Best Jewelers for Diamonds in Columbus, Ohio

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A diamond marks prestige and a timeless gem epitomizing class and elegance. Some people view these precious gems as a store of wealth. But for most of us, their sentimental value matters the most—a value transcending cultures and generations. Indeed, the mention of diamonds evokes feelings of bliss; the experience of shopping for these gems is just as ecstatic.

But what is the best way to shop for diamonds in a city like Columbus, Ohio? Due to their inherent value and hefty prices, it would do you no credit to wake up, hit the stores immediately, and order a piece of diamond jewelry in Columbus. Experts encourage digging up as much information on the jewelry as possible, especially if you are looking for rare diamond jewelry.

Remember that when it comes to these gems, the more unique, the better. However, rare diamonds also tend to be costly.

Therefore, along with establishing diamond quality, you also need to be a skilled price negotiator. Thankfully, you do not need to be a jewelry consultant to understand the quality of a diamond in Columbus, nor should you be a shrewd salesman to get fair bargains off the jewelry. However, that does not stop you from enlisting the services of a consultant if need be. Read further to learn more about how to buy diamonds in Columbus.

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Buying Diamonds in Columbus

The main advantage of buying diamonds in Columbus is that you get variety. The city has several notable jewelry stores, each competing for the small market of diamond shoppers. As a buyer, the competition works in your favor.

First, you are assured of great value every time. Secondly, you can leverage this competition to ensure you get fair bargains for every purchase. It is also worth mentioning that many diamond shops in Columbus deal with reputable brands. Understandably, finding a luxurious, well-polished diamond is a feat to savor. However, the feeling is even more surreal if the diamond is from a reputed brand.

You seamlessly share their fame and glamour by adorning jewelry from renowned brands. Indeed, investing in celebrated brands speaks to your class and taste because doing so makes you stand out from everyone else, jostling for cheap jewelry. As mentioned, diamonds only make sense when they bring out the best in you.

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Jewelry Stores in Columbus

The following are some popular diamond outlets in Columbus:

1. Alexanders Jewelers

Alexanders Jewels pride itself in selling custom engagement rings. They deal in high-end designs like Simon G. Fana, Andrea Candela, Claude Thibaudeau, etc. Apart from loose diamonds, they also offer various forms of diamond jewelry, such as diamond watches.

2. Argo & Lehne Jewelers

Argo & Lehne Jewelers enjoy an excellent reputation with a history spanning about a century. The store deals in vintage jewelry and offers additional customer services like jewelry appraisals, repairs, and engraving. For quality assurance, the Gemological Institute of America trains its staff.

3. Buckeye Gold Company

Buckeye buys most of its jewelry from Dublin. Buckeye Gold Company is the place to go if you want variety. It is also your ideal store if you want the gem valued before purchasing it. The store sorts all its items for ease of sampling. Above all, all their diamonds are tested by renowned testing labs.


Broad offers set One Six Five apart. Here, you can find regular diamonds for everyday wear. Besides, this merchant offers luxury jewels. Jewelry by One Six Five is designed and handmade by Claire Lowe and Kaleigh Shrigley. This fact alone speaks to their style.

5. Worthington Jewelers

Worthington Jewelers has been around for only two decades. However, they have already earned their spot among the top jewelers in Columbus. The store offers a wide range of services, from repairs to appraisals. If you buy from them, you get free cleaning and inspection services.

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Tips for Buying Diamonds in Columbus

The diamond trade in Columbus is less vibrant than in other cities. Remember, Columbus does not have a diamond district. Without proper due deligence, you could easily fall prey to over-ambitious merchants, especially if the diamond you buy is not of the desired quality. So, how do you avoid such pitfalls when shopping for diamonds in Columbus?

For starters, understand the kind of diamond you want. Never walk into a store and ask for any diamond. Although you will get it, it may be far from your desired shape, size, clarity, and color. Thus, before you think of visiting a Columbus store, examine your requirements and have clear descriptions of the diamond you want. An example of a suitable description would be “a one-carat, oval cut, blue diamond” or an Asscher cut halo diamond engagement ring.

After understanding the diamond you desire, establish the store’s history. Many jewelry stores nowadays prefer to make most of their trades online.

According to New York Post, this trend resulted from the high number of millennials who prefer to buy their diamonds online. Hence, if a store has no reviews on sites like Yelp or Google, you will be better off looking the other way. Before sampling their offers, ensure the store only deals in GIA certified diamonds. Being a member of the Ohio Jewelers Association is a bonus.

Once you have located a store with a website, investigate its history. Established brands are more likely to be reputable than new entrants, so you must insist on stores with a history of existence running into decades.

While at it, read online reviews to establish how the store interacted with some of its past clients. Investigate the general approval ratings of the store and how it responds to clients’ queries and concerns. You can do so by making a formal inquiry with them. Also, check their response time and assess how polite their staff is. A good store should listen to your requirements beforehand. Some might even prefer an appointment with you to help you find the right diamond. Avoid stores that are only concerned about pushing their products.

The next stage involves price comparisons. Since you are already shopping for diamonds online, you can open several websites on your window. Some stores have online price calculators that will come in handy here. Furthermore, make price comparisons for the same gem and ensure all the other parameters are constant before checking the prices across multiple outlets. Once you have identified the most affordable store, check their shipping and return policy. The payment options are also of paramount consideration here. Remember to pay securely using your credit card. If everything is fine and intact, proceed to place your order.

Good times don't last forever. But the impact they have on us may live on for eternity. However, it all comes down to how you crown those glorious moments. As far as leaving a mark goes, you can never go wrong with a luxurious diamond. Columbus, OH, features plenty of diamond stores. Finding a diamond that fits your style and class only takes some diligence.