplistic beauty and truly represents the ethos of the brand overall.

There is a fair amount of filtering options available to choose from; from product type to collection, material, and stone.

The engagement rings are all displayed beautifully, with a few differently angled images to view. Details and specifications are offered for each ring, and there is an option to book a viewing appointment with one of the stores to view the ring in real-time. This merging of both online and physical retailing does in part relinquish the doubt some customers might have with shopping for stones online.

Other information, such as diamond education, can easily be found on the site that helps customers feel more confident about their choices.

Customer Service

Hardy Brothers pride themselves on providing customers the best experience possible, and this goes beyond the experience in-store to after-sales and extra services offered.

Valuations: For insurance purposes, Hardy Brothers will re-value a piece of jewelry every 2 years to help its buyer be fully covered.

Repairs: Master craftsmen at Hardy Brothers will restore, repair, or redesign items of jewelry with state of the art tools.

Warranties: Items will be replaced or refunded for major faults, and customers will be compensated for other reasonable damage and loss.

Hardy Brothers Financing Options

Hardy Brothers work with HSBC and Humm to offer interest-free financing programs to help support the purchasing of luxury jewelry and timepieces.

Why You Should Choose Hardy Brothers

  • A brand experience that cannot be matched
  • Fine crafted jewelry and engagement rings
  • Luxurious store settings and helpful staff

Hardy Brothers – Premium Brand Experience

Hardy Brothers do offer their customers a truly remarkable experience, from their luxuriously modern stores to the helpful staff and the meticulously and beautifully designed jewelry and engagement rings. Through this, customers can expect to pay an incredibly high premium for these pieces and the experience that they get. However, a customer’s budget will extend much further when purchasing online at James Allen and Blue Nile if they are willing to forgo the brand experience.

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