Midas Diamonds Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Midas Diamonds Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Midas Diamonds Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 21st Jan 2020

Midas Diamonds Jewellery Review

Midas Jewellery – A Review

Our Rating 3.6 out of 5.

Compare Midas Jewellery with James Allen.

There is not much that can be said about Midas Diamonds that is positive. The service offered by the sales assistants is not great at all, and can often feel pressured, the prices are incredibly high, even compared to other physical retailers, and the quality of the diamonds leaves nothing to be desired.

It is very difficult to find a reason to shop at Midas Diamonds, especially since there are online stores such as James Allen or  Blue Nile who offer stunning quality diamonds and engagement rings, at a price that seems much more affordable than at Midas Diamonds.

James Allen

A Brief History

Mr. SaitAltundag was born in Midyat, Turkey, in the 1930s. His first masterpiece jewelry design was inspired by his budding love for jewelry and his wife, NicmeAltundag. This piece was a silver belt, handcrafted and given to his wife on their wedding day. This was the first of many delicately crafted and designed pieces, and his designs became so popular that he soon opened his first jewelry store.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Mr. Altundag passed away. His sons Ben, John, Andy, and Emanuel decided to continue the family business, wanting to grow it to be the most exquisite jewelry design company around.

The four sons renamed the business Midas in 1985. Honoring the King of Gold. They went on to open two stores in Australia, run by two sons, a store in Istanbul run by another son, and one in New York, run by the fourth son.

What Midas Offer

At first glance, the Midas stores are wonderfully modern, simplistic and laid out fantastically. The stores do a great job of drawing you in, and the modern air is exactly what many look for in a jewelry store. However, this experience does not extend to the sales staff. They seem to be pushy towards certain sales and use old school sales tricks to try and get a customer to make a purchase. The sales staff do a lot to push the importance of a brilliant cut, but often do not show customers a diamond which is deserving of the name.

Many of the diamonds shown by Midas are not worth being bought. Yes, there are some nice diamonds to be found, but many have poor cuts or strong fluorescence, that lessens the value tremendously. You will need to have a good eye for diamonds to understand which diamond will be worth your money or not.


What Makes Midas Stand Out?

Versatile Collections – Midas have specialized and versatile collections made to suit each and every taste.

Master Jewelers – Each Midas store in Australia has a master jeweler who can help to offer bespoke design services, and ensure that each customer is able to find their perfect engagement ring.

Attention to Detail – Each stone that is sold at a Midas boutique has been meticulously reviewed by experts in fields such as gemologists, designers and craftsmen, to ensure each engagement ring has the high-quality standard that the company looks to uphold.

Midas Pricing

Midas pricing is unfortunately unaffordable compared to most. It is common, if not always a definite, for physical retailers to have much higher prices than online retailers, due to having to hold physical stock and having many more overheads to pay, but some physical retailers do exploit this.

Comparing a ring from Midas to a similar one found at  James Allen, you can expect to pay nearly 60% more, which quite frankly, is unacceptable. There is no added service you will be getting from Midas to justify this, and the service leaves much to be desired. You can take the money you would spend on an average ring at Midas and purchase a much better quality ring from James Allen, with great service as well.

Custom Orders

Midas does offer its customers the chance to  design their own engagement rings with the help of expert craftsmen and designers. The customer is asked to first choose a diamond, as the ring will ultimately be crafted to enhance the beauty of the stone. The rings are handmade and crafted by experts who are able to convey the beauty of the diamond to the ring, helping enhance the piece and make it truly unique.

Website Ease of Use

The Midas website is slightly overwhelming. The home page consists of images and scrolling text which can become quite confusing to transverse through at times. The theme is elegant, but the scrolling images do throw you off a bit.

To browse through engagement rings, you will need to filter by cut. This does not automatically bring up a list of engagement rings, and you will have to scroll a bit to find a selection. Once a ring has caught your fancy, you can either enquire about the ring or view more details. There is limited imagery per ring, but there is a good amount of information in the form of a description and some qualities. You will not be able to make a purchase on the site but will need to then enquire on the ring to take it further.

Customer Service

There is much left to be desired with customer service at Midas, but there are some aftersales services that are worth noting.

Repairs – Midas offers complimentary cleaning and repairs on workmanship and materials for all of their designs.

Master Craftsmen – Master jewelers and master craftsmen help to care for pieces of jewelry once bought from the store.

Certification – Each diamond or gemstone is sold with a certificate of authenticity to help guarantee a genuine product.

Midas Financing Options

As one cannot shop online at Midas, there is no financing available for customers. If needed, customers can enquire about financing in-store or look to finance through a third party.

Why You Should Choose Midas

  • Family run business
  • Bright, modern and elegant stores

Midas – Not the King Of Gold

There really is no pulling factor for customers to shop at Midas Jewelry. The prices are exceptionally high and the quality of the diamonds is questionable at times. The sales assistants do not do much to help make the experience better either.

To save money on your budget and to ensure you are getting the best value for your money, you should consider shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile, to receive a stunning engagement ring and great customer service.

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