Petra Gems

Welcome to Petra Gems. We're a family-owned small business operating out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Petra Gems is registered for business in the State of Michigan and is also an accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) business with A+ rating. We have provided high quality gems to our clients since 2008. We sell our products online only. 

We're committed to offering you with high quality GIA and AGS certified diamonds and designer engagement rings and bridal sets at close to wholesale prices. The happiness and satisfaction of our customers is more important to us than their business with us. We strive for integrity and mutual respect. Our dream is for our customers to fall in love with our brand and products. We want our customers to consider their purchase of gems and jewelry as an investment and not waste their hard earned income.

Having a good eye for gems and a deep love for diamonds, we created Petra Gems with an aim to sell certified diamonds and designer jewelry to our customers at next to wholesale prices so that they will not lose more than 10-20% if they ever needed to sell or replace their jewelry.

If you purchase your gems at Petra Gems, you’ll know that they’re worth the price you’re investing in them!

Owner's Statement:

Hello Friends,

As family-owned business, we created Petra Gems to offer high quality certified diamonds at affordable prices to our customers. We also wanted to make the experience of buying an engagement ring hassle free by offering designer engagement rings and free resizing to our clients.

The reason I created Petra Gems is simple. I love gemstones and can spend countless days exploring and learning about them. By making my hobby my business, I also want to bring some integrity to the jewelry business where unfortunately retailers mark up their items by a hundred to two hundred percent. 

I am hoping Petra Gems will eventually be another vehicle for transforming business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

With gratitude,