GIA Promotional Offers 2019 | 30% Discount Service

GIA Promotional Offers 2019 | 30% Discount Service

GIA Promotional Offers 2019 | 30% Discount Service

Posted by Sharif Khan on 22nd Dec 2019

GIA Promotional Offers 2019

GIA Current Promotional Offers

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is an independent outside source who is considered the most trusted and respected authority to offer grading reports on  diamonds and gemstones, pertaining to cutcolorclarity, and carat. The GIA also helps to identify and classify different types of stones.

Due to their unprecedented reputation, many buyers and retailers choose to deal with GIA stones only or use them for the majority of their stones. These buyers and retailers are able to benefit from the promotional offers that the GIA release from time to time.

Here are the latest promotional offers from GIA available:

24-Hour Grading Report Service

On 25 November 2019, the GIA announced the 24-Hour Grading Report Service, which is only available for United States retailers.

This promotional offer allows for D to Z diamonds, which are received at the GIA laboratories in Carlsbad or New York, from U.S locations, from the Diamond Dossier or  Diamond Grading report, to be ready for pickup with the grading report within 24 hours. This service begins on December 2, 2019, and will end on December 19, 2019.

This 24-hour pickup time comes with no additional charge. Return shopping will be made available at the normal shipping times following the quick 24-hour grading service and includes standard shipping policies.

In order for retailers to participate in this offer, they will need to include the promo code: HOLIDAY on their memo. If there are any questions or queries, the retailer's local laboratory can be contacted on or

This offer is only open to clients who have a 2019 Client Agreement in Place with the GIA.

For those who are looking to open a GIA Laboratory Account, they need to follow the following link:

The diamonds intended to be graded using this promotion will need to be shipped from a single United States address and should be shipped back to a single United States address as well.

Diamonds that are not eligible for this report are those which are submitted with special requests such as Follow-Up or Add-On services. These will be serviced using the standard estimated return dates currently used by the GIA, which is five business days for the New York and Carlsbad diamonds with D-Z qualities.

Reduced Fee for Diamond Report Updates

From Friday, September 20, 2019, until Tuesday, December 31, 2019, any natural diamonds or laboratory-grown diamonds that have been graded by the GIA in 2018 and 2019, are eligible to be submitted to any GIA laboratory for an Update Service. These stones need to be submitted to the GIA within the promotional period to be eligible for the Update Service.

These diamonds will be fully reviewed by a GIA laboratory and a new report with the current date will be issued. The promotional offer is a 30% reduced fee for the Update Service, off of the normal grading fee for the service.

The diamonds submitted for the Update Service promotion must be submitted by the original reports, and there are service limitations that apply. The eligible services available for the reduced rate are:

  • Colored Diamond Grading Report
  • Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report
  • Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report – Black
  • Colored Diamond Origin Report
  • Diamond Grading Report
  • Diamond Origin Report
  • Diamond Dossier
  • Focus Report
  • Diamond eReport
  • laboratory-grown Colored Diamond Report
  • laboratory-grown Colored Diamond Grading Report
  • laboratory-grown Diamond Grading Report
  • Sorting-Diamond Grading
  • Sorting Dossier

Any additional secondary services such as Conversions, Re-Exam Conversion, Issue Report Services, Same Day Service and Observations will not be included with the promotional discount and will fall in-line with the published fees.

For any additional queries or questions regarding this promotional offer, customers and retailers can contact a GIA Client Service Representative. This offer is only open to clients who have a signed client agreement with GIA.

Reduced Fee For Diamond Origin Report

Running from Friday 20 September 2019 until Tuesday 31 December 2019, the Diamond Origin Report fee will be the same as any fees applied for Diamond Grading Reports. Any stones submitted for this promotional offer will only be eligible if the polished stone is submitted in the promotional period, and the stone must be sent through to GIA with the GIA rough report number. There are service limitations that do apply.

The reports which are eligible for this reduced fee are the Colored Diamond Origin Report and the Diamond Origin Report.

Other services such as Re-Exam Conversions, Conversions, Same Day Service, Observations and “Issue Report” Services are not included in the promotional reduced fee and will be charged according to the fee schedule of the GIA.

For any other help related to this promotional offer, Client Services on the GIA website are open to help with queries and questions, to guide both retailers and customers with the promotional offer terms and conditions.

Promotional Offers

The promotional offers mentioned above are all finishing in December, so retailers and customers who have signed agreements with the GIA should take advantage of these offers before they expire.

These promotional offers apply respectively to reduced turnaround times and reduced fees for different grading reports, so it is worthwhile to forecast what diamonds might need to be graded and to work with the promotional offers to ensure that you make the most of them while they last.

The GIA is the most trusted and respected diamond grading authority in the world, so it is best to make use of these promotional offers in their respective timeframe, to ensure that your diamonds are graded by the best authority around.