Christ Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Christ Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Christ Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 28th Mar 2021

Christ Jewelry Review

Christ Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 3.8 out of 5.

Compare Christ Jewelry with James Allen.

Christ Jewelry store is a German powerhouse in the diamond and jewelry industry, though it is difficult to understand why. The stores are not luxurious nor pleasant to visit. The sales staff does nothing to remind you that you are purchasing something of substantial proportions, and the quality of the diamonds and the prices they hold are, honestly contending, shocking.

There is no good reason why you should visit Christ Jewelers to purchase a diamond engagement ring. To get the best value for your money and the best diamond engagement ring, you should visit James Allen or Blue Nile online. Blue Nile has operations in Europe, and so you do not need to expect any additional taxes or problems with returns.

James Allen

A Brief History

Christ Jewelry has a long history and has made a name for itself within the German jewelry industry. The company was established over 150 years ago in Frankfurt by Wilhelm Alexander Christ, and from then it has grown to nearly 210 stores, which bring in over 400 million Euros a year.

The jeweler does not, however, generate this revenue only from diamond engagement rings. They stock watches and other jewelry that contribute to their revenue.

What Christ Jewelry Offer

A small saving grace for Christ Jewelry is that some of the diamonds they sell are decent. Admittedly, some do not deserve to be purchased, especially considering their high cost. But there are other diamonds sold by the company that are not bad. However, a crucial factor to note is that these diamonds are not sold with GIA certification. Therefore, you cannot be sure if the grading reports reflect the qualities of the diamonds.

Other than the diamonds, there is nothing that Christ Jewelry offers. The stores are depressing, with outdated décor and more of a mall retail feel. Besides, the sales assistants do not offer any substantial help to customers. They are either unaccommodating or do not have enough diamond knowledge to assist customers.

What Makes Christ Jewelry Stand Out?

Market leader: Christ Jewelry does hold a place as a leader in the jewelry industry in Germany. They have spent many years in the market and have a strong customer base for other jewelry and watches.

Diamonds: Apart from their other downfalls, Christ Jewelry does have some decent diamonds available. However, although these diamonds can pass as good quality, the prices are way too high and do not give the diamonds the value they deserve to be sold with.

Customer service: Customer service at a Christ Jewelry store is nothing to write home about. The experience you can expect can be similar to what you would find shopping at an appliance store or shopping for clothes. There is nothing special or stand out at the Christ Jewelry stores.


Christ Jewelry Pricing

You cannot expect to get good value for your money when purchasing a diamond engagement ring from Christ Jewelry. The prices that the diamonds hold, even the better quality ones, are much exaggerated. It is widely known that physical jewelry stores cannot compete with the pricing of diamonds and jewelry found online at retailers such as Blue Nile or James Allen due to overheads and wages. Be that as it may, the inflated premiums at Christ Jewelry take this to the next level. To make it worse, the diamonds sold at Christ Jewelry do not come with GIA certifications.

You will be better off purchasing a diamond ring at Blue Nile where you will save up to nearly 40% and most likely get a better diamond engagement ring.

Custom Orders

Christ Jewelry allows the customer to pair their favorite setting from the site to a diamond of their choice. There is also a service found in-store where jewelers at Christ Jewelry will revamp and reservice existing rings to give them a modern look.

Website Ease of Use

Although the Christ Jewelry website is in German, you can translate the page using translation on your browser. The site mainly focuses on watch sales, which is what the stores also push.

The website is outdated and does not have a modern feel at all. Everything seems disjointed, and it can be confusing to find the engagement rings you wish to view.

The good news is that there is a decent amount of imagery available for the rings, which helps you view the ring from many different angles and on a model for a finished look.

There are enough details on rings, a description from the editorial office, and handy care tips specific to the ring.

You can easily find more information at the bottom of each page, such as customer service and repair policies.

Customer Service

The customer service found in-store at Christ Jewelry is disappointing and does not motivate customers to purchase. However, they do seem to be making more of an effort online.

Delivery – Shipping is free for all orders over 40 Euros.

Returns – Items can be returned free of charge to any store for exchanges, refunds, or store credit.

Service – There is personal on-site service offered in stores for repairs and inspection of any jewelry purchased from Christ Jewelry.

Christ Jewelry Financing Options

Christ Jewelry allows customers to pay in advance for jewelry or to enter a hire purchase agreement for the purchase. They will become eligible for it by applying in-store. Customers can also choose to pay using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Klarna, and Amazon Pay.

Why You Should Choose Christ Jewelry

  • Decent diamond selection

Christ Jewelry – High Prices and No Value

Christ Jewelry does have decent diamonds on offer, though they come with insane price tags that do not justify the purchase. The experience received in-store will not be a pleasant one, and there is absolutely no reason to spend that type of money on a disappointing experience.

Take your budget online to James Allen or Blue Nile where the service is spectacular, the diamond engagement rings are stunning, and the prices justified.

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