H Color Diamonds | Is H Color a Good Value for the Money?

H Color Diamonds | Is H Color a Good Value for the Money?

H Color Diamonds | Is H Color a Good Value for the Money?

Posted by Sharif Khan on 14th Jun 2019

James Allen

H Color Diamonds

Diamond color is one of the most important characteristics that need to be considered when purchasing a diamond. Diamonds which are colorless are the highest in value, while those with noticeable color are lower in value. Diamonds with noticeable color usually have a pale yellow tint.

A color grade has been created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which grades diamonds from a scale of D, which is colorless, to Z which has a light yellow or brown color. Diamonds from D to Z are considered white diamonds, even though some of them do have varying amounts of color.

Trying to balance quality and price of a diamond can be tricky, and the color grade of the diamond you choose will have a great effect on the value of your diamond. Compromising on the cut, color, and clarity of your diamond can help you make the diamond fit into your budget, but it is not a good idea to compromise so much that you purchase a lower quality diamond.

Diamond color scale

The Color Grading Scale

D, E, F Colorless These are colorless and very rare. These diamonds sell at a higher price.
G, H, I, J Near Colorless These diamonds have a slight undertone which is not noticeable to the naked eye. These are great value diamonds.
K, L, M Faint There is a slight yellow color noticeable with these diamonds.
N, O, P, Q, R Very Light These diamonds have a noticeable yellow hue and are considered lower quality diamonds.
S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Light There is little demand for these diamonds as they usually have a brown tint.

Value of An H Diamond

An H color diamond is considered colorless. It has a faint yellow hue which is difficult to detect. It has excellent value and pairs well with yellow gold. It can be hard to find a noticeable difference between the color of G-H or I-J diamonds, especially by an untrained eye. However, the cost savings between these color grades are fairly significant. It is best to avoid a pale yellow color in diamonds, and you should choose a color grade H or higher.

An H diamond is the most popular color diamond on the market. It has a great balance of price while still having a colorless nature which is popular. H is considered to be the tipping point of colorless diamonds and diamonds with a noticeable yellow hue. While the difference is hardly noticeable to the untrained eye, there is a big price difference between these diamonds.

It is even more difficult to tell the difference between a D diamond and an H diamond when they have been set and the price you pay for an H diamond is considerably lower than the price you would pay for an D diamond, which explains why H diamonds are such good value for the quality of the diamond you are buying.

H diamonds can retail for almost 40% less than a D color diamond, despite the fact that they look almost identical.

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H Color Diamond Investments

Diamonds with colorless grade such as D, E, and F, which also have great clarity, cut and high carat weight are rare. Because of this, they will appreciate in value over time. However, other color diamonds will not appreciate in value as much, and some even lose value once they have been bought from the store.

The good part is that H color diamonds will get you more of a return rate down the line than diamonds of a lesser color grade. This makes H color diamonds a good investment for the price you pay.

Setting An H Color Diamond

When you choose a diamond of I or J and lower, there is a risk that white gold or platinum might bring out the faint yellow hue present in these diamonds. The risk is reduced when setting an H color diamond in white metals.

Set in yellow gold, the faint hue of an H color diamond might become enhanced, but not to the point of the diamond looking yellow. The yellow gold will actually add some overall warmth the look of the ring.

H colored diamonds also pair well with colored stones. Other more colored diamonds might seem more hued alongside stones such as sapphires or rubies. H colored diamonds maintain their unnoticeable color well when set next to colored stones.

Set in jewelry such as pendants or earrings, H colored diamonds have a great sparkle, as they have a wonderful shine when exposed to light and still appear colorless to the naked eye.

Other Considerations

Other than the color of a diamond, there are some other considerations to take note of when purchasing a diamond. The 4 C’s to think of are cut, clarity, carat, and color. All need to be taken into consideration when making a purchase, as all three factors will have a significant effect on the price and quality of a diamond.

A poorly cut diamond will not be able to eliminate inclusions and flaws and not allow the diamond to reflect light properly. A properly cut diamond is able to reflect light brilliantly and allows the diamond to have an enchanting glow.

The clarity of a diamond refers to any blemishes or inclusions found within the diamond. These can stop light reflecting through the diamond, and might be noticeable enough to take away from the overall appearance of the stone.

Carat weight also has a direct effect on the value of a diamond. The higher the carat weight, the more a diamond will cost. Diamonds with a carat weight of over 1.0 ct are extremely rare, and therefore cost more than other diamonds, and diamonds over this weight have a value that grows exponentially. Many people choose to purchase diamonds just below popular carat weights, as these are less in demand and therefore retail at a lower cost.

The Beauty of An H Diamond

Overall, an H diamond offers great value when it comes to the beauty and price of the diamond. If you are wanting to avoid a yellow tint but don’t want to pay the premium price of a colorless diamond, H is your best choice.

The H diamond is the perfect balance between quality and price. It still has an incredible shine and almost colorless appearance but retails for a much more affordable cost. It will look wonderful in any setting and is a timeless stone that holds its beauty well.