eBay Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

eBay Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

eBay Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 13th Sep 2019

eBay Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 2.8 out of 5.

Compare eBay Jewelry with James Allen.

eBay is one of the largest online auction sites in the world. Hundreds of thousands of listed products appear on the site, offering both new and secondhand goods. These are sold by resellers, acting as a middle man.

You are able to buy loose diamonds and engagement rings on eBay, sold by different individual sellers, but purchasing one of these from eBay definitely comes with risk.

James Allen

While eBay does facilitate sales for honest sellers, there are far too many scammers around who are looking to make a quick dollar off of an unsuspecting victim. Above and beyond these scammers, there is hardly any way to check the authenticity and quality of the diamond you are buying beforehand.

Is eBay worth the risk when purchasing diamonds and engagement rings? This review will hopefully help you decide whether or not eBay is a worthwhile site to visit for diamonds and engagement rings.

A Brief History

eBay is an immensely successful site, facilitating the sales between individual sellers and private customers. Founded 24 years ago, it has grown with the online retail industry and is now a multi billion-dollar business, available in over 30 countries worldwide.

There is almost anything available for sale on eBay, including diamonds and engagement rings. There is hardly any limit to what can be sold.

What eBay Offer

eBay offers buyers the chance to find items at a good price, with a large selection of items from different sellers. However, the same does not always apply to diamonds and engagement rings.

If you are considering purchasing a diamond from eBay, you should be prepared to spend a large amount of time digging for more information on the diamonds you are looking at. Many of the listings show stock photos, and not the actual diamond itself. This leaves room for flaws to be hidden from the customer, which would completely change the buyer's mind if they had viewed the diamonds in real life.

There is also a common occurrence where crucial information is hidden among the information of the diamond. Qualities such as Clarity Enhanced or Not Natural Diamonds are often found low down in the description. These two qualities of a diamond make a huge impact on what the value should be, and are often overlooked when making a diamond purchase from eBay, as many people see the price and think they are getting a fantastic deal.

If you compare a diamond with a price tag from eBay, to a diamond with the same price tag from James Allen, you will notice the quality of the  James Allen diamond is by far superior.

While eBay offers a large inventory of diamonds and engagement rings from different sellers, these do fall short in quality and authenticity.


What Makes eBay Stand Out?

Wide inventory – eBay allows for individual sellers to list their diamonds and engagement rings on the site. This does offer a wide variety of jewelry and stones to customers who have the time to browse for a good deal.

Reliable site – eBay has been around for 24 years. The site is reliable and safe to use. The downfall is that you will be purchasing the diamond from an individual seller, and not eBay itself, which is where the problems come in.

eBay Pricing

While eBay is known to showcase great deals and prices on goods, the same does not apply to diamonds and engagement rings. With the individual sellers trying to make the most out of a stone or piece of jewelry, as well as their costs involved in selling on eBay, prices on engagement rings and diamonds do tend to be inflated.

Custom Orders

It is nearly impossible to order a custom made piece from eBay. This is due to the fact that there are so many individual sellers retailing their own pieces, and no way to link up communication between a seller with a diamond you want, and an engagement ring setting you choose.

Most of the engagement rings sold on eBay come as-is, set with a stone and with no chance to custom design the ring.

This is a massive downfall of buying engagement rings from the site, it would be much more worth your time and money to head over to James Allen or Blue Nile to make a purchase of a custom ring instead.

Website Ease of Use

eBay’s website as a whole is fairly easy to use, with simple navigation and plenty of categories to choose from.

However, when it comes to diamonds, there are very few filters to use. This ends up in the customer sifting through hundreds of listings that are not applicable, simply because the filtering features needed are simply not available.

Most of the time, the engagement ring and diamond photos shown are stock photos, which mean you will never actually see the real product before purchasing. This leads to uncertainty about the quality and authenticity of the purchase.

Customer Service

As a large online site, eBay does have a fairly helpful customer care, but it is limited as you are making a purchase from a private seller. There is only so much that eBay can do to ensure safety on the site, and often problems are left unsolved.

Full time Customer Support – eBay does have a full time customer support, but this has more to do with help on the site. It is limited as to what it can help with when it comes to purchasing from a seller.

Return Policy – You will not be guaranteed a return policy from many sellers on eBay. If you are set on buying from the site, make sure to check the return policy, if there is any, from the seller.

eBay Financing Options

eBay does not offer as much financing as private jewelry and diamond retailers, such as James Allen. Most clients choose to use private financing options, as well as using credit cards and bank transfers.

It is always a good idea to pay cash where possible, but many people do not have this luxury, and unfortunately, without private financing options, eBay loses many clients.

Why You Should Choose eBay

  • Large inventory of diamonds from individual sellers
  • Ready-made engagement rings to choose from
  • Shipping can be offered to many locations

eBay – For Everything Other Than Diamonds

eBay is definitely the site to visit if you are looking for great deals and low prices on many different items, however, it really is not the  best place to purchase a diamond or engagement ring.

There is no way to verify the authenticity or be assured of after sales care. When it comes to purchasing an item with such a high price tag, you are better off visiting James Allen or Blue Nile, where you will be treated with valuable customer care, and receive a certified diamond that is guaranteed great quality, at an affordable price.