How to Buy Diamonds in Los Angeles

How to Buy Diamonds in Los Angeles

How to Buy Diamonds in Los Angeles

Posted by Sharif Khan on 30th Aug 2021

How to Buy Diamonds in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is arguably the most vibrant city on the US west coast, famed for its Mediterranean-like climate and cultural diversity. Most importantly, Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, the hub of the US film industry. Cruising through the streets of LA, you will never miss most of the city's splendor. The city's towering skyscrapers are always a sight to behold. If you prefer to grab something on the go, there are numerous diners nearby. Also, as you stop by some of Los Angeles' main attractions, such as the Hollywood Boulevard, you will understand why those who have been here would die for a second visit.

LA is indeed a dream destination, not only for solo trips but also for family vacations. Are you planning on staying for a couple of months? Do not worry since the city features high-end hotels and accommodation facilities—such as The Ritz-Carlton and the Beverly Hills Hotel—to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Due to its plentiful amenities, shopping in this city is an unrivaled experience. But shopping for diamonds can be somewhat challenging. Let us break down how to buy diamonds in LA to help you have a great experience.

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How to Choose the Best Diamond in LA

The first step in choosing the best diamond in LA is to understand what diamond quality entails. You are probably already familiar with the factors that influence diamond quality. Briefly, these are the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat).

After establishing the right diamond quality, the next step is to dig up as much information as possible on a diamond store. With thousands of diamond stores in LA, finding your ideal retailer might be challenging. You have to sift through tons of recommendations before settling on the best store. But diamond shops do not build their reputations overnight; it takes years of good service delivery to earn clients' trust. Therefore, consider well-reputed stores, some of which we will mention later on.

When choosing a diamond store, do not narrow down your options. Have at least three preferred stores in mind. Afterward, begin comparing prices. Prices differ significantly across diamond shops. At the end of the day, you would wish for a piece of quality jewelry at reasonable rates. But when comparing prices, ensure that other parameters remain constant. You cannot compare the price of a 1-carat diamond with that of a 2-carat diamond, even if the cut, color, and clarity stay the same.

Lastly, settle on a store more customer-inclined as opposed to sales-inclined. Insist on stores with friendly staff who are willing to walk with you through the entire shopping experience.

Where to Find the Best Diamond Bargains in LA?

The best place to buy diamonds in LA is at the Los Angeles Diamond District, also referred to as the Los Angeles Jewelry District. The LA Diamond District are the six blocks found between the 5th and 8th streets, with Broadway and Olive as the perimeter streets. Notably, Hill Street accounts for most of the diamond stores. This street contains up to 5,000 stores.

The LA Jewelry District is also the most extensive Diamond District in the US, where you can expect great bargains. Diamonds here come in various forms, from stones set in jewelry to loose diamonds.

However, you should be cautious when shopping for your ideal stone in LA. Remember that most store owners take advantage of the fact that it is the busiest Diamond District in the US. Hence, it is paramount not to fall for the marketing cliches in the store you visit. Instead, stay awake and remember to ask the right questions.


What are some of the Stores You Should Consider?

With close to 5000 stores, it would be challenging to narrow down on your ideal one. Before setting out, it is advisable to have a checklist of some great diamond shops.

Many reasons make these stores outstanding; one is their reasonably long duration in the industry. Most of these stores have experience spanning decades—a duration long enough to understand their clients' needs. Another reason is the reputation, honesty, and reliability of these stores. A reputable diamond has a section on its website dedicated to highlighting background information on offers.

Before heading down to any store, check this section to uncover critical information about the stones that the shop offers. Ideally, the information would pertain to their standard carat weights, popular diamond colors, clarity ranges, and the regular cuts available. Armed with this information, you will already be a step ahead when making your order and would have understood how the company operates. Some of the information you should look out for includes their shipping and returns policy, pricing guidelines, and support—the more favorable their shipping policy, the better for you. In terms of customer support, insist on a company with an around-the-clock support system.

Should You Buy Diamonds Online Or Offline?

While you think of buying diamonds, you will often face the dilemma of ordering online or heading down to the physical store. But which one between these two is the more viable option?

Ordering diamonds online comes with flexibility. You can browse through the offers and place your orders without worrying about geographical limitations. You do not have to reside in LA and can place your order from your residence. But you must ensure that the store you buy from ships to your state.

Another reason you should consider buying diamonds online is that you get a more extensive selection. A broader range implies being able to check out a few shops back to back. You do not have to make treacherous trips across all the physical stores within the LA Jewelry District. Instead, you open different tabs on your laptop and compare the stores in real-time.

Prices also tend to be lower when you buy online. According to research, diamond rings in the District are up to 40% cheaper online. When interacting with diamond shops online, there is a probability that sellers will seek to retain you as much as possible because they would not know how many more stores you may have visited before them. Therefore, they will do their best to win your confidence, hoping that you will buy from them, have a memorable experience, and spread the word.

Indeed, most diamond shops will encourage you to post a review of your experience with them right after receiving your order. Since they want to capitalize on such ratings, they are willing to offer better deals. Apart from getting better bargains when you buy online, you will also experience warm interactions with the staff of diamond stores.

What If You Must Visit A Physical Showroom?

As already mentioned, buying diamonds in LA is better done online. However, there are exceptional circumstances where you would prefer to visit a physical showroom, such as buying the jewelry for the first time.

People with limited information on a diamond are bound to make mistakes. Many diamond stores in LA will try to help you through the buying process. However, remember each store is in it for money. Therefore, they might stand by and watch as you make those naïve mistakes, much to their advantage. Thus, if need be, hire a jewelry sales consultant on your first visit to a showroom.

Another reason for heading to a physical showroom is if you want to feel the real thing. Things are not always similar to how they appear online, which is especially true if you have never purchased anything from a diamond store before. Unless it is a store you are already familiar with, insist on visiting the showrooms for your first shopping experience.

Lastly, you could visit a diamond showroom in LA if you are locally-based or a tourist who stays near the city center. Since you will find most diamond showrooms near downtown LA, it makes sense to visit them in person. If possible, visit showrooms that are within the Diamond District.

It will greatly help if you also remember that most of these display stores are busy during regular business hours. Therefore, try to secure an appointment before visiting them, particularly if you want them to guide you on your purchase. High-end diamond showrooms in LA have a robust customer service desk. On your appointment date, the store will assign someone to discuss every aspect of diamonds with you. Their primary role is not to push their products but to share a wealth of information, especially with first-time jewelry buyers.

The best place to buy diamonds in LA is the LA Diamond District. But before you head there, try to explore these diamond outlets online. Generally, avoid shops that have no online presence. After you locate your preferred store, read as much information on them as possible. Also, check how previous clients have reviewed the store. And in the interest of price, always order your diamonds online.