Best Jewelry Stores in Boston for Diamonds in 2023

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A wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions in your life, a significant milestone associated with immense prestige. As such, it deserves a real crowning jewel in the form of diamond jewelry. You would desire to settle for nothing short of what you believe your partner truly deserves. However, shopping for diamonds is no walk in the park, especially if you plan to buy a gem in a city as jewelry conscious as Boston, MA.

Because diamonds do not come cheap, you would want to put your best foot forward when shopping for these gems. If you do not, you might suffer some of the worst tragedies associated with jewelry shopping, such as buying a diamond of inferior quality or paying excessively for the same deplorable quality. In short, you could make many of these common mistakes if you buy diamonds unprepared.

On the other side, you could have one of the most successful shopping experiences if you shop at a reliable place with basic insights into the key quality factors that affect a diamond’s brilliance and fire.

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Best Way to Buy Diamonds in Boston

When buying diamonds in Boston, you often confront two options: online and offline. Buying diamonds online comes with numerous rewards, the most important being the convenience of shopping from anywhere within the city. Whether at home or in the office, you need a PC or a smartphone and a stable internet connection. You can then search and sample as many displays as possible before placing your order. Moreover, you can have your orders shipped to your address of choice.

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Buying diamonds online in Boston also comes with minimal security risks since diamonds are among the most high-risk goods. Jewelry merchants may adopt cutting-edge security measures to try and safeguard their stores from robberies. But does that render them entirely safe from marauding robbers? According to this article on NBC Boston, Boston jewelry stores are not immune from theft. If thieves can be so audacious as to attack jewelry stores that have tight security measures, think of what they could do to you in the backstreet sections of the city with zero security surveillance.

Therefore, shopping online can result in a seamless shopping experience and is an excellent way of escaping the hustle and bustle of physical diamond stores. When shopping online, there is no hard selling, which is why your decisions are a result of sound judgment.

However, some people relish the exciting experience of buying diamonds from physical stores. Perhaps, you also want to experience the jewelry and try it on before purchasing it. Besides, you may also prefer to shop for diamonds as you experience the streets of Boston. In that case, your go-to place would be the Boston Diamond District.

The Boston Diamond District

Though the largest in New England, The Boston Diamond District is smaller than major diamond exchange centers, such as the New York Diamond District. The Boston Diamond District is located on Washington Street. The Financial District borders the Diamond District on the east.

Washington Street accounts for a substantial number of jewelry stores in the diamond district, including the Jewelers Exchange Building located at 333 Washington St. The Jewelers Exchange Building hosts over one hundred diamond merchants under one roof. It is an excellent place not only to find perfect jewelry but also for trade-ins. Besides Washington Street, jewelry stores are also scattered in nearby blocks.

Shopping for diamonds at the Boston Diamond District comes with numerous advantages. As with any diamond district, there are lots of jewelry merchants crammed into one street, which translates into two things: variety and affordability. When shopping for diamonds here, you will always find the gems you desire. Jewelry stores try to outdo each other by all means, and as such, they offer a broad range of diamonds for different tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for a diamond solitaire or cocktail ring, you will likely find it in the district.

The competition also manifests at the level of jewelry pricing. Unlike other areas of Boston, jewelry prices are a little lower in the diamond district. However, be cautioned against shopping for diamonds, with the price being your sole consideration. Remember that diamonds are pricey due to their prestigious nature and sentimental value. It is natural to bump into a store that prices its diamonds slightly lower, although you must ensure the price is still within the range that most stores charge for the same diamond. You must not proceed to the district looking for the best bargain of the year, for you will never find it.

Another advantage of shopping for diamonds in the Boston Diamond District is its location. Nestled in downtown Boston, you can access the district from any location within the city.

If using public transit, you can opt for any of the following options:

  • Red & Orange Lines – You would stop at the Downtown Crossing Station
  • Blue & Orange Lines – Stop at the Slate station
  • Green Line – Stop at the Park & Tremont.

You can also get to the Boston Diamond District by car. The only hassle would be finding an ideal parking slot. Thankfully, they are available in abundance within the downtown area. The following are the three major public parking structures in downtown Boston:

  1. Pilgrim Lafayette Garage – Located at 68 Chauncey St.
  2. 33 Arch Street Parking – Found at 30 Hawley St.
  3. PI Alley Garage – Located at 275 Washington St.

There are many benefits of shopping for diamonds at the Boston Diamond District. However, you can only have an enjoyable shopping experience if you go prepared. But what does preparation entail? Let us find out.

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Notable Jewelry Stores

Some notable mentions include the Boston Ring and Gem on 333 Washington St, which prides itself in offering finely cut, custom jewelry. Next comes the Skylight Jewelers found at 44 School St. If you are looking for different diamond designs - from ancient to modern styles, Skylight is the place to be. DeScenza Diamonds is another famous jeweler in Boston. With a history spanning over a century, DeScenza has successfully studied the different trends of diamond shopping. They pay attention to their customers’ needs before recommending the right diamond and offer additional services, such as insurance, engraving, and appraisals.

Boston remains a significant cultural city, a favorite destination for those uncovering the heritage of New England. Boston is also a hotspot for the latest in art and fashion, with which comes the opportunity of shopping for high-end diamonds.

Tips for Buying Diamonds in Boston

Have Basic Insights on Diamonds

Buying diamonds is akin to buying a car. Before you hit the stores, you should have some rudimentary knowledge of diamonds in general. This information will help you determine if the stone you have chosen is of desirable quality. You may already be familiar with the 4Cs—color, cut, carat, and clarity. But if not, do yourself a favor and find out what these elements stand for.

Never walk into any store and ask for the best diamond. Store owners will always have something they consider ideal for you. In most cases, it will be a cheap-quality stone unworthy of your time or money, which is why it is necessary to arm yourself with basic information on the 4Cs. Through doing so, you will confidently walk into a store and ask for a specific diamond. If the store does not have that diamond in stock, you will walk out and head to another store.

Research on Prices Online

The Boston Diamond District is a busy trading center. Hence, you may not always get the attention of every diamond merchant. You will come across some friendly traders, but, at the same time, you will also face some nasty ones therefore, before you proceed to the brick-and-mortar stores, research diamond prices online to get a feel of what to expect at the stores in the district. It may also help you narrow your options regarding the stores to visit.

While searching for prices, only focus on the cost of your desired jewel. No retailer might offer fair bargains for your desired gem. But you need not fret. Instead, return to the 4Cs and assess the features you wish to prioritize and those you can sacrifice. For instance, you can sacrifice color in favor of a higher carat weight.

Check for Certification

Lastly, only buy diamonds from reputable stores. But how do you tell that a store has a good reputation? At the very least, they should only deal with GIA or AGS certified diamonds. Besides, a reputable diamond store should offer properly-graded jewelry, which is especially true for lab-grown diamonds. Do not be afraid to ask the merchant who grades their diamonds. They will shy away from mentioning it if it is a shady lab.

You might also want to check if the store offers a wide range of diamond jewelry. Everything should be available under one roof, from halo engagement rings to diamond necklaces and earrings.

Additional services like diamond imaging, engraving, and trade-ins are a bonus. As you may expect, most of these services come with extra markups. However, they are instrumental in helping you hunker down on your preferred gem. Besides, they speak to a store’s sensitivity to their customers' varied tastes and styles.