What Happens at an Engagement Party

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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If you decide to get married and want to share your happiness through an engagement party, do not forget to read the following tips that we have prepared for you to have a special and unforgettable celebration.

The celebration of the engagement party is when the couple publ their desire to marry their loved ones, and the bride will show excited the engagement ring given by her beloved. This meeting will allow both families to get to know each other and establish friendly relationships; In addition, as a couple, they can make an approximate count of the number of marriage cards they will acquire, according to the number of guests that attend that day. We assure you that during the party, there will be details that will allow you to create ideas for your wedding decor without losing your style.

A beautiful way to communicate to all the decision to build a life together is to celebrate a party of commitment in which family and friends can share with you their happiness. Here we tell you how to make it unforgettable.

The announcement of the commitment is always cause for great joy both for the couple and family and friends who have seen growth and consolidated that love. In addition to obeying a millenary tradition in which the gentleman asked for the consent of his future father-in-law to marry the daughter, each couple has a story to tell, and there is no better occasion to share it with their loved ones celebrating a party in the that the decision of life together be formalized, and the bonds of familiarity, respect, and affection with all their close friends be tightened even more.

Depending on how conservative or modern the couple is, the engagement party can be a formal dinner, an intimate gathering, or a more open celebration. In any case, it will be a very special and emotional occasion and to help you in your organization we have prepared these points to consider.

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Celebrate or not Celebrate Your Engagement Party?

Formerly the commitment was not carried out if the family of the bride, specifically the father, did not give his consent. In most cases, the bride had not even exchanged a word with whom she would become his fiance. Currently, the decision to marry expresses a deep desire of the couple and is taken almost without intervention from the family. The engagement party is precisely celebrated to communicate the couple’s desire to everyone.

The couple equally determines the choice to make or not a commitment event. Considering the family tradition, the relationship with the parents, and the couple's temperament, can make a small meeting or a larger celebration to communicate all of their joy. It is a unique moment for both families to meet, share, and even agree on certain aspects of the wedding, as if some relatives are going to have specific tasks or if you prefer to take care of everything instead. If you do not feel comfortable, do not go with your personality, or prefer to wait for the wedding, it is also valid that your loved ones find out when they receive the invitation.

Take into account the budget

Before deciding on an engagement party, it is important to get the accounts and discuss if their budget will allow them to do it. If the answer is no, do not be discouraged because there are couples who focus only on the big day celebration. If the answer is affirmative, it is time to write a list and assign an economical amount of everything you will need for the announcement of your future marriage.

Time to share

The food and drinks distributed to your guests must be agreed upon considering the time, preferences, place, climate, and style. Maybe they prefer breakfast, lunch, dinner, grill, buffet, or a cocktail; and are encouraged to place a cake on the coffee table in anticipation of that engagement cake in elastic mass that will adorn your engagement party.

Surprise factor

If you want to make your commitment a special and magical moment and decide to give an engagement party must agree on the way you want it to happen: you can tell the guests in advance the reason for holding or contain anxiety, invent a pretext and announce it when everyone is present on the day of the party.

An ideal place for an Engagement day

Your choice will depend on what you want to convey, what it means, and the number of guests attending. It can be at home, a restaurant, or a country place. If they wish, they can celebrate it three months, six months, or a year before the wedding; it depends on the agreed commitment time. Set a date and time that fits like a unique engagement ring to your finger, and leave nothing to chance.

The site of the celebration will depend entirely on the number of guests and the party’s mood. If it is a family dinner, the most common is to organize it in the house of one of the couples or their parents. You can also reserve a table in a restaurant or on the terrace of a hotel. If you want to make an outdoor celebration, you can organize your own farm or a nearby one or rent a country place outside of the city for an afternoon.

Stylish Decoration

If the engagement party is in one of your houses, they should determine, among other things: whether they will place a large or small table with chairs or a coffee table and chairs around the room. According to this, they can select the decoration alternative they like the most: flowers, balloons, cups with floating candles or single candles, submerged flowers, or fabrics. If you prefer an open place, consider the weather so the rain does not spoil the party dresses you and the guests will wear. In the same way, you will find excellent decoration alternatives that you or a specialist can prepare. If it is a restaurant, it is necessary to talk with the owner to know if the contracting of the space includes this service; The latter only if you prefer it.

Although it is a celebration of a more informal spirit, it is a nice detail to think of some decorative elements that dress this moment with something special. Small details that bear the couple’s signature, arrangements with the flowers they like most, or napkins in soft and romantic colors are enough to warm the moment. If the celebration will not take place at home, it is important to consult with the place defined to see if they provide the decoration service or if they allow you to take it.

Invitations and Guests

If you prefer to prepare invitation card designs for your engagement party, remember that you do not need to be as elegant as your future models of marriage parties. Many couples also opt for a less formal style, such as virtual cards sent through the marriage website or phone calls. If you want the engagement party to be an intimate moment to share with those you love most: your closest family and friends will not stop missing this important opportunity to accompany them. It will depend on you if you communicate the good news during the invitation or prefer to organize a surprise gala. Nor should you forget that that day’s guests must be included for the wedding day.

The choice of the look

That will depend on the type of engagement party they want and the place. It can be an elegant look in which the guests wear a party dress at night or less formal casual chic clothes. Do not hesitate to choose the option you feel comfortable with and fit your style.

Type of celebration on Engagement Party

After having a clear number of guests, they must define the type of meeting they want. The traditional thing is to organize a quiet and family dinner, but if your mood is more festive and you want to give a less formal celebration of commitment can organize a toast in the middle of a night of cocktails, a barbecue, or a picnic that includes a picnic.

Moments of fun

From now on they are putting together their favorite playlist for emotional and danceable minutes. Good music never loses at a party. They could also select games or hire an artist to provide a show according to the chosen theme. Some couples prepare a video of the most important stages of their lives before and after meeting each other to share during the meeting.

Toast for happiness

The toast is an emotional moment not only for the couple, but also for all those who love them, especially their parents. His words of love and gratitude will accompany this moment. Undoubtedly a moment that you will always remember.

Gifts and memories

For the engagement party, usually do not take gifts: if you wish, you can notify your guests with the invitation. If they give a present before, remember that good surprises are always well received. Memories are not obligatory either, but if you wish to give something to your guests, you could place a thank-you note on the tables or give them cupcakes, chocolates, or other details that represent them.

Prepare the words

The toast and the speech of the couple will undoubtedly be the most anticipated and moving moment. Have a written prepared in which they thank everyone for accompanying them, tell their love story, and express the reasons that led them to want to spend the rest of their lives together. Surely each of the guests will treasure this memory.

The engagement party is a moment that, in addition to being beautiful and romantic, serves the couple to try and define things for the wedding. Take advantage of this space to consult and ask for opinions from the people who most love you. It will surely become one of the most beautiful and emotional events of the wedding celebration.

Parking lot

Do not forget to coordinate the theme of parking for guests who have a car, so they can find solutions quickly and not panic at the last minute.

Remember not to stress; this is a time to share, celebrate and have fun. So, choose your best profile, settle down next to your cake - as if you were already wearing the wedding dress from the hand of the love of your life and cut the first piece of your wedding cake 2018 and, last but not least: give your camera and your guests their best smile.