How to Buy Diamonds in Cincinnati

How to Buy Diamonds in Cincinnati

How to Buy Diamonds in Cincinnati

Posted by Sharif Khan on 7th Apr 2021

Diamonds go hand in hand with special events in our lives. To some, these gems are an exclusive symbol of riches, but to most people, they come with additional sentimental value.

When you gift a diamond to your near and dear one, you want it to deliver maximum impact on them. It does not matter whether you are gifting it as a symbol of purity and innocence or want the stone to symbolize how much you cherish the one you are giving it to. You hope that the present acts as a crowning jewel of your true feelings and desires.

Above all, you would want a gem that creates a lasting impression on your partner. But for it to achieve any of those goals, the diamond must also meet the tastes of the recipient. For instance, does your partner fancy the red oval diamonds? Are they selective enough to turn down a diamond with blemishes? These are some of the questions you must settle before hitting the stores. If you do not, you might invest your entire fortune in something that will go unappreciated.

If you live in Cincinnati, you are wondering where to shop for the best diamond, given that the city does not have a diamond district. As such, jewelry shops are scattered all over the city, but you do not need to fret. Read this guide to uncover how to get the best deals on diamonds in Cincinnati.

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How to Buy Diamonds in Cincinnati

Invest in the Four Cs

You are likely planning to buy a diamond—chances are that you may do so shortly. But have you ever heard of the Four Cs? If not, you might just be itching for the worst shopping experience of your life.

Diamonds are graded based on the Four Cs—cut, carat, color, and cut. In short, carat refers to the unit of measurement for the weight of the stone, which is why it is also commonly referred to as carat weight. One carat equals 0.2 grams. When buying diamonds, the higher the carat weight, the pricier the gem is. It is indeed a no-brainer.

Like the carat, the color aspect should not be hard to hack either. The diamond color scale ranges from D, which is colorless, to Z, which is light yellow. However, we all have our choice of colors. The idea is to understand how the color affects the other aspects of the stone. For example, colorless diamonds reflect more light than colored ones. You must also understand the impact of color on the overall cost of the gem. In this regard, colored diamonds tend to be costlier than colorless ones. Red is the most expensive of colored diamonds, with yellow coming off as the cheapest.

A diamond cut refers to the design in which the jewel is shaped for polishing. Do not confuse a diamond's cut with its shape. As you may expect, the shape only gives the raw dimensions of the stone. However, the cut brings out the symmetry and polish of the diamond. To paint a clearer picture, did you know that a diamond cut affects how brilliant the jewel is? Besides, it impacts the shape and softness of the stone. An excellent cut optimizes the diamond’s color and clarity.

Lastly, clarity refers to how eye-clean a diamond is. The clarity scale ranges from IF (internally flawless) to I3 (included grade 3). You can use this scale if you are in doubt. However, you will realize that it comes down to what appears eye-clean to you. You must still remember that some people love diamonds with inclusions, which underscores the importance of establishing tastes before gifting somebody a diamond.

By understanding these four essential elements, you are only halfway towards finding your preferred diamond in Cincinnati. The other half of the task involves locating an ideal store.


Find a Reputable Store

Every diamond store you visit in Cincinnati will market their merchandise as the best. Of course, you do not expect them to put it any other way. However, you must read unrealistic claims since it is the only way you will sift through the hundreds of jewelers to home in on the best vendor.

First off, ensure that the store has an extensive industry presence. To do so, read a couple of online reviews. A vendor that has remained in operation for more than a decade is likely to be highly knowledgeable about diamonds. Such vendors must have witnessed thousands of return clients. When buying from their stores, they are likely to recommend the best diamond for you.

Another hallmark of a reputable diamond jeweler in Cincinnati is the friendly customer experience. Some diamond stores exist for the sole motive of profit generation. For such vendors, nothing matters more than swaying you to buy their offers. It does not matter whether the jewelry suits you or not; all they care about is cashing in. You will know them during your interactions at their stores. Instead of assisting you in locating your diamond, they will try to pressure you into buying one.

Besides, devious vendors are economical with information about the certification of their diamonds—another red flag. If a merchant deals in certified diamonds, why would they hold back any information on the same? But if a vendor does so, it implies that either their diamonds are not duly-graded or that the grading lab is a shady entity. You must shun these kinds of stores.

Lastly, check if the store offers a return policy. Diamonds do not come cheap, and therefore, it is relieving to know that you can return the merchandise if it falls below your expectations.

The following are a few reputable diamond jewelers in Cincinnati:


Richter & Phillips are famous for their comprehensive collection of diamond jewelry. From engagement rings to wedding bands and even designer collections, the store offers an extensive range. It is also your go-to store if looking for antique jewelry, diamond necklaces, and gem pendants.

The vendor offers free estimates, and their prices are industry-competitive. Besides, their sales assistants are professionally-trained to assist their clients in finding their desired diamonds. Additional services that you will find here include jewelry cleaning, polishing, and refining. The store is located at 601 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.


Genesis is another reputable store where you can buy diamonds in Cincinnati. The store stocks a massive collection of diamonds, from bridal to eternity rings. If you are looking for the most exquisite branded diamonds, you will find them at this outlet.

Customer service is exceptional, evidenced by the numerous positive reviews the vendor enjoys throughout its 14-year existence. On the off chance that their diamonds do not meet your style, you can take advantage of their 30-days return policy. The vendor is located at 8060 Montgomery Road, Suite 500.


SCHWARTZ JEWELERS comes only second to Richter and Phillips in terms of the oldest jewelry shops in Cincinnati. Since 1937, the store has continued to wow its clients with its classic and contemporary diamond jewelry. Furthermore, they have a stunning assortment of diamond pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. You can visit their physical stores at 6114 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45224.

Do Not Rely Solely on the Price

Lastly, never dwell on the price aspect when looking for diamonds in Cincinnati. Instead, it should come as the final consideration.

Please keep in mind that you are heading to a jewelry shop, not an off-the-shelf clothing store. Therefore, you will find that only a handful of gems fit your taste and style. Do not sacrifice the stone you want for another on account of your limited finances.

Instead, go back to the Four Cs and sacrifice one of the aspects. For instance, you can settle for 1.02 carats instead of 1.05 carats. The diamond will still look stunning, carat variations notwithstanding.

Buying diamonds in Cincinnati is mostly a hassle-free process. You only need to arm yourself with the requisite information before visiting any store. Since the city does not have a diamond district, your best bet would be to shop for the gems online. Whether buying online or offline, buy from a vendor that offers a favorable return policy.