Creative Ways To Give Your Girlfriend a Promise Ring

Creative Ways To Give Your Girlfriend a Promise Ring

Creative Ways To Give Your Girlfriend a Promise Ring

Posted by Sharif Khan on 2nd Feb 2021

Are you bothered on how to give your girlfriend a promise ring?

Do you want to give her the ring in such a way that she will appreciate you more?

If you need an answer to any of the two questions above, you need to read this article to the end. Because I assure you at the end of the article, you will have idea of different creative ways that you can adopt to give your girlfriend a promise ring. 

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Before looking at the creative ways to give your girlfriend a promise ring, it’s important you understand few facts about the promise ring; what the promise ring is and the purpose the promise ring serves in a relationship.

A promise ring is a symbol or sign to show commitment between two people. The promise ring is the first gift or token that signifies a serious relationship is developing. Sometimes promise ring can be exchanged to show symbol of joint commitment. Exchanging promise rings only signifies joint commitment and it is far away from love (it is not related to love).

The following are the purpose a promise ring can serve;

  • A promise ring can mean “I promise to always love you”
  • A promise ring can mean “I promise to be faithful”
  • A promise ring can mean “I Promise to be your friend always”
  • A promise ring can mean “I Promise to marry you one day”
  • A promise ring can mean “I am very serious about you”

Also, It is important we know that there is a clear cut difference between the Promise ring and engagement ring;

The major difference between the former and the latter is that the former is given with the understanding that the ring will one day be replaced in future by an engagement and then finally the  wedding rings (that’s if they would be getting married). The promise ring always comes with a modest design and the price is a little bit different from the price of an  unique engagement ring.

Lastly before going into the main article; which finger do we wear the promise ring? And what is the meaning of the position we wear the promise ring?

If you give your girlfriend a promise ring with the intention of engaging and marrying her in future, then the ring is worn traditionally on the third finger of the left hand.

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If you are giving a promise ring to someone you don’t want to marry, the ring can be worn on a finger of the right hand. The reason why the ring is worn on the right hand is just to avoid confusion and make it clear to people that the person is not engaged yet. Some people prefer wearing the promise ring on the ring finger of the right hand to make people know that the couples are still not engaged.

Anyway, irrespective of the purpose promise ring serves, the difference between the promise and engagement ring and the right finger to wear a promise ring, this article is really not concerned about that. The major points this article will be looking at are the romantic and creative ways to give your girlfriend a promise ring. 

This simply means we are looking at creative ways to give someone close to your heart a wedding ring and not a mere friend so don’t be the boring type of boyfriend. Try to give her the ring in such a way that she will always remember throughout her lifetime. 

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Take her on a Treasure to reveal the special Promise Ring.

You can take her through the promise ring hunt by creating a sort of map that will guide her to get the ring. The map can also contain clues that will help. Send the map to her through a friend or a delivery man (just ensure the map and clues get to her). You can make the hunt for you easy or difficult depending on her cognizance with the environment. But it is always advisable to avoid very difficult hunt search that will make her bored or tired during the process of the hunt.

Ensure the map you sent lead to a cool park, a waterfront or beach, a favorite restaurant or points with monuments or statues that depicts love for you to present the promise ring to her.

The bottom line; Use a map, ensure the map leads to a special place so you can present her the ring.

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Another creative way to present the Promise Ring is to package the ring in a misleading way.

This sound funny but it is one of the most creative ways for you to ever present a promise ring. We all know that once your girlfriend sees a jewelry box, she is already of the fact that you want to present her a gift.

Try using a misleading packaging for the ring. This can be done in any style.

Visit her at home with an unwrapped matchbox and tell her you want her to prepare you a meal. Give her the match box containing the matchstick; she may be very worried why you had to get her a matchstick. Act like you are very serious and hungry and she needs to prepare you a meal. Impose it on her that she uses the match stick you just got. I am sure if she opens the match box in the kitchen to cook she will be more than surprised. She will rush down to the living room to show you what she just saw.

You can also use another misleading packaging method by keeping her in suspense for long. Wrap the promise ring in a box for an item she can always use every day like an electric iron, her first reaction may be disappointing but once she opens the box and the real gift in the box is found, you will notice a mood swing (from being disappointment to being excited). You may decide to build more suspense by using about five different larger boxes (One inside another in the order of size from bigger to smaller).

Serve her breakfast in bed with Promise Ring.

If your girlfriend enjoys sleeping in, then this is just a romantic and perfect way to deliver the promise ring and say good morning.

Make breakfast and set it up on a tray and add flowers to decorate it. The ring should also be kept on a small plate (ensure you cover the plate so it look as if it is part of the breakfast menu you are serving her). Seeing you prepare breakfast for her alone is enough to make her thrilled. You can wait back to see the reaction when she finds the ring.

Bottom line; your girlfriend will love you when you treat her like a queen (serving her breakfast), more less when she finds a promise ring inside.

Try sending someone special to deliver the Promise Ring.

This is another creative way to give your girlfriend a ring. Nobody on earth will ever expect a promise ring from a delivery person. Your pet can also help you deliver the promise ring once your pet is obedient and has shown willingness to help you deliver the promise ring.

Have you thought of sending someone she will never expect? Think of sending her boss at work to help you deliver the package to her. Her boss has nothing to do with the relationship so it will even surprise her more.

Use songs or poems.

This is exclusively for the poets or lovers of poetry. And using songs or poems to present a ring is such a wonderful way. Get her a book of poem and carve out a small part of the book in the fifth to sixth page and ensure the ring fits into the cavity you cut out. Give her the poem book and sit back, ask her to read out the poem to you. After she has flicked through the first, second, third and fourth page I am sure she will find the ring in the fifth page which is a perfect ode to your love. It is one of the most creative ways of presenting a promise ring to your girlfriend.

Bottom line; Sing songs or buy poem books and send with the ring makes your girlfriend love you more/ Ladies appreciate good voice or a boyfriend that want to build an empire with them.

Hide the Promise ring inside her cup of wine.

This may sound old fashioned but the approach here is different. Rather than just keeping the promise ring in her drink on a date after you have been served, ensure the ring is in the drink before you are being served the wine. Meet with the waiter at the restaurant and discuss the plan with her

Let people work for you.

I doubt if anyone has ever tried this before. All you need to do is for get someone that will deliver the ring to you right in her presence for you to give her.

You may decide to attend a music/ comedy show. Meet with the comedian or artiste, let them sing love songs or crack jokes relating to love. The comedian or artist comes closer, kneels before your girlfriend and brings out the ring and all you need to do is collect the ring from the comedian or artist and give to your girlfriend.

Keep the Promise Ring inside another gift.

The promise ring is enough to make your girlfriend happy but giving her two gifts will definitely make her happier. Add another gift to the promise ring. Try to ensure that the gift you are adding is related to the promise ring or the gift can hold the promise ring.

She will be glad to receive the gift but she will be very much happier when she opens the gift and finds the hidden treasure inside it.

Gifts like a big box of chocolates, a decorative jar, a pair of shoes, a handbag or any other gift you know she loves.

Ladies love Chocolate, use chocolates.

Using chocolate is another unique, romantic and also creative ways to give your girlfriend a promise ring. Aside the fact that this method is romantic, it comes along with sweetness.

All you need to do is to for heart shaped chocolate s from her best chocolate confectioneries or the best confectionery store in your vicinity. Just change one if the heart shaped chocolates with the promise ring.

All she will be expecting is to find chocolates in the box, her heart will melt immediately she finds the promise ring inside the chocolate box.

Don’t use this method if you are not ready to see you girlfriend cry because it is very likely she dissolve in happy tears that will touch you too.

Use flowers.

We all see the use for flower to show or express love as the conventional way of doing but sometimes the basic matters a lot and in this context, the use of flower is the basic of expressing love.

Buy red roses or order from any flower store around, hide the promise ring in the petals of the rose flower (order for a firm rose bud when you want to do this). After you present the flower to her, ensure she keeps the flower in a safe and prominent place (beside her bed, her dresser table or close to her shoe rack). After few days the bud of the flower will open wide and the ring will be revealed in the smooth fold of the rose flower.

You are already thinking of which creative way of presenting a ring will work perfectly for your girlfriend.