The Kardashians may be known for elaborate gifts. But what Offset gave his wife will blow your mind.

Any normal couple may have taken a romantic getaway or perhaps a Gucci bag, but Cardi B got a diamond worthy of Titanic.

The massive diamond weighs a stunning 45 carats and features a heart shape. The diamond is valued at $1 million.

When the rapper Cardi B first saw the ring, she looked as though she would faint. The ring features a center stone of 45 carats but also comes with surrounding hearts diamonds totaling 25 carats.

According to a reliable site, it was offset who came up with the design with one large center stone and a smaller heart-shaped one.

It was all bling bling with Cardi B as she showed off her ring, a teardrop diamond, as well as a diamond-encrusted watch.

Both Cardi B and Offset shared the video on their Instagram accounts which shows them both during their birthday surrounded by family and loved ones. This was Cardi B’s 27th birthday.

Then one friend takes a silver cloche and gives it to the rapper as she waits to unveil what lies underneath. When the gift is placed in front of her, Cardi says jokingly that she is afraid to open it.

Cardi B seems to be nervous but also excited. Then Offset leans over the cloche and unfolds it showing two boxes underneath placed on a bed of rose petals. The boxes have some huge diamonds.

Everyone at the table gasps at the size of the diamonds as Cardi B places her hand over her mouth in awe.

At this point, the camera is zoomed in to show the enormous rings. One has the larger 45-carat heart diamond, and the other has many smaller rings. Cardi B claims, “Oh my God” and she could shed a tear.

She moves and kisses her husband offset and says, “I love you so much” and offset goes on to encourage Cardi to try on the new incredible ring.

Cardi B has slender hands, and the video shows the rapper trying on her new rings, which look huge on those hands. Offset then goes on to explain the design of the rings to his wife. Cardi proceeds to show off the rings to the rest of the loved ones.

Then Offset captioned himself on Instagram, putting the ring on Cardi B's finger and said:” Happy birthday, my queen. You deserve everything that comes your way, I love you and our family together.”

But that was not all. Offset also went on Instagram to share a loving birthday message. He quoted, “my best friend, the love of my life, my guardian angel, KKs mom, this day is the special day I love you, Happy BDay!! Not just me and family, but the world loves you”.

Cardi also commented on this post and said. “I love you, babe; thank you for everything.”

But there was more to the birthday gift than the huge ring. Offset also gave Cardi B a diamond pendant that has an engraving of their daughter Kulture’s face.

The huge diamonds and stunning rings are not the only part of the day worth noting. Their 14-month-old daughter was adorned with gold and diamonds as well.

Pristine Jewelers made the diamond and were also responsible for making the 8-carat  pear-shaped diamond that she was rocking, as well as other diamonds and bracelets estimated at $80,000 that were worn by her 14-month-old daughter Kulture. Fans could admire the jewelry as the couple uploaded the videos on their Instagram accounts.

The diamond is set on a 3-prong pave setting. On the other hand, the band has many smaller heart-shaped diamonds that interlock nicely with the second band.

Pristine Jewelers are known for creating some of the most extraordinary pieces for other celebrities such as Gucci Mane, Floyd Mayweather, and Justin Bieber. This is not the first time the couple has worked with Pristine Jewelers having had them design the couple’s engagement ring in 2017. At the time, nobody could imagine that it was possible to topple the 8-carat stone.

Offset visited Pristine Jewelers about nine months ago and talked to the owner Avi Davidov. Offset was looking for something out of the ordinary for his wife’s 27th birthday.

According to sources, offset knew what he wanted. He wanted a heart-shaped diamond that was also surrounded by many smaller diamonds.

The rock has been rightfully named the Titanic after the heart of the ocean rock from the movie. The smaller stones are 25 carats, while the center stone is a whopping 20 carats.

Avi delivered the diamond rings on a silver platter on Cardi Bs' birthday. Offset and Cardi B are known for going all out when giving each other gifts on memorable days, as can be seen when Cardi offered Offset a Rolls Royce for his 26th birthday.

And their baby is never forgotten and was given 100K worth of bling on her first birthday. As a treat for her 51.8 million followers on Instagram, Cardi shows off her daughter wearing 100 carats of diamonds during Cardi B's birthday.

But the fun was nowhere near over. The friends and family at the party were jetted off to Turks and Caicos.

Cardi B then went on to share the rings on her Instagram on Sunday, October 13, as well as a huge watch that is covered in jewelry made by Audemars Piguet and is estimated at $35,000. She is never joking when her music talks about rocking diamonds, million-dollar deals, and shining.

Cardi then moves the camera down to show what she has on her foot — a glamorous gold chain around her ankle.

Cardi knows how to rock some fine jewelry, with all the pieces on her left hand being gifts from her husband, Offset.

Her husband, Offset also went on Instagram and thanked everyone for wishing his wife a happy birthday.

Offset has never been one to shy from showering his wife with kisses. He took to Instagram earlier in the day of his wife’s birthday and offered her birthday wishes while also uploading a video of him sharing passionate kisses with his wife.

Cardi announced that there will be no more touring for the rest of the year at a show in Austin, Texas. This will allow her time to record her next studio album.

Cardi B and Offset recently celebrated their second anniversary.

One thing is for sure, the 45-carat ring will be in the minds of many Cardi B fans and will be the main talk for a long time.