Sharif - Diamond Consultant


First "Google" what people have to say about me and Petra Gems. 

If you decide to work with me, for the purpose of transparency, I will show the listed wholesale price of the diamond from the wholesaler (De Beers Sight Holders) and then charge you just an additional 7% fee + credit card processing fees (wire has no cost) to buy it. Part of this fee will cover tax and international shipment costs as majority of the diamonds in the market are located overseas in India, Hon Kong and Israel.

It is important for you to know that all online companies work with the same set of diamond dealers which is why you will find the same diamond on multiple websites. Most online retailers do not own the diamonds listed on their websites. They are intermediary between you and the dealer. You can learn more about this process in my detailed article on diamond supply chain and wholesale process.


Over the last decade+, I have learned firsthand how challenging it can be buy diamonds. Even now after trading thousands of diamonds, I regularly learn new insights about this precious and alluring gemstone. What you will get from me is not just subject matter expertise of diamonds, but also knowledge of the diamond market because I have been trading and selling diamonds all this time besides learning about the gemological aspects of the stone.

I have a strong sense of what is trending now, what the best options are in terms of maximizing your budget, and above all, what quality you should aim for in a given range. Should you compromise on color or clarity, is cut important, how does fluorescence affects the stone, and is certification important. I will go over all of these details with you and explain what factors to consider before making a final decision.

Reading two or three articles is not enough when it comes to choosing the right diamond. Furthermore, it is important to be aware of the fact that one grade inconsistency or a slight difference in the proportions of a diamond can have a huge impact on the price of the diamond, and that is where my perspective is critically important.

You will discover that working with me is the best thing you could have done when it comes to shopping for diamonds. No one else is going to show you the wholesale price of a diamond. I also do not own these stones and therefore have no incentive to sell you an inferior diamond. Our objectives are aligned and I have every incentive to find you the best diamond so you do not return it. It is that simple.

So here is how I propose we work:

  • If you decide not buy a stone from us and go elsewhere, my consultation and advice is totally free of cost. However, it takes me hours to find the best possible options in the market and compare them, so please be mindful of my efforts and time. That is all I ask.
  • When I find you the stone that you like, I will also show you the wholesale price of the stone that is listed on RapNet: the diamond market where all dealers list their wholesale prices for companies. In other words, this is the price we will pay to buy the stone.
  • We will charge you an additional 8% of that price as our fee. This will cover international custom tax and shipment fee for us to import the stone + our markup. 

So let's get to work. In order for me to work with you, here is what I need:

  1. What shape stone are you looking for?
  2. What is your maximum budget?
  3. What criteria are you considering in terms of carat weight, clarity, color, cut etc.?
  4. Do you also want us to make you the mounting or do just want a loose diamond?