Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: Top 10 Designs in 2023

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Pear shaped diamonds are incredibly graceful, elegant, and fully flattering with many different engagement ring settings. With a sharp outline, pear shaped diamonds give any ring a bespoke feeling, with a timeless style that anyone will adore.

Resembling a teardrop, the pear cut is considered a fancy shape diamond and consists of different identifiable parts. The top, rounded part of the pear cut is the head, which leads down to the shoulder, and the shoulder shapes down towards the belly, then the wing, where either side meets at the tip or point. The shoulders and wings should be gently rounded, and the wings should be cut to form attractive arches. If the wings are too flat, the stone will look too narrow, and the stone will look too short if they are too rounded.

When it comes to fancy-shaped diamonds, it is important to ensure that the diamond has good symmetry. Good symmetry in a diamond will make it look flawless in the correct setting.

Knowing how to pick the perfect pear shaped diamond will help you create the perfect engagement ring, a timeless piece for that special person.

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The Top 10

pear diamond engagement ring

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This will be the perfect statement of love for a classic, elegant ring.

This simple set halo pear-shaped engagement ring shows wonderfully incredible sparkle and light performance. Along with the teardrop diamond are smaller pavé set diamonds which add a significant sparkle to the center stone.

Two white gold settings lift the center halo off the shank, giving the diamond halo the additional light and height it needs to show off.

Given all the attention, the center halo can completely steal the show by being set with a simple 14K white gold shank that glistens so lustrously, perfectly complementing the overall light and sleekness of the ring.

It is a timeless, elegant, and incredibly simple setting for such a gorgeous diamond.

Pear Shaped Channel Set Engagement Ring

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This is the perfect ring for the strong, modern woman who wants to make a statement with the classic engagement ring.

The platinum shank is wide, allowing framed pavé diamonds to follow up toward the center stone. The shank splits from the top of the ring, with the two sides lifting the pear-shaped center diamond up off the basket.

Five prongs securely hold the center diamond in place while giving the stone enough access to light to shine beautifully.

This ring is a strong statement piece, with the modern channel setting taking center stage, and will be the perfect fit for the woman who loves clean, straight edges, with a softening from the pear-shaped diamond.

Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

pear cut diamond ring 

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Breathtaking from every angle, this pear-shaped diamond is perfectly accentuated with six pear diamonds, tapering down in size along either side of the center stone.

The pear diamonds' soft edges and the center stone's teardrop create an elegant and delicate look, which is only brought out more by the platinum setting.

In perfect symmetry, the diamonds can shine brightly, stealing the show and putting on a magnificent light performance with every look at every angle; it is quite an exquisitely beautiful ring.

Pear Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

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This ring is the ultimate portrayal of whimsy and romance, with the delicate rose gold band and diamonds giving the utmost feeling of love and elegance.

Pear shaped diamonds and round cut diamonds alternate up either side of the shank, each set in a rose gold milgrain frame, making the ring delicately detailed. The diamonds on either side of the shank lead toward the center stone, a brilliant pear shaped diamond. In contrast to the rose gold, the four prongs holding the center stone are made of white gold. This helps to add more shine to the ring overall.

Delicate detailing in this whimsical setting makes this ring incredibly romantic and utterly breathtaking.

Demi Diamond Engagement Ring

pave thin pear engagement ring

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While a large pear shaped stone might not be the center of this engagement ring, the side brilliant round cut stone adds delicate detailing to a beautiful engagement ring.

The diamonds are set in a migraine bezel on either side of the center stone. The unique, delicate design is the perfect lead-up to the center stone, which prongs hold up.

It is a unique design, with simple detailing and a statement center, with the center stone flushing radiance.

Luna Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

 pear sapphire diamond engagement ring

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To create a truly timeless piece, blue sapphires, and round cut diamonds alternate along either side of the shank, creating the perfect setting for the center pear shaped diamond to shine.

Each round sapphire and round cut diamond is held in place with individual prongs, opening them up for the ultimate shine and sparkle. The pear shape diamond is also held securely in place with platinum prongs, allowing it as much access to light as it needs to reflect from all angles brilliantly.

The platinum adds a clean, sleek, and elegant look to the ring, giving the perfect base for the deep hue pop of color that the sapphires offer.

Timeless and elegant, it is a ring that will be loved forever.

Pear Shaped Pavé Engagement Ring


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Pear shaped diamonds are said to hold color within, so it would make sense that a pear shaped diamond would work with yellow gold to create a gorgeously warm, romantic ring such as this.

The shank is lined with pavé diamonds, and the two threads intertwine near the top of the ring to create four leading pavé set prongs that hold the pear shaped diamond in place.

The diamond is not hidden behind a frame; all sides are left open to absorb and reflect light brilliantly. Adding the pavé diamonds leading up to the intertwining band help to add more sparkle and glow to the ring, creating a bespoke piece that will constantly catch attention from all angles.

It is warm, romantic, and whimsical, and the setting complements the center stone, giving it all it needs to show off its best qualities properly.

Aimee Diamond Engagement Ring

minimalist engagement ring

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Beautifully cut pear-shaped diamond flank round cut diamonds in this exceptional ring.

The slim yellow gold shank gives a ring a romantic warmth, which helps bring out the sparkle of the three radiant diamonds on top.

Very little is used to hold the diamonds in place, which helps them have great access to light, reflecting from all angles, making sure there is incredible sparkle with every glance.

The side stones are simple but breathtaking, with minimalist beauty and radiant shine.

Starlit Pear Bezel Engagement Ring


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This uniquely crafted ring was created with the pear-shaped diamond in mind, framing it perfectly to show off its brilliant cut.

The Tacori crescent pattern is apparent along the ring, with small pin-dot details connecting together to create a constellation pattern, symbolizing stars aligning to represent your love.

The sleek white gold gives the right light and background for the pear-shaped diamond to shine and keeps the setting simple and neat. The clean edges of the ring, along with the small dot star detailing, make this a truly unique ring, and it is the perfect statement for a special kind of love.

Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

pear classic ring 

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This wonderfully modern ring is simplistic but holds all the beauty of an incredibly pear-shaped diamond.

Two tapered baguette cut diamonds, with a combined total of 1/6ct on either side of the center stone, are set within classic bar channels. These two baguette-cut diamonds frame the pear-shaped diamond, held in place by platinum prongs, giving it wonderful access to light to shine.

Besides the two baguette cut diamonds, the engagement ring's shank is left plain but has a sleek, lustrous shine that platinum achieves so well.

The three diamonds work together in unison to create a timeless silhouette that is both petite and a statement.

Final Thoughts

Pear shaped diamonds have such a wide range of incredible qualities, and in the right setting can create the most breathtaking engagement ring that will stand testament to your undying love.

Pear shaped diamonds are unique, elegant, and a classic option for women looking to show off her timeless taste in an incredible ring.