Our Business Model & Approach

Our Business Model and Approach:

We love transparency and will try our best to share everything about our business model here. If you still have questions about a particular product, we are one call away!

Petra Gem’s business model is vastly different from traditional online jewelry enterprises. While major jewelry sites use drop shipping (taking commission by selling other merchants’ products) as their main method for sourcing diamonds and jewelry, we barely use this practice. Instead, we emphasize on the use of recycled metals, estate jewelry and in-market diamonds in order to preserve our environment. We also design our own jewelry and accept custom orders. Moreover, we maintain a large stock of GIA and AGS graded loose diamonds which gives us the ability to offer you a true wholesale price.  

Custom Designs:

We have state of the art equipment to design any custom jewelry for you. If you can conceptualize it, we can design it. Please email us a drawing or picture of a jewelry you’d like us to design, and on its basis basis, we will draw a CAD graphic design free of charge for you. If you like our design, we will proceed with the manufacturing of the jewelry – the process takes roughly 15 days. We will try our best to use recycled metals/in-market diamonds to the extent possible.

Loose Diamonds from our Partners:

Petra Gems is a proud member of Rappaport and Rapnet – the largest diamond trading network in the world. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our stock, kindly go through the list of thousands of diamonds that are daily listed by our partners in the Diamonds section. Once you find the right diamond, contact us and we will procure it for you.

Designer Engagement Rings:

We regularly buy new and estate designer engagement rings. These master pieces are professional polished and are in brand new condition. Petra Gems has in stock jewelry from almost all major designers including Tacori, Verragio, Ritani, Jared, Scoot Kay, Simon G, Leo Diamonds, Blue Nile, and James Allen, among others.  

Recycled Metals, Estate Jewelry and in-Market Diamonds:

Due to the environmental crises we face today, we highly emphasize on the use of in-market diamonds and recycled metals in designing our jewelry. We also try our best to make estate designer jewelry available to you at a heavily discounted price. We promise all of our jewelry will look brand new when it arrives at your door step. If you are not happy with it, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

There is no such a thing as “used” when it comes to diamonds and precious metals. The reason diamonds are expensive is because they are natural and millions of years old. Moreover, as soon as a jeweler rhodium plates or professionally polishes a precious metal, it becomes new again.

Our hope is that through this small step of preservation, we would not have to over use our vital natural resources especially when we already have over supply of precious metals and diamonds in the U.S. market. Please join this movement and preserve our beautiful planet.

No to Conflict Diamonds and Money Laundering:

As stated earlier, we try our best to buy our diamonds within the United States. Since we don’t have the capability to confirm which diamond is conflict free, we have decided to not deal in uncut diamonds altogether. We also do our research to buy diamonds from partners that respect the Kimberley process.

As a small business, we process our payments through the best financial institutions in the United States in order to avoid falling into the trapes of money launderers. We also encourage our clients to pay us through PayPal or Bank Wires so that all transactions are electronic and verifiable. Moreover, we try our best to buy and sell diamonds within the United States only and avoid importing goods to the extent possible.

Please join us and become a family. We will treat you fairly and honesty. We will also provide you the best diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry at the most affordable prices.