How to Buy Diamonds in Indiana

How to Buy Diamonds in Indiana

How to Buy Diamonds in Indiana

Posted by Sharif Khan on 21st Nov 2019

How to Buy Diamonds in Indiana

Diamonds are some of the most magnificent gems. Unlike other precious minerals like gold, diamonds aren’t primarily viewed as a measure of wealth. Instead, their value almost entirely rests in our sentimental attachment. As such, shopping for the perfect diamond jewelry is anything but easy.

First, you have to establish your tastes and preferences. Then, you’ll need to sift through hundreds of potential sellers to locate your desired stone. Remember, most of these sellers pitch their products as the best quality and the cheapest. As an inexperienced shopper, you may not know who to believe. But still, you should be able to see through their hard-selling tactics and marketing cliches.

It gets more confusing when you’re shopping for diamonds in Indiana. Unlike various other cities, cities in Indiana don’t have diamond districts. That implies there are no designated streets where you can walk to and seamlessly shop for diamond jewelry. So, whether you’re based in Indianapolis, Carmel, or Fort Wayne, one thing is for sure – your typical jewelry shopping experience will likely be strenuous.

But the apparent lack of diamond districts in Indiana cities shouldn’t dampen your spirits. You can still find an exquisite diamond in this state, and at reasonably affordable prices. It all comes down to how you do your due diligence. Read on for a more insightful view on how to buy diamonds in Indiana.

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How to Buy Diamonds in Indiana

As no Indiana City has a diamond district, it makes sense to buy all your diamonds in the state online. You can choose to complete your entire shopping online. Or, you could use the internet’s wealth of information to locate a physical store. That way, you’ll be able to proceed to the store, having defined your full requirements.

Online jewelry shopping in Indiana comes with the benefits of comfort and convenience. Also, you can sample a wide range of diamonds seamlessly. Plus, it’s more secure than shopping for jewelry in the brick-and-mortar stores. That’s because the merchant delivers your purchases to your address of choice. You also get to pay through more secure options like credit cards. Indeed, there are many benefits of online jewelry shopping .

However, buying diamonds online in Indiana isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, you should do some research on diamonds in general. Then, you can compare the offers across multiple stores, to hone in on one particular merchant.

1. Understanding the Nitty-gritty of Diamonds

Diamonds come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity ratings. The specific elements that influence diamond quality are known as the  Four Cs. The Cs stand for Color, Cut, Carat weight, and Clarity. It’s these elements that make each piece of diamond unique. And  diamond prices largely depend on the 4Cs.

For instance, take a close look at the pictures below.

two diamonds 1.00 carat and 1.04 carat

The first picture represents a 1.00 carat D-SI1 excellent cut round diamond, whereas the second picture is a 1.04 carat H-SI1 excellent cut round diamond.

To the untrained eye, these two diamonds bear a striking visual similarity. But as you can see, even their descriptions are different. That means they come with varying markers of quality.

For starters, the second diamond has a higher carat weight than the first one. And while the cuts are similar, we can see a noticeable variance in their clarity ratings. The colors are also vividly different. And even if the two diamonds had the same color, their difference in clarity would significantly impact their overall fluorescence.

Now, imagine visiting a store, and the first thing you bump into are these seemingly similar diamonds. It’s worse if you find both pieces equally stunning. Would you be able to distinguish between the stone of superior quality? In most cases, you’d rely on what the sellers have to say. And that’s very dangerous, especially if the store is only keen on profit-making.

Apart from the Four Cs, you should also understand some standard terms used in diamond trade. For instance, we have  natural and lab-grown diamonds. Natural diamonds refer to diamonds grown underneath the earth’s surface. On the other hand,  lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in the labs.

The term “natural” may sound fancy. And if you’re not careful, a trader could leverage that to their advantage. However, there are no fundamental differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds. And contrary to popular belief, lab-grown diamonds aren’t fake. You may come across some stores calling them “synthetic.” You don’t need to fret, as they are as real as their natural counterparts.

Indeed, lab-grown diamonds are even more preferable as they’re prepared under controlled conditions. Perhaps what should bother you the most is the laboratories where the diamond is prepared. Is it a certified lab? Always insist on diamonds graded by reputable labs like the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute.


2. Comparing Offers across Multiple Stores

After acquainting yourself with fundamental knowledge on diamonds, you can now proceed to compare offers. As we already mentioned, your best bet when buying diamonds in Indiana is to do all your shopping online. So, on your PC, research on the top jewelry brands depending on your resident city. Then, open up a few tabs for each town and begin comparing the offers. For each store, there are certain things to consider.

First and foremost, does the seller offer variety? You’ll bump into some stores that only deal with  loose diamonds. You may also come across stores that stock various forms of diamond jewelry. For a fantastic shopping experience, choose an outlet that offers both. For instance, you could buy a necklace and a loose diamond separately. Then, ask the store to mount it for you, depending on your desires.

After narrowing down your options depending on the range of diamonds a store offers, it’s time to proceed to another critical consideration – grading reports. We have already highlighted two reputable grading organizations. However, there could be many others. Generally, avoid stores that work with in-house grading professionals. That’s because these grading experts could be biased in favor of the shops they work for. Instead, insist on independent grading organizations.

And as you enquire about these details, don’t believe everything the sellers tell you. You should personally verify the authenticity of a shop’s grading reports. Locate a sample of such a report on the store’s website. Or, ask their support to provide you with one. Then, click here to check for the authenticity of the report. Diamond shops that employ GIA-accredited staff are more recommended.

The next consideration should be where the store sources its diamonds. In other words, are the  diamonds blood or conflict-free? Conflict-free diamonds refer to diamonds whose mining and trading activities are above board, ethically and otherwise. Such diamonds aren’t sold to finance armed conflicts. The opposite is conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds. Most blood diamonds come from African countries. Examples of such countries include the DRC, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Angola.

On the other hand, most conflict-free diamonds originate from Russia. If in doubt, always request for some form of a conflict-free guarantee. The need for ethical diamond sourcing cannot be overstated.

If everything looks fine so far, check on the shipping and return policies of the merchant. It’s more convenient to shop for diamonds from a store that’s locally-based. Otherwise, ensure the store ships to your location.

Lastly, proceed to compare prices. Needless to mention, ensure you’re making an apple-to-apple comparison. Out of, say, five stores, you’ll always find one that offers reasonably-priced jewelry. If everything feels right, choose whether you wish to order online or not. If the store you’ve hunkered down on is locally-based, it doesn’t hurt to visit their physical outlets. But if they’re based in a distant city, you’re better off ordering online. For instance, it would be strenuous to travel from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis to buy diamonds, when you could purchase the same online.

But just before you place an order, check on the available payment terms. Pay-on-delivery terms are preferable. For upfront payments, ensure you complete all your transactions by credit cards. Credit card payments are the most secure when shopping online. Plus, they also come in handy in the event you have to make purchase returns.

Top Jewelry Sellers in Indiana

JEM Jewellers Based in Carmel, Indiana, JEM Jewellers is a boutique renowned for its fabulous jewels. JEM specializes in engagement and bridal jewelry, such as watches, gifts, and bracelets. You can also have them custom-design your jewelry as you desire. Besides, they offer additional services such as appraisals, cleanings, repairs, and engravings.

McGee & Company If you’re looking for an assortment of anniversary diamond rings, McGee & Company is the place to look. The store has established a reputation spanning over a quarter of a century. Based in Indianapolis, McGee & Company specializes in personalized diamond pieces. You can freely shop for a loose diamond here and then have it custom-designed to suit your taste.

Pierce Jewelers Pierce Jewelers are renowned for their vast collection of colored diamonds. It’s also an ideal store to shop for original handcrafted jewelry. Besides, they repair, restore, and remount diamonds. The fact that they’re a member of the American Gem Society speaks to their impeccable reputation. Pierce Jewelers pride themselves in over 80 years of excellent customer service.

Smith's Jewelers Smith’s is located in Noblesville, Indiana. The store deals with various engagement and bridal rings, as well as custom-designed diamonds.

Additionally, they offer appraisal and engraving services. But what makes them truly outstanding is their various layaway and financing options. If their diamonds fall short of your expectations, you can get a refund.

Indiana is known for its traditional auto race culture. Due to its friendly communities, the Midwestern U.S. state hosts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The major cities in the state boast a vibrant, charming aura. With a relatively favorable jewelry market, Indiana is one of the best states to shop for diamonds.