Brownlee Jewelers Review | Is it a Good Choice?

Brownlee Jewelers Review | Is it a Good Choice?

Brownlee Jewelers Review | Is it a Good Choice?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 8th Nov 2019

Brownlee Jewelers Review

Brownlee Jewelers – A Review

Our Rating 3.5 out of 5.

Compare Brownlee Jewelers with James Allen.

Unfortunately, the bottom line recommendation would be to stay away from Brownlee Jewelers. While they claim to have built trust through their 3 generation history, there is no reason one should visit the store for engagement ring or jewelry shopping, and even more reason to visit James Allen or Blue Nile, to take your business online to ensure you are given amazing customer service, beautiful products, and the best value for your money around.

James Allen

A Brief History

Brownlee Jewelers are one of the oldest jewelers within the United States. The company’s history starts over 80 years ago, founded in 1936 in the Carolinas.

Since then, the company has grown to include 8 stores across South and North Carolina. Brownlee Jewelers is still family-run, with the third generation leading the company now.

What Brownlee Jewelers Offer

The Brownlee Jewelers stores do not offer much in the way of experience. The stores do no hold up to the luxury experience you should expect when purchasing for a piece of such high value and seem more like a store pushing out sales boards and advertisements, which dulls the experience exponentially.

The staff in-store are friendly, which is always nice, but they do not offer much in the way of diamond education and assistance when it comes to deciding on a diamond or setting.

Diamonds sold at Brownlee Jewelers are sold with EGL certificates, which do not cement the actual qualities of the stone, as EGL does not hold strict to the grading of diamond properties, but it is better than nothing.

The quality of the diamonds, and the store settings and lack of information offered by sales staff do not do anything to draw customers back.

What Makes Brownlee Jewelers Stand Out?

History – What Brownlee Jewelers do have going for them is the fact that they have remained a family-owned business for over 80 years. All 8 of the stores are locally owned and operated, building trust within the local community.

Settings – Putting the diamonds aside, the settings sold at Brownlee Jewelers are nice. They have all the standard shapes and styles available, and they have been crafted beautifully.

Sales – Many retailers do not offer substantial sales on their jewelry, but Brownlee Jewelers is one that does. Their online site always shows the current sales, and you can often pick up 50% off on an engagement ring setting.

Kimberly Process – Brownlee Jewelers adhere to the  Kimberly Process, to ensure all of their diamonds are conflict-free and ethically sourced, which is a huge selling point for many customers.


Brownlee Jewelers Pricing

There is no way around the fact that the diamonds at Brownlee Jewelers are overpriced. To make matters worse, the diamonds are not of good quality, and you will easily find a better diamond for the same, or lower, the price at James Allen.

The diamonds at Brownlee Jewelers can cost up to 40% more than their counterparts at James Allen, and there is absolutely no reason that there should be such a high price increase, you will not be getting anything special for the extra money spent.

Some stores offer a unique experience, or brand name, to justify their  diamond prices, but Brownlee Jewelers do not. Their service is possibly lower than other retailers, and the diamond quality is another story unto itself.

Custom Orders

Brownlee Jewelers offer customers the chance to design their engagement ring, or piece of jewelry, from scratch. The custom design department works closely with the clients to create a unique piece, using CAD/CAM. A team of designer’s works to perfect the initial idea, and the craftsmen work to build up the engagement ring to these specifications.

Website Ease of Use

Brownlee Jewelers do excel when it comes to their online site. It is clean and pleasant and full of simple, yet effective coloring and imaging.

Unlike many other physical retailers, the online store has been built to suit the needs of online clients. The filtering options for searching engagement rings are really helpful, with many filtering options to help narrow down your search.

There are great photos of the ring you choose to view and quite a vast amount of information to digest to help you make a decision. The ring will also show the EGL grading card, to help understand the qualities and values better.

The purchasing process on the site is easy enough, and there is a pop-up chat button to have easy access to customer care should you need it.

Customer Service

Brownlee Jewelers do claim to offer superb customer service. This does fall somewhat short in-store, but this is not due to the enthusiasm of the sales assistant lacking, rather the information and education offered to clients. Online, it is a fairly different story, with there being resources available to help the client along the purchasing process.

Returns – If a customer needs to return their purchase, they can do so in 30 days for a full refund, exchange or in-store credit.

Shipping – Free shipping is offered for purchases over $250, with priority shipping offered to purchases exceeding $1000.

Free Nationwide Warranty – The Free Nationwide Warranty covers re-tipping of prongs, inspections of channels and settings, re-sizing, tightening of stones and refinishing and polishing.

Brownlee Jewelers Financing Options

There is an option of financing the purchase through the Synchrony Financial Luxury Card at Brownlee Jewelers, which features a simple credit application process, low monthly payments, special financing, and the card does not tie up other credit lines.

It allows customers the chance to purchase their dreams, with financing options suited to their needs and budget.

Why You Should Choose Brownlee Jewelers

  • Beautiful settings
  • Adhere to Kimberly Process
  • Family run business for over 80 Years

Brownlee Jewelers - Save Your Money Online

There is no reason why anyone should feel the need to purchase their engagement ring from Brownlee Jewelers. The customer service is nothing special, there is no unique experience offered in-store, and you will be able to find much better diamonds, at a lower price, online at James Allen or Blue Nile.

Some physical retailers retain their customers through higher prices with a personalized, luxury experience, but Brownlee Jewelers do not, so take your budget online to make it extend further.

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