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Terms for Users

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Intellectual Property

Content published on our platform is Petra Gems’ intellectual property, and we reserve all the rights. No entity is authorized to use, copy and/or reproduce, among others, our content without our explicit approval.
Please do not use our trademark “Petra Gems” and/or our logos unless we explicitly authorize such use.

Petra Gems strives to fully respect and honor intellectual property owned by any individual or corporation. Please contact us immediately if you notice any intellectual property infringement on our platform. Upon receiving such a complaint or report, we will immediately remove or disable access to such content upon verification. We will also inform you of the steps we have undertaken in good faith.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Please refer to our privacy policy for further details. By using our platform, you agree that we can use or process your information as per our privacy policy.
We will keep your data safe and secure to the best of our ability. While at this point, we do not have any marketing campaign for our users, we retain the right to offer you services at a later date.

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