Gassan Diamonds Jewelry Review | Are They Expensive?

Gassan Diamonds Jewelry Review | Are They Expensive?

Gassan Diamonds Jewelry Review | Are They Expensive?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 4th Dec 2019

Gassan Diamonds Jewelry Review

Gassan Diamonds Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 2.9 out of 5.

Compare Gassan Diamonds Jewelry with James Allen.

Gassan Fine Jewelry is one of the stores that you should absolutely avoid. There is no saving grace to be found. The store settings are tired and boring, the quality of the diamonds is shocking, and the prices are ridiculously high. You will not even have a good experience in-store, with the sales assistants coming across as though they do not want to be there.

There is no doubt that you will be able to save so much money shopping online at Blue Nile or James Allen, where the rings and diamonds are exceptional, the service is great, even though it is online, and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

James Allen

A Brief History

Samuel Gassan founded Gassan Diamonds in 1945, but at this time the company was more focused on cutting and importing/exporting diamonds, both rough and polished, as well as other gems and jewels. The company moved to a larger factory in 1960, where the company then transitioned to become a tourist attraction. It was quite common for tourists to visit Gassan Diamonds in Amsterdam to see diamond cutters working. After this, the company opened a branch in Belgium, a few in Germany, Israel, Switzerland and in New York.

Gassan purchased the Amsterdam Diamond Center in 1996, and after this, the company expanded again to Beijing, the Chinese mainland and Indonesia. This is to help push the tourism agenda, setting Amsterdam as the City of Diamonds.

What Gassan Offer

Gassan has a few things to offer customers, but none are positive. The stores themselves are old, and scream of being a tourist trap. The décor is outdated, and even back in the day would not have provided customers with the class experience they deserve. The sales assistants are no better. It comes across as if their work there is a chore, and this in no way inspires customers to continue along their purchasing process.

To top it off, Gassan does not use  GIA certification, which is a huge red flag. Instead, diamonds sold at Gassan are graded by HRD, who have a tendency to inflate the qualities of the diamond, so you can never be sure what you are looking at. For a tourist store that looks to boost the idea of the City of Diamonds, not using GIA certification is a dead giveaway that it is nothing more than a tourist and money trap.


What Makes Gassan Stand Out?

Location – Gassan has stores in some of the most popular tourist locations around. However, there really is no reason to visit the stores when you are visiting one of the locations, and it would be more worth your while to find a more reputable jewelry store in the area.

Quality – What makes Gassan stand out is the poor  quality of the diamonds. If you are really lucky and have a keen eye for diamonds, you might be able to pick out one of the decent diamonds in-store, but as a customer, you should never have to sift through ugly diamonds just to pick one that isn’t so bad.

Customer service – Once again, this is not a positive stand out. The sales assistant’s in-store does not do anything to motivate the customer to make a purchase and fit in with the bland, outdated décor in the stores.

Gassan Pricing

This is where Gassan really fails. Never mind the fact that the diamonds are of poor quality and they are not graded by GIA, Gassan is overwhelmingly expensive. There are absolutely zero reasons for anyone to want to purchase such a subpar diamond for such a high premium, there is literally no reason to justify this.

Comparing diamonds at Gassan to ones found online at James Allen, the extortion becomes apparent. While it is difficult finding a diamond match at Gassan and James Allen, as James Allen does not store such subpar diamonds, you will more than likely find that the diamonds at Gassan cost nearly three times more than their counterparts at James Allen. You could take the money you would have spent on a disappointing diamond at Gassan to purchase an exceptional, brilliant diamond and engagement ring setting at James Allen, followed by outstanding service and a great experience.

The prices at Gassan are really just unacceptable.

Custom Orders

Customers are able to create their own ring on the Gassan website. This begins by browsing through different engagement ring settings and choosing between the different styles and metals. Once a design has been chosen, you are then directed through to a page with the different diamonds available to set with the ring. This is about as far as the design process goes. While it doesn’t allow for complete creative freedom, it is somewhat personal.

Website Ease of Use

Like the stores, the Gassan website is slightly outdated and seems very mismatched together. There is a fair amount of imagery on the front page, as well as too much detail regarding their different stores.

When looking for an engagement ring, you can choose to view the rings by their metals, which really do not narrow it down at all. There is only one image available per ring, which is incredibly limiting. There is also next to no information offered on the ring, which should be enough to scare customers away.

As mentioned before, the site does nothing to bring up the experience offered by Gassan, which is disappointing all around.

Customer Service

Once again, the customer service at Gassan goes beyond non-existent, it is disappointing. However, on their site, there are some aftersales services and other policies worth noting.

Delivery – All items are delivered for free when purchased from the online store.

Returns – Items can be returned, and shipped for free, within 2 weeks of purchase for a refund, exchange or store credit.

Insurance – All items, no matter what is ordered, are insured when shipped.

Live Chat – Customers are able to enter into a live chat and customer service portal online to receive personal advice.

Gassan Financing Options

Customers are able to utilize internet banking, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Mister Cash, or a Gassan gift card to make a purchase. Any financing will have to be through one of the private vendors, and not through Gassan itself.

Why You Should Choose Gassan

  • Tourist location
  • Not a good in-store ambiance
  • Aftersales services are fair

Gassan – A Shop To Avoid

There is no reason at all why anyone should fall for the tourist trap that is Gassan. The diamonds do not boast any good quality at all, and the pricing is simply outrageous. There is no good service in-store, and the décor is tired and depressing.

There is no doubt that the value and shopping experience given by either James Allen or Blue Nile is by far superior, and you can be sure to find an incredible diamond engagement ring for a fraction of the price.

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