Petra Gems

Petra Gems:

Did you know the word “Petra” means rock, derived from the Greek word "Petros"? Gems essentially refer to the preciousness of particular stones due to their unique natural chemical compositions and characteristics. Part of the inspiration for the brand name ‘Petra Gems’ also comes from the ancient city of Petra – a remarkable treasure of our shared history, and a majestic display of exquisite colors of rocks that gives the city the name “Petra.”


Petra Gems ( is a site dedicated to the education of diamonds, gemstones and fine jewelry. Because of our experience in trading diamonds and fine jewelry for over a decade, we are positioned to be the number 1 educational source for diamonds and fine jewelry.

Petra Gems has established a name in the diamond industry for offering buyers high quality educational content and insights. We have consistently obtained 5 stars ratings on all platforms and continue to rank as A+ on BBB for the 5th straight year with zero complaints.

Petra Gems is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 


The founder of Petra Gems, Sharif, has a deep love for natural gemstones, especially precious stones like Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires. 

Sharif started trading diamonds and fine jewelry online during the early 2000s. As Sharif developed his skills and started to feel more confident about e-commerce as well as the trade of diamonds, he started the process of developing a full site for Petra Gems in 2013. Subsequently, he developed trading relationships with all major diamond manufacturers globally and sold millions of worth diamonds online. Sharif has worked with most De Beers' sightholders.  

By 2019, Petra Gems has become an online authority on the subject of diamond education and the diamond trade as a whole. We have had exposure to every aspect of the fine jewelry industry. In the early part of the decade, we sold pre-owned and estate jewelry which gave us firsthand knowledge of the quality of jewelry offered by all major designers online. We then worked with all major diamond wholesalers and suppliers and got a comprehensive understanding of the wholesale prices of diamonds and fine jewelry.

We take three important factors into consideration when we recommend online jewelers to our viewers, including 1) quality of long term customer service; 2) product quality; and 3) fairness of price. Cheap is not the ideal option, but fair is. We believe when cheap is considered as the top priority, jewelers will compromise on quality to get you the cheap price, otherwise big discounts are just not possible in today’s marketplace where the maximum markup is just about 20%. You get what you pay for is often true.

In the long term, diamonds are going to fall out of your mounting; the jewelry is going to need repairs etc. You need a jeweler that you can rely on in the long run. 

How does Petra Gems work as an affiliate with other sites?

Among others, digital marketing can be broken down into three broad categories:

  • Pay per Click type ads through Google//Bing’s search/display networks etc.
  • Social Media Marketing through Facebook and Instagram etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing through other sites/blogs. You pay a fixed commission on each qualifying sell that the site refers to your site.

Now you must be wondering can Petra Gems be objective and unbiased in its assessment if they are paid a commission from a particular site.

Yes, we can be objective because all brands have an affiliate program and they offer, more or less, the same type of incentives. We can sign up to be an affiliate for any site we wish. We will be very selective and will only refer sites that we are fully familiar with and ones whose products we have physically inspected and traded in the past.