Hannoush Jewelers Review | Don't Buy Before Reading this

Hannoush Jewelers Review | Don't Buy Before Reading this

Hannoush Jewelers Review | Don't Buy Before Reading this

Posted by Rebecca B. on 22nd Apr 2021

Hannoush Jewelers Review

Hannoush Jewelers – A Review

Our Rating 3.6 out of 5.

Compare Hannoush Jewelers with James Allen.

Hannoush Jewelers, unfortunately, do not offer customers the experience and quality they deserve when paying the prices held on their diamonds and engagement rings.

The stores are not spectacular and the products on offer, such as the diamond engagement rings, fall very short of the quality they should be. The prices, on the other hand, tell a different story. The premiums on the jewelry far outweigh the actual quality, and customers will be much happier and save more on their budget when buying online from James Allen or Blue Nile.

James Allen

A Brief History

Hannoush Jewelers were created under the Hannoush Family's guidance, who opened the first store in Massachusetts in 1980. Fast forward to today, there are more than 50 Hannoush Jewelers stores across the United States, both company-owned and franchised.

The company believes that the business is only as strong as the people who represent it and has made it their mission to provide professionally trained staff in their store locations. The stores vary between major metro areas and smaller communities, servicing many different customers and their needs.

What Hannoush Jewelers Offer

Nothing makes Hannoush Jewelers stand out among other physical retailers. There are more downfalls than positives, making it hard to recommend the jeweler to potential customers.

One of the biggest downfalls is that the diamonds sold come with EGL certificates instead of AGL or GIA that are far more trustworthy. EGL certified diamonds are often of a lower quality, and the properties of the diamonds on the certification usually do not match with what is being sold.

Given that Hannoush Jewelers have over 50 locations, the positive aspect is that it offers accessibility to many different customers; the presence of an online store only adds to this.

Hannoush Jewelers is mainly family-owned, but many of the franchise stores are run by individual owners. However, the company has built itself on providing the best diamond and jewelry education to customers, which can be found both in-store and through online resources available on their site.

What Makes Hannoush Jewelers Stand Out?

Settings: While the diamonds fall short compared to James Allen's online offerings, the actual engagement ring settings are not too bad. There is a fairly wide selection to choose from in-store, while a wider collection can be found on the Hannoush online store.

Brands: Besides offering the Hannoush brand, the store holds other sought-after engagement rings designer brands such as Tacori and IDD.

Semi-mounts: Hannoush has a decent range of bridal semi-mounts. These are settings without the center stones. This is a benefit to this particular jeweler because their diamonds are not the best. If you fall in love with one of the bridal sets, you can purchase it without the diamond to later match the set to a diamond purchased from a reputable jeweler, such as James Allen.


Hannoush Jewelers Pricing

Physical jewelry stores are commonly known to have higher premiums than online stores. Sometimes, the premiums can be justified by the store being a luxury brand name or having exceptional service and product.

However, when it comes to Hannoush Jewelers, they have nothing to offer that makes up for their high premiums. The diamonds are not of a good standard and do not come with a decent certification, yet they hold a much higher price tag than better quality diamonds sold at Blue Nile and James Allen.

The experience of purchasing your engagement ring from a physical retailer does not even make the premium worth it since nothing special is offered to clients in-store.

At times, you could save up to 50% on a diamond engagement ring of a much higher standard when buying from James Allen or Blue Nile.

Custom Orders

Clients can request custom-designed pieces in-store at various Hannoush Jewelers locations. The custom design process can either include designing a piece of jewelry from scratch or updating an existing heirloom or ring.

Hannoush Jewelers use a team of expert craftsmen to bring these designs to life and translate the idea into a reality.

Website Ease of Use

The website for Hannoush Jewelers is redeeming on their behalf. It is clean, elegant, and kept simple with a few tabs and beautiful pictures of their jewelry.

It is reasonably easy to navigate through the website, and when searching for engagement rings, there are a couple of options available to browse through. The problem, however, is that you can only filter down the rings by newest, name, and price, taking away the option to filter by style or metal.

The rings are displayed nicely, and when you have chosen one, a fair amount of detail will be available as to the properties of the ring coupled with a clear stock picture of what the ring looks like.

You can easily create your account on the site, which helps you access finance options and safely order and purchase jewelry to be shipped.

Customer Service

Being a family-run business, Hannoush Jewelers emphasizes customer service. This has not worked out as much as the company could have hoped due to many stores having been franchised out. However, there are some customer service advantages when purchasing from Hannoush Jewelers.

Return Policy: Hannoush Jewelers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on jewelry and diamonds purchased from the store.

Lifetime guarantee: There is a lifetime guarantee on diamond jewelry that covers manufacturing defaults.

Free cleaning and inspection: Hannoush Jewelers offer customers free cleaning and inspection of their jewelry after purchase.

Free layaway: For those who do not want to enter into a financing program, the company offers in-store free layaway options.

Hannoush Jewelers Financing Options

There are two financing options at Hannoush jewelers. The first is a Hannoush Credit Card which allows for revolving credit within the store. This account can be paid and managed online for easy access.

The second is a no credit needed leasing option, suited for those who do not want to enter into credit agreements but still wish to purchase their desired jewelry overtime.

Both of these can be applied for online or in-store.

Why You Should Choose Hannoush Jewelers

  • Financing options available
  • Semi-mount bridal selection
  • Free cleaning and inspections

Hannoush Jewelers – Not Worth The Visit

While it might be tempting to visit a Hannoush Jewelers store due to their being a family-run business and having many locations across the USA, it would be better to stay away.

You will make your budget extend much further and receive a much better-quality diamond engagement ring if you take your business online to James Allen or Blue Nile. Not only are the diamonds at these two stores of higher quality, but they also come with GIA certificates, which is a definite must.

Hannoush Jewelers cannot substantiate their premium prices, either with their quality or service.

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