Do Guys Wear Promise Rings?

Do Guys Wear Promise Rings?

Do Guys Wear Promise Rings?

Posted by Sharif Khan on 20th Jan 2021

Do Guys Wear Promise Rings

Promise rings are usually given as a commitment symbol between two people who are in a romantic relationship. When you issue someone with a promise ring, you mean that you have made a promise to always love that person. However, giving your love partner a promise ring does not signify marriage proposal. In fact, the promise ring is given when the couple will be getting married soon.

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Promise Ring for Men

Although it is not common, there is nothing that says women cannot issue promise rings to their boyfriends. Previously, men used to be the givers, however, today; the gender roles are not that hard. Most women are known to relish the opportunity of showing their beloved how much they feel with this symbol. 

The same depth of emotion and feeling that motivates a man to gift their girlfriend with a promise ring can also move a girl to do the same. For the millennium couples who are interested in using unique and new ways to showcase their relationship, promise rings are an excellent fidelity, commitment and exclusivity token. 

The gender roles are quickly changing; more men are today open to the idea of wearing fine jewelry beyond the old wedding band. Men’s promise rings can today be found in different metals, styles and designs, hence one can always get a ring that fits their personal style regardless of how sophisticated or simple you will look like.

The promise rings should however not be too over the top. Most people do consider promise rings as pre-engagement rings and no one would like to invest a lot of money in a ring that will be replaced by an engagement ring. 

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If shopping for a men’s promise ring, it is advisable you go for budget friendly metals like titanium, sterling silver, tungsten or ceramic. You can always shop for the specifically designed promise rings featuring words like “I promise” engraved on them.

There are men who might shy away from use of jewelry although a promise ring is just another way to help one show their commitment levels. In case there is any form of hesitation on use of promise ring, ensure that you do set aside time to discuss. Try ensuring that it is the ring that he is not sure of and not your relationship. 

Not all the men that refuse to wear promise rings are afraid of commitment. There are some who were raised believing that only a woman is meant to wear a ring although that tradition is flawed. Even Posy Rings, the earliest promise rings types were exchanged between women and men.

Which Finger Should One Put the Promise Ring

Which Finger Should One Put the Promise Ring?

At times rings are exchanged between two people or just an individual. The promise rings can be put on any finger on any hand. There are people who will opt to wear their promise rings on the left finger; other will prefer wearing the promise rings on the right finger so as not to confuse it to an engagement ring. 

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What Promise Rings Look Like

What Promise Rings Look Like?

Promise rings tend to be less extravagant and smaller compared to the  engagement rings. In most cases, precious metals such as silver and gold are used. However, there are promise rings that feature diamonds and other types of valuable gemstones.

In most cases, the gemstones will be smaller and less valuable compared to the gemstones found in engagement rings. There are promise rings that do not contain any unique design features with an appearance that is similar to a wedding ring.

Promise rings together with other types of partners rings can also be diamond rings like gemstone rings or tapered baguette ring. There are promise rings which have been designed as Claddagh rings. Claddagh rings are traditional Irish design featuring a heart held with two hands and a crown representing  friendship, love and loyalty. There are couples who go for matching promise rings.

In most cases, the promise rings are subtler and smaller than the engagement rings. Diamonds are known to be an excellent choice although the stones appear to be of  carat weight or are grouped in cluster instead of a single stone.

The gemstone ring designs are known to be of a great choice for promise rings and other types of couple rings. Just like with other types of wedding and non engagement jewelry, there are no rules concerning the best metals for promise rings. This makes everything from sterling silver to gold rings popular.

How and When to Give Man a Promising Ring

How and When to Give Man a Promising Ring

Although issuing a promise ring is not as difficult as issuing an engagement ring, it is a very important and special time for any partner. The good thing is that there are no rules when issuing a promise ring to your partner making the process simple and fast.

Promise rings can be issued at any point in a relationship. There are times  when couples date for months, a year or longer before they consider exchanging promise rings. Timeline can be faster for others with promise rings or other types of rings being exchanged early in a relationship.

The promise rings are a visible commitment sign to your relationship no matter whatever plans you are having for the future. You do not have to plan any elaborate thing when issuing a promise ring compared to when you are issuing an engagement ring. However, in case you are interested in planning anything like for example in couples who decide to give out promise rings as a dating anniversary gift for birthday, valentines or graduation day.

Most couples are also known to have a conversation when they are exchanging the promise rings concerning the ring’s meaning which adds significance to the moment. It is up to one to decide to give a promise ring. When you think your partner will like it, you can always plan for something more unique and elaborate. You can also decide to choose a moment when to give the ring and decide to focus on the moment instead of focusing on the setting.

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Purity Rings and Promise Rings Differences

Purity Rings and Promise Rings Differences

The purity rings do symbolize abstinence commitment until marriage. Issuing your partner with a purity ring will always be accompanied by the commitment of not having sex until after marriage. Sterling silver rings are the popular types used as purity rings and they usually have an engraved message.

However, the promise rings do not have anything to do with abstinence unless the couples decide to abstain. When using the promise rings, you and your partner will simply be exchanging physical symbol of commitment and love to one another.

When searching for promise rings, you might have also come across posy rings. Origins of posy rings do date from 15 th, 16th and 17 th centuries. The rings were first given in France and England as lovers’ gifts. They are completely different from the promise rings but they do look similar.

Etiquette of Using the Promise Rings

Etiquette of Using the Promise Rings

Although several people downplay the importance of promise rings, they should never be exchanged lightly. Instead, couples need to take them seriously by committing themselves to the relationship as it’s a sign of being together in the future. Despite there being no definitive promise ring etiquette, there are guidelines one should follow.

  • You and your partner should have dated for at least one year if not longer before you decide to issue a promise ring as a gift.
  • In case an engagement ring is not within your budget, then you can as well consider going for a promise ring.
  • In case you are interested in a way of showing your partner how serious you are on being together and where the relationship is headed, the right gift can be a promise ring.
  • The promise rings do come into play when depending on life circumstances none of you is ready to get engaged.
  • It is important that you be ready to make a bigger commitment and get a way to express your feeling when investing in a promise ring.

As with other relationship matters communication is important when taking a step that will lead to wearing of the promise ring. It is important that both parties know the type of rings that will symbolize their relationship, what they want the ring to present and their vision for the relationship in coming years. After establishing everything, you can always exchange the promise ring at any time and in any place. All that is important is the setting to be a bit romantic when marking the occasion.

Creative Ways of Presenting Promise Rings

Romantic gestures are more creative and bigger than ever. One way you can use to get a suitable way of presenting promise rings is by searching for proposals online to get inventive ways that girlfriend and boyfriends are showing their affection and care.

Just because you are not bringing the big question does not mean your presentation of the promise ring cannot be memorable. In case, he is the one you intend to be with forever, then ensure that every occasion is momentous.

You can always mark any special event with issuing a promise ring. Here are some ideas that will help you in getting those romantic juices flowing to help create a memory that none of you will forget.

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1.Treasure Hunt

You can consider planning the clues and tag your beloved friend along. You can consider posing some puzzles, take him to a place that is of great significant to your relationship and give them a trip down the memory road. The prize will be you offering him with a promise ring.

2.Plan great outdoor trips

It can be a hike, sunrise at the beach or a walk under the stars, excellent outdoors can always serve as a perfect place to present your promise ring.

3.Go Musical

Definitely, there is a reason why the classic serenade has been popular for years. There is nothing that is quite encapsulating in deep affection like love songs. It does not matter if you write it by yourself, choose a ditty meaning something to both of you at the local bar or sing along with the radio, any song that has been dedicated to your partner can never go wrong.

Where to Purchase Promise Rings?

When you are shopping for the men’s promise rings, it is advisable that you always look for the ring that is able to speak for both your partner and yourself. Ensure that the ring budget is friendly and always go for an understated style that does not scream wedding band and scream engagement.

It is important that you also remember that the type of promise ring you choose for your man symbolizes commitment and love. In case your man backs off from wearing the symbol, then you should reconsider the promise.

When shopping for any fine jewelry, always ensure that you verify if what you are about to pick is a high quality and genuine product. This should never be different when shopping for promise rings.

Although getting cheap promise rings online is easy, the quality will always not be that good and they will always deteriorate as they get older looking less beautiful. We therefore recommend that you choose a vendor that is known of selling high quality settings. This will increase your chance of getting a high quality promise ring that will last for decades.

For years, people have been vetting jewelry sellers to help determine the most reliable and best sellers in the business. Always go for reputable and trustworthy dealers.

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Giving your partner a promise ring is a big event that should never be taken lightly. Although it is not a proposal marriage, it is a serious and heartfelt symbol of deep commitment and lasting love. It is therefore important for promise ring selection to be done with lots of care and love to ensure that your loved one is capable of wearing and can cherish it for a long time.