Rare Carat Review: Legit for Diamonds?

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Rare Carat is an online diamond retailer that acts like a marketplace and lists diamonds from multiple suppliers. While initially, the company only referred clients to other jewelers, they now directly fulfill the orders. Though Rare Carat is not a typical jeweler, it has made positive contributions to the industry by introducing new digital innovations. 

Overall, Rare Carats' prices are competitive. However, given that they work with many different retailers, the product quality might differ from one supplier to the other. Additionally, buyers might not get the full benefits of working with a more established jewelry retailer like James Allen, i.e., several different engagement rings and fine jewelry options, long-term repairs, lifetime warranties, upgrade programs, etc. 

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Rare Carat
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      Rare Carat Overview

      Rare Carat assists users in locating and comparing the pricing of diamonds from several retailers. Users can utilize the platform to narrow their search based on their preferences and receive individualized recommendations on who offers the best deal for a specific diamond. The platform partners with many diamond retailers and provides a comparison tool to make shopping more accessible and convenient.

      On Rare Carat's website, buyers can confidently search for the perfect loose diamond with valuable insights and the assurance of finding the best possible prices in today's competitive market. As an innovator in the industry, Rare Carat empowers buyers to make informed and confident decisions when investing in possibly one of their life's most cherished symbols of love and commitment.

      Given that the platform acts as an intermediary between buyers and jewelers, the only concern might be long-term support for jewelry repairs and upgrades, as some of Rare Carat's partners might have reliable support while others might not.

      Rare Carat Upgrading into an Online Marketplace

      Rare Carat used to function as a price aggregator, collecting data and diamond feeds from several online stores and presenting them all in one gallery. It allowed buyers to compare the offerings of multiple businesses on a single platform.

      By 2022, Rare Carat had restructured its business operations to become a "marketplace" that handled all aspects of the transaction on its customers' behalf, including payment processing, logistics, customer service, and shipment. Buyers can no longer purchase a diamond from a retailer because those merchants have transitioned into wholesalers and now provide diamonds to Rare Carat. Instead, buyers will be purchasing a diamond directly from Rare Carat.

      As a result of this change, Rare Carat is now directly rivaling big and well-known online retailers. They strive to provide a superior shopping experience to compete with those long-standing stakeholders in the diamond jewelry industry.

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      Features & Functions Offered by Rare Carat

      Rare Carat offers an effective search tool that allows users to specify their preferences for diamond shape, cut, carat weight, color, and clarity, among other factors. The platform then provides personalized recommendations based on these criteria, making the process of selecting a diamond more efficient and suited to individual preferences.

      Rare Carat Diamonds

      Greater Availability

      Rare Carat provides buyers access to both natural and lab-grown diamonds. This means you can select from two distinct types of diamonds: those formed naturally over millions of years in the Earth's mantle and those synthesized in a lab to have the same chemical and physical qualities as their natural counterparts.

      Rare Carat can meet customers' needs with varying tastes and moral compasses by offering natural and lab-grown diamonds. Since the mining process is avoided and the diamonds are created in a laboratory, they are considered a more eco-friendly and sustainable option. As a bonus, customers can purchase lab-grown diamonds at significantly lower prices than mined ones.

      Price Comparison

      Price comparison on Rare Carat gives consumers a side-by-side comparison of comparable diamonds from different sellers at various price points. This gives customers the power to decide what is financially best for them based on informed judgments.

      Rare Carat offers consumers a thorough view of the market by combining data from many merchants, making it easier to spot pricing variations for diamonds with comparable characteristics (shape, cut, carat weight, color, and clarity).

      Such a degree of openness is beneficial because it enables purchasers to be sure they are paying a reasonable price for their desired diamond. Using the price comparison feature, they can securely traverse the diamond market and steer clear of potentially pricey products. This capability is instrumental in a sector where costs might vary significantly from one shop to another.

      Personalized Recommendations

      Personalized recommendations are a standout feature of Rare Carat. It utilizes advanced algorithms and user input to provide individualized suggestions for diamonds that best match the user's preferences and criteria.

      When using Rare Carat, customers can input their desired specifications for a diamond, such as shape, cut, carat weight, color, clarity, and budget. Based on this information, the platform's algorithms analyze a vast database of diamonds from various retailers and present the user with a curated list of options that closely align with their preferences.

      Verified Retailers

      Rare Carat has formed partnerships with numerous reputable and trustworthy diamond shops in the industry, providing complete access to a comprehensive inventory of diamonds. Rare Carat can compile data from various stores through these agreements, allowing its consumers to compare prices and receive individualized suggestions.

      Rare Carat Policies


      Rare Carat operates as a marketplace for diamond wholesalers and, as such, does not provide any warranty or guarantee on their products. When you purchase a diamond from an online jeweler through Rare Carat, you will be redirected to the retailer's website, and any assurances provided will be exclusive to the brand from which you are making the purchase.

      Shipping Policy

      Rare Carat offers free shipping, insured and handled by either UPS or FedEx. A signature is required for the transaction. The duration of the production process varies depending on the selected diamond. On each diamond page, you will find an anticipated shipment date.

      Every wholesaler ships the diamond to Rare Carat, where it is then mounted on your chosen engagement ring. The shipping time for one ring is ten days, while for another, it is twenty. The time it takes to ship is not specified, leaving room for interpretation.

      Return Policy

      Rare Carat ensures transparency in its return policy by providing all relevant information. They offer a 30-day return window, free shipping for returns, and do not impose any restocking costs.

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      Critiques & Customer Reviews

      Since Rare Carat upgraded its business to a marketplace, most customers have shared positive reviews. Buyers will find little or no negative reviews at all on the internet.

      rare carat diamond reviews

      Rare Carat primarily focuses on the United States market. Users outside of the US may have difficulty accessing some aspects of the platform or may find it tough to purchase diamonds they like outside of the US.

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