Princess Cut Engagement Rings: 10 Designs to Cherish in 2023

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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A princess cut diamond, a square-modified brilliant diamond, is popular for engagement rings. The cut is square or rectangular when viewed from above, and if viewed from the side, it seems like an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

It is a beautiful cut, with brilliant shine and sharp edges softened by the delicate cut. The diamond has a minimalist brilliance, and with the right setting, it creates an elegant engagement ring, which, as the name suggests, is fit for a princess.

Choosing the right setting for a princess cut diamond is key to ensuring it can shine and reflect light perfectly, giving the diamond all the credit and beauty it deserves.

Search and watch unique and modern princess cut engagement rings here.

Solo Infinity Princess Engagement Ring

unique swirl princess cut engagement ring

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This engagement ring is the perfect promise of forever, with the infinity symbol featured on either side of the white gold band.

Elegantly designed and visually clean, this ring has pavé set diamonds intertwined with sleek white gold bands to create the perfect sparkling infinity symbols. These symbols, white gold, and pavé set diamonds to create the delicate base which leads up to the sparkling centerpiece.

A princess cut diamond perfectly finishes the ring, adding straight lines and edges to a flowing, soft-edged ring. The four prongs hold the princess cut diamond in place while still giving it enough access to light and showing off its wonderful shape and shine.

Sapphire and Princess Engagement Ring

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The only thing better than pavé set diamonds on a band is a row of beautifully hued sapphires flanked by two outside rows of pavé set diamonds!

This exceptional ring offers dazzling diamonds and sapphires that work in contrast along the band to create the perfect center stage for the princess cut diamond. The center princess cut diamond is complemented perfectly with the additional diamonds set along the band, and the deep hues of the sapphires help to bring out the brilliance of the diamond even further.

The white gold offers the perfect base for the diamonds and sapphires to shine and captivate.

TacoriDantela Crown Princess Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Tacori Engagement Ring

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For true elegance, this is the piece for you!

Brilliant round pavé set diamonds form a melee surrounding a princess cut center diamond, a stunning centerpiece that many cannot match.

The Tacori signature millwork gives this ring a special design, with double-split prongs leading to the brilliant princess cut diamond. Intricate engravings set around the ring create an heirloom elegance, but the ring is still sophisticated and brilliant enough to fit into modern styles.

It is an engagement ring that has delicate details noticed with every glance. Incredible craftsmanship and design have created this one-of-a-kind ring with enough details to keep you interested for a lifetime.

Winding Ivy Diamond Engagement Ring

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This ring is fresh, original, and something for the woman who loves showing off her unique style.

A beautiful princess cut diamond is set on top of a rose gold band; additional round brilliant diamonds extend the ring's sparkle even further.

The prong set engagement ring is simple but is a wonderful play on the settings used in such pieces.

The 1rose gold band is kept simple, diverting all the attention toward the top, where it deserves to be. Small details such as the thin rose gold frame separating the princess cut engagement ring from the halo make the engagement ring special and intriguing and go to show the design thought and craftsmanship put in by Brilliant Earth.

Twisted Pavé Kite-Set Engagement Ring

swirl engagement ring princess cut

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This beautifully strong piece is a fresh take on the traditional twisted pavé set diamond bands.

A single band of pavé set diamonds leads up alongside a band of 14K rose gold, making its way atop the ring to the setting of the center princess cut diamond.

The center diamond is held in a basket decorated with pavé kite diamonds, giving the princess cut stone a base of light and sparkle.

The combination of the rose gold and pavé diamonds creates a sleek sparkle to the engagement ring, which gives it an incredibly timeless look.

Three-Stone Princess Engagement Ring

three stone princess cut engagement rings

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The three stones in this exceptional engagement rings represent the promise of a lifetime, symbolizing days passed, the present, and days to come.

Made from platinum, the engagement ring has an incredibly sleek look, which sets the perfect stage for three brilliant diamonds to shine.

A breathtaking princess cut diamond sits highest on the ring, reflecting light from all angles. On either side of the princess cut diamond sits two cushion-cut diamonds, giving the ring a sophisticated look.

While minimalistic, this ring perfectly showcases modern luxury, with all the focus put on the dazzling diamonds, giving them all the attention they deserve without any distractions. And while it might be simple, the three stones hold the promise of forever together.

Verragio Venetian Lido Princess Engagement Ring

Verragio swirl princess cut engagement rings

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Verragio is known to offer up timeless engagement rings, and this one is no exception.

Hailing from the Verragio Venetian Collection, this engagement ring features the exquisite Lido shank.

Round, brilliant cut diamonds form a melee on either side of the ring, twisting along the shank leading up to the dazzling centerpiece. Underneath the basket of the princess cut diamond is a diamond to be viewed from either side, with delicate scrolls working from there down the shank of the ring.

Inside either side of the 18K yellow gold band is millgrain detailing, adding some delicate details to the ring from every angle.

Full of details, intricate scrolls, and delicate stylings, this ring will be adored for ages. There is always something new to notice on the ring, but the princess cut diamond on top is lifted to reflect light brilliantly, and will always steal the show

Graduated Channel Princess Engagement Ring

Chanell princess cut engagement ring

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This ring was made for the bold woman who is confident in herself and her style.

The white gold creates the perfect sleek look, which holds the reverse taper set diamonds, which gradually get bigger approaching the center princess cut diamond. The channel set diamonds are framed by white gold, giving a pop of sparkle when the ring is viewed from above.

The center diamond is given a large open area to shine, and it really is given the space it needs to show off its delicate, yet strong, cut.

Empress Princess Engagement Ring

Empress engagement ring

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Beautifully crafted, this ring features modern simplicity and delicate details that create a breathtaking piece.

What makes this ring unique is that it has a reverse split shank, which is a band that splits open on the side of the ring and not in the front like other traditional engagement rings. This creates an open feel to the ring, with delicate spacing, giving the diamonds the space to shine.

The pavé set split shank band dazzles with diamonds lined along the front, which lead up to the princess cut diamond which is given every opportunity it needs to sparkle incredibly.

The platinum gives the extra shine that makes the ring truly exceptional, and the modern design adorned with diamonds makes it a piece that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Gold Graduated Princess Engagement Ring

halo princess cut engagement ring

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This engagement ring takes the antique halo style to the next level.

A graduated diamond halo gives the ring a dramatic yet romantic look. The halo has an incredibly soft, feminine appearance, with the diamond set resembling a floral design. The center princess cut diamond stands out on top of the diamond halo, absorbing the light from the halo diamonds and further shining from every angle.

The band of 18K yellow gold is set with pavé diamonds till halfway down, which adds to the antique style of the ring. The yellow gold also gives the ring a much-needed warmth, enhancing the vintage feel.

It is an incredible ring with sparkle, light, and delightful romance. It is a special ring that will be very much adored.