Gubelin Switzerland Jewelry Review | Are They Good Choice?

Gubelin Switzerland Jewelry Review | Are They Good Choice?

Gubelin Switzerland Jewelry Review | Are They Good Choice?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 8th Dec 2019

Gubelin Switzerland Jewelry Review

Gubelin Switzerland Jewelers – A Review

Our Rating 4.4 out of 5.

Compare Gubelin Switzerland Jewelers with James Allen.

Gubelin offers customers exactly what they would want when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. The customer service is excellent, the store is luxurious, giving off a higher-class feel, and most importantly, the rings and diamonds are high quality.

While these are all great factors to consider and do make the process much more enjoyable and worthwhile, customers can expect a higher price than normal, and the selection can be limited at times.

However, for a physical retailer, Gubelin is one of the better ones to visit if you find yourself in Switzerland!

James Allen

A Brief History

Gubelin is one of the oldest jewelers around, with a history dating back to 1854, when the first watchmaker House of Gubelin was opened in Lucerne. During the 1920s, the company expanded to selling jewelry as well and has remained family-owned and operated to today.

There are 8 Gubelin boutiques in Switzerland and a boutique each in Hong Kong and Kuala Lampur.

What Gubelin Offer

Gubelin is one of the jewelry boutiques that do offer its clients a luxurious and elegant shopping experience, without being too overwhelming or uncomfortable for there to be some enjoyment. The sales staff goes a long way to ensure this is seen to as well, being friendly, helpful, knowledgeable in diamonds and not pushy at all. Visiting a Gubelin store is a pleasant experience all around.

To make the experience even more worthwhile is the fact that Gubelin has some really stunning diamonds and engagement rings. The stones are all sold with GIA certificates, which are a huge positive, and the general cuts,  clarity, and color of the diamonds are incredible. You will easily be able to find a diamond and engagement setting of your liking at Gubelin, even though their selection is slightly limited.

What Makes Gubelin Stand Out?

GIA Certification – A huge benefit from shopping at Gubelin is that you will be purchasing a diamond with a  GIA certification. Many physical retail jewelers try to cut costs by not offering GIA certificates, undermining their importance.

Expertise – Gubelin prides itself on being an international operation company, with values that thrive from an intensive intercultural exchange. This ethos has allowed them to create a workforce of experts from all over the world.

Diamond engagement rings – The diamond engagement rings sold at Gubelin really are gorgeous. They have all been handcrafted most phenomenally, and are some of the most stunning pieces around.

Experience – The Gubelin stores offer customers a comfortable, luxurious experience in-store. Not only are the stores themselves wonderfully designed and decorated, but they are all set in locations conducive to the special experience.


Gubelin Pricing

As incredible as the experience and products are at Gubelin, the pricing brings them down a bit. Yes, many people would choose to pay extra for the experience in-store, and the diamonds and engagement ring settings are stunning, but you will be able to find just as gorgeous rings and diamonds from Blue Nile or James Allen, for a much lower cost. The price increase can at times be up to 2.5 times more, which makes them almost unaffordable, and cuts the value of the purchase down drastically.

Custom Orders

With an expert team of artisans and craftsmen, Gubelin work to  create custom engagement rings to suit the diamonds they are set with. Customers can browse through different styles and settings and diamonds to create the perfect pair, ensuring their engagement ring is one of a kind and has that personal touch.

Working with the experienced goldsmiths and gem setters, customers can also discuss the idea of one-off creations.

Website Ease of Use

The website for Gubelin is beautiful and only adds to the upper-class experience you can expect from the store.

Browsing for an engagement ring can be tricky, as there is no set engagement ring section. Instead, you will need to filter through different options to be able to view an engagement ring of your choice. Luckily, there are many different filtering options available, so the process isn’t too confusing or time-consuming.

The rings are displayed beautifully, but unfortunately, there isn’t too much option when it comes to viewing the ring from different angles. There is a short description available for the ring, and you can choose the center stone you would like paired with the ring. To make it easier, the list of appropriate diamonds to pair with the ring contains the carat, the cut, the color and the clarity, which makes choosing it that much easier.

Other information on the site is easy to find, and there is a useful FAQ section for questions that pop up often.

Customer Service

Gubelin does treat customers well, both with in-store visits and with the aftersales experience. The sales assistants are competently able to assist customers, and there is a helpful customer care contact on the site as well.

Shipping – Shipping is free for customers and items are shipped within Switzerland within 2 days.

Returns – Products can be returned within 14 days of purchase, as long as the appropriate return form has been filled, the product is in the original condition, with all accessories, and no custom orders are qualified to be returned.

Check-ups – Gubelin offer regular checkups for all jewelry purchased from them. This includes the professional cleaning of these items.

Gubelin Jewelry Hotel – Gubelin offers customers a safe place to store their jewelry and precious jewels while they are away on vacation, securely and safely holding them in the Gubelin Jewelry Hotel.

Gubelin Financing Options

Customers are able to purchase from Gubelin using Visa or MasterCard. There is no specific financing available.

Why You Should Choose Gubelin

  • Incredible experience in-store at luxury locations
  • Stunning diamonds and engagement rings
  • Diamonds all sold with GIA certifications

Gubelin – The Comfortable End of Luxury

Gubelin has really been able to achieve the perfect balance between luxury and comfort, giving their customers the most enjoyable experience without seeming too overwhelming. The diamonds and engagement rings are truly stunning, and the staff in-store offer great help.

The problem comes in with the price tags being too high. You will definitely be able to find a similar quality, beautiful ring from James Allen or Blue Nile, with a much more affordable price. Whether the experience is worth paying extra for is really up to you!

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