Americus Diamond Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Americus Diamond Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Americus Diamond Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 6th May 2021

Americus Diamond Review

Americus Diamond – A Review

Our Rating 4 out of 5.

Compare Americus Diamond with James Allen.

Americus Diamond is worth a visit, though their prices are slightly higher than online retailers such as James Allen or Blue Nile. However, the incredible selection and superb experience offered to customers are hard to match and somewhat justify the price hike.

It is rare to find a store with as much jewelry and diamond selection as Americus. Their store is the largest in the USA and measures up to 24,000 square feet. It offers excellent quality diamonds and engagement rings, with an incredible selection to choose from.

James Allen

A Brief History

Americus Diamond is a family-owned and operated jewelry store in San Antonio. It has been in business for over thirty years and claims the role of the largest engagement ring store in the USA, with over 3,000 engagement ring choices.

Americus Diamond is heavily involved in their local community, raising funds for non-profits in the area through the Americus Diamond Circle of Support Program. They are also the official jewelers for many sports teams in the area.

What Americus Diamonds Offer

The most significant offering from Americus Diamond is their extensive selection of diamonds and engagement rings, enabling customers to find their desired ring easily. It is almost unmatched by other brick-and-mortar jewelry retailers.

Diamonds sold at Americus are GIA certified. Although Some EGL certified diamonds are left in stock, Americus stopped purchasing them a few years back and is letting go of them now. GIA certifications offer more weight than an EGL certification. Besides, it is reassuring to know that the diamond you are buying from Americus has the proper certification and will hold true to the properties declared.

The staff at Americus are also wonderful to deal with. They are equipped with diamond education and go out of their way to help customers view and find their perfect engagement ring.


What Makes Americus Diamonds Stand Out?

Brilliant Selection: Many brick-and-mortar jewelers fall short of offering a wide selection of engagement rings, diamonds, and other jewelry to clients, but this is where Americus Diamond stands out. Their huge store has a vast selection of items, all on display in a four-story building.

Certifications: All diamonds now bought and sold by Americus Diamond come with a GIA certification. Such a certification is essential to establish that the diamond you are buying represents the qualities ascribed to it and to guarantee that it will hold value in the future.

Great shopping experience: A shopping trip to Americus Diamond is unrivaled. The simplistic and luxurious interior of the store is only matched by its incredible size. Better, the staff is excellent to deal with and guide customers in the right purchasing direction.

Homemade Rings: Each diamond is hand-selected by the facility owner, while every engagement ring is made by award-winning designers and expert artisans in San Antonio.

Americus Diamonds Direct Pricing

Being a brick-and-mortar store, Americus Diamond cannot compete in price with online stores, such as James Allen. They do stock a large inventory and have overheads to pay, but not without overcharging their customers.

However, they hold their own by not pushing their premiums up as much as other brick-and-mortar jewelers. Moreover, while prices are still higher than those offered by online stores, they are still reasonably affordable. For many, the experience of visiting Americus Diamond and purchasing a diamond or engagement ring in store is worth the premium pricing.

Custom Orders

Americus Diamond works with many local designers and expert jewelers to create some stunning engagement rings. When it comes to custom orders, you can enter the store and view the available diamonds and setting options. Once you decide, you can request for your desired engagement ring to be made. It will involve a premium charge but will be worthwhile if you wish to buy a personalized ring.

Website Ease of Use

Unfortunately, this is where Americus Diamond falls short. Their website is nearly non-existent, containing only educational videos and hundreds of testimonials from past clients.

The company has not caught up with the online shopping experience. As a result, the only way to purchase a ring or view a piece is to visit their store. This fact alone cuts out many opportunities for potential buyers and limits the company's outreach significantly.

Customer Service

Once again, with a lack of a helpful website, it is not easy to obtain any information before purchase about the warranties and refund policies that Americus offer. You would be required to inquire in-store as to what after-sales services are offered, making you want to look into other options.

Helpful sales agents: In-store, you will find some competent sales agents who will educate you on diamonds and engagement rings. With such a large store, some agents are always ready to help and willing to pay full attention to a potential client. Oftentimes, refreshments are available for clients, and the sales agents allow customers to view their diamonds under microscopes with some extra diamond education.

Free resizing: Americus Diamond offers complimentary resizing on rings bought in-store.

Upgrades: You can upgrade your engagement rings in-store for Americus Diamond jewelry when need be.

Americus Diamonds Financing Options

Americus Diamond works primarily on cash purchases. However, there might be a few layaway or financing options available if inquired about in-store. Alternatively, customers can pay with a check, cash, or credit card.

Why You Should Choose Americus Diamonds

  • Diamonds come with GIA certification
  • Largest jewelry store in the USA, with over 3,000 engagement rings
  • Free resizing and cleaning
  • Friendly staff who are well versed in diamond education

Americus Diamonds – Worth the Premium

Although Americus Diamond's website is far from enough given the modern trends, the in-store shopping experience is worth the premiums paid on diamonds and engagement rings.

Furthermore, apart from being the largest jewelry store across the USA with an extensive selection, the Americus Diamond staff are amiable and go the extra mile to make your experience memorable, showing you stunning diamonds and engagement rings.