Goldheart Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Goldheart Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Goldheart Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 2nd Mar 2021

Goldheart Jewellery Review

Goldheart Jewellery – A Review

Our Rating 3.85 out of 5.

Compare Goldheart Jewellery with James Allen.

Goldheart offers customers a good in store experience, with stores that have competent salespeople and a nice atmosphere. These two factors together can be the difference between a good jewelry store and a great one, but to not get too far ahead, one would need to look at the quality of the diamonds.

Unfortunately, Goldheart diamonds can vary in quality, though all have one thing in common—they are all highly-priced. Some of the diamonds and engagement rings sold at Goldheart can be found for half the price at reputable online stores such as James Allen or Blue Nile, which is a huge downer.

Shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile offers better value for money, but it will do no harm visiting a Goldheart store to see the settings and meet their helpful sales assistants.

James Allen

A Brief History

Goldheart is one of the many jewelry stores in Singapore owned by the Aspial Corporation that was formed in 1970. It focuses on jewelry, property development, and financial services.

Goldheart has 21 stores throughout Singapore and is considered one of the larger diamond retailers in the city. The different boutiques contain a wide range of bridal jewelry sets since that is where their primary focus lies. Goldheart is also the sole distributor of the Celestial Diamond—a special, 73-facet diamond that has a unique starburst cut.

Their boutiques can be found easily throughout Singapore, with many of the stores located in the more upmarket shopping centers and locations.

What Goldheart Offer

Goldheart boutiques are worth a visit; they are bright, open, and have a very modern feel. The displays are easy to browse through, and there are beautiful bridal collections to view through the various cases.

The salespeople at Goldheart are worth noting. They do go out of their way to ensure that customers have a comfortable and incredible experience. It cannot be stated enough how much salespeople can make or break an experience at a jewelry retailer. Many chain retail stores lack when it comes to training their staff, but Goldheart seems to have put work into it, making it one of their most important practices. 


What Makes Goldheart Stand Out?

Diamonds: There are some great diamonds to find at Goldheart if one can manage to sift through those that are not worth considering. The better ones, though, have great cuts, good color, and have a beautiful brilliance that does add to their overall sparkle.

Settings: Having such a wide variety of bridal collections has allowed Goldheart to include some unique, whimsical settings to their collections. There is something for every taste to be found, making the experience of shopping at the store more entertaining.

Service: Customers can expect excellent service at Goldheart stores. The salespeople are not pushy and do not overwhelm customers; instead, they give them space to peruse around the store and are on call for when they are needed to offer sound guidance and information.

Celestial Star Diamond: Goldheart is the sole retailer of the Celestial Diamond, The Star Diamond. It is the world's first 73-facet diamond with a starburst cut and is truly a spectacular stone.

Goldheart Pricing

Through all their pros of exceptional service and wonderful diamonds, Goldheart does not do themselves justice with the price tags that they give their diamonds. Some of the diamonds have poor cuts and tables, and when compared to those from Blue Nile or James Allen, the latter appear much larger or brighter and come with substantially cheaper price tags.

At times, diamonds at James Allen or Blue Nile can cost up to 50% less than their counterparts at Goldheart, which is a massive saving considering the high prices of diamonds. Physical retailers do often have higher prices than online ones, but increasing the prices to this extent is simply unjustified.

Custom Orders

Goldheart allows customers to custom design their rings to an extent. In the boutiques, customers can browse between different diamonds, which they can then pair with separate settings to create a personalized and unique engagement ring.

While this does not allow for design from scratch, it does give a customer some artistic license to pair two of their favorite items together.

Website Ease of Use

Based on beautiful imagery instead of a surplus of words that become redundant after a while, the Goldheart website is wonderful.

One thing, among others, to note is that shopping online at Goldheart is impossible but is merely a means for potential customers to browse through the different collections and jewelry that Goldheart offers. The gallery features some stunning pictures of their jewelry and diamonds, with a short description of each. However, this is fairly limiting as a ring cannot be viewed as a ring on its own.

Customers will be required to connect to the eBoutique to shop online from Goldheart. The eBoutique is very similar to the catalogues that people get while walking past a jewelry store, but it serves its function, featuring jewelry and engagement rings to view and purchase online.

There are many other helpful resources on the site, such as the different boutiques to visit and the latest brochure of the jewelry and collections to view.

Customer Service

Goldheart can be commended on their outstanding customer service, and this can be expected at all of their boutiques. The staff are wonderful and make the experience a memorable one for all clients.

Returns: There is a no return and no refund policy for online purchases. However, if an item is purchased from a Goldheart boutique, a duration of 10 days is given to return it. If the returned item is of a larger value than what it is being exchanged for, the rest of the amount has to be used to shop for something else.

Shipping: Goldheart offers to ship to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, United States, Vietnam, Canada, and Australia.

Goldheart Financing Options

There is no financing option for Goldheart, and hence customers will have to finance their purchases through another registered credit provider.

Why You Should Choose Goldheart

  • Modern and bright boutiques
  • Only retailer of the Celestial Diamond
  • Great salespeople in-store

Goldheart – Great Service and Unfortunate Prices

It is such a shame that a retailer such as Goldheart has wonderful service from their salespeople and stunning store settings and locations, only to be let down by their pricing. The prices that the diamond engagement rings hold at Goldheart are unfortunately extremely high to be considered and cannot be justified by the service and settings. One’s budget would be better spent at James Allen or Blue Nile where the diamonds are better priced and are just as beautiful.

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