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The Best Option. Save time and money. 

The best option is to ask for a quote based on your budget. After researching the market and reviewing our in stock inventory, we will provide you multiple quotes with an aim to get you the best possible deal for your money.

Our expertise and research is free of charge and there is no requirement to buy from us if you don't like the options we present to you. Worst case scenario, you will have a better idea of what you can get for your money to compare it to other vendors. 

In your email, please let us know 1) what your budget is; 2) what type of gemstone/s you are interested in; and 3) what kind of setting or semi-mount you are looking for in order to get started.  

Custom Orders:

We accept custom orders. Our goldsmiths are ready to take on the challenge of designing the world's most beautiful ring for you. We have state of the art equipment and facility. Please send us an image, drawing or sketch of the mounting you would like us to design. We will respond within one day with approximate price and time it would take us to complete the project. CAD drawing is offered for free. Learn more!

Please email us directly at or use the form below. We usually respond to emails within one hour.