The Exciting Features of GIA Diamond Origin Program

The Exciting Features of GIA Diamond Origin Program

The Exciting Features of GIA Diamond Origin Program

Posted by Sharif Khan on 30th Oct 2019

GIA Diamond Origin Program

The GIA Diamond Origin Program is a direct response to the growing sustainability awareness shared by consumers, who actively choose to seek out ethically sourced products.

Using scientific evaluation, the GIA Diamond Origin Program works to provide confirmation of a diamond’s geographic origin.

Having this information on hand helps consumers  differentiate between natural diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds, encouraging source countries to strive for an ethical method of obtaining diamonds, and encouraging consumers to purchase diamonds which are sustainable sourced.

Growing Trends

Through consumer research, GIA has shown that a third of consumers will purchase a diamond from a brand that sources their diamonds based on environmental impact, with consumers being more likely to purchase a diamond with a back story that is fully disclosed.

The GIA Diamond Origin Report gives consumers the information and traceability they need to feel comfortable that the diamond was sustainable sourced either being mined or manufactured ethically. With the report, consumers can trace a diamond or gemstone back to its source, all the way through to its polished finish. This information provides them with the confidence they need to make a purchase.

Having the story and traceability of the stone allows for the consumer to have a more emotional connection to the diamond, creating a story for them to intertwine into their own lives, with a good conscious of the origin of the diamond.

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For The Greater Good

Not only was the report created to allow consumers to know that the diamond they purchase was ethically sourced, but by encouraging consumers to go this route, the report directly impacts the development of the mining countries. By growing the market of ethically sourced diamonds, the report will help to provide jobs, build infrastructure, increase education for young people, and improve health systems for the communities involved in the diamond mining process.

How it’s done

The GIA Diamond Origin Program is dependent on the Origin Report, which uses a specific scientific matching process to trace each diamond.

Being the world leader in the gemological research market, GIA has over 60 years of scientific research at their fingertips, along with advanced technology, to provide a mined to polish report and matching confirmation for all eligible stones.

To do this, GIA gathers scientific images and scientific data for a rough analysis and uses markers and data gathered during this to match the polished stone to its once rough form.

The report shows the confirmation of the geographic origin of the stone, along with the country of origin, and the full 4C’s grading report, with the report number later being inscribed on the  girdle of the diamond.

Not only does this give confirmation to the origin of the diamond, but helps to build an emotional value of the diamond, further cementing its meaning and significance for the consumer.

The Matching Process

GIA has a set scientific matching process to help create the Origin Report. Each step is carefully done and recorded to complete a full origin story of the diamond.

The below steps are followed with a rough diamond, where a unique identification number is assigned to each rough:

  • Recording of physical measurements
  • A spectroscopic analysis
  • A growth structure analysis
  • Imaging, both photography, and video

Once the diamond has been through these steps and has been polished, the diamond is then resubmitted, accompanied by the rough identification number. It is then put through a full grading analysis, which matches the rough analysis, for a final confirmation of its country of origin.

Submission Requirements

Not all diamonds qualify to be graded and recorded by the GIA Diamond Origin Report. Only diamonds which are D-Z, or fancy color, and 0.15 carats and higher will be accepted. Polished diamonds will only be accepted if the original rough diamonds were analyzed by GIA.

Going forward, rough diamonds can be submitted to the program from the beginning, where their journey to polished completion can be tracked scientifically, and with its unique, beautiful journey that makes it that much more favorable to a potential consumer.


Sources of the Report Available

To make the Diamond Origin Report more accessible to both retailers and consumers, GIA has created a Diamond Origin app and a book. Both include all the information needed for the diamond formation, the discovery, mining, polishing and the grading of the diamond, as well as the beneficial impact the diamonds have on their specific country of origin.

The mobile app also includes GIA report data and images of the polished and rough diamond. The GIA Origin App allows consumers to browse through the unique story of the diamond by using a navigation wheel. Included with the story are images of the diamond, both in its rough state and its final polished state.

Retailers can also benefit from the use of the app, by enhancing their sales presentation of the diamond to consumers, using the app to show consumers the images, videos and grading information of qualifying diamonds. This helps the consumer build an emotional connection with the diamond, and help them make their purchasing decision more comfortably.

The GIA Origin App is available for free download from  Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Another resource available to retailers and interested consumers is the GIA Diamond Origin book. This book is available for order from

The books are full of stunning imagery and tons of contexts and include very useful information on diamond formation, as well as the discovery and mining process, polishing, grading, and the beneficial impact the diamonds have in their respective countries.

Every book is set with a back pocket to hold the GIA Diamond Origin Report and has space to hold any gemstone or diamond images downloaded from the GIA Origin App.

The book is available with its content and additional grading reports online.

Program Tools for Retailers

To further support retailers with the implementation and roll-out of the GIA Diamond Origin Program, GIA has provided useful tools available freely to retailers.

This includes the Diamond Origin Report for retailers to keep on hand, whether for their records or as an example to consumers. The marketing tools available include a country of origin book, a product brochure, selling tips and a training manual for retailers and sales staff.

These marketing tools are able from the GIA Retailer Support Program, found at

The more retailers that get behind the program will increase the chance of the increase of ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, which will have a positive and long-lasting effect in the industry.

Why GIA Are Most Qualified For the Program

With a program holding such importance as this, and with the ability to transform the sustainability and positive impact of the diamond industry, you would need a reliable leader in the industry to spearhead the campaign.

GIA is the perfect organization for this. Being the leader in diamond grading worldwide, GIA created the  4C’s of diamond quality, including color, cut, clarity and carat. The International Diamond Grading System is regarded as the most comprehensive and trusted in the world, and is backed by decades of knowledge and scientific methods.

GIA is a non-profit entity and is not privately owned or publicly traded, giving them the unique stature they need to set standards across the industry.

The mission of GIA is to ensure public trust in gemstones and jewelry, by offering the highest standard of academics, integrity, science, and professionalism. This is all ensured through education, laboratory services, research, and instrument development.

Being a nonprofit organization, there is no hidden agenda behind the creation of the GIA Diamond Origin Program, and at its core, it has been developed for the benefit of diamond communities, the improvement of sustainability in the industry, and the confidence that consumers will receive when purchasing an ethically sourced diamond. All this leads back to the communities involved in diamond mining, and how their livelihoods will be better from it as well.

GIA has committed to bettering the diamond industry and holding it up to higher standards and will achieve exactly that with the full support of its new GIA Diamond Origin Program.

As many within the diamond industry know, a diamond sold with a GIA certification is a level above the rest. For many, purchasing a diamond is only valid when there is a  GIA certification and grading available, which speaks volumes to the respect that GIA has within the industry.

The GIA Diamond Origin Program

Created to benefit the diamond industry, from mining origin to consumer satisfaction, the GIA Diamond Origin Program offers a confirmation that the diamond industry is heading towards a more ethical and sustainable process.

Consumers will be left with a sense of fulfillment knowing that their diamond purchase has helped to better the local communities, with benefits ranging from infrastructure improvements, more educational opportunities and better health care for the community involved in the mining process.

Get on board with the program and ensure your next diamond purchase or sale involves a GIA Diamond Origin Report, and help better the industry and diamond community as a whole.