Beautiful Women Engagement Rings Ideas, Styles, Designs

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Here are some unique unique diamond engagement ring styles to consider. If you have an idea for a custom design, contact us and we will be happy to design it for you at a truly wholesale price.

Bezel Set Halo Engagement Ring:

One of our top sellers, this bezel set engagement ring design with pave set diamonds will surely stand out in the crowd!

Unique halo engagement ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring - Three Stone Infinity Design:

A master craftsmanship with twisting infinity shank and premium side diamonds. This three-stone princess cut diamond engagement ring will surely make her say "Yes"!

Unique princess cut engagement ring

Unique Halo Flower Design Engagement Ring Design:

Unique antique design and workmanship with exceptional filigree and milgrain patterns...

Unique Flower Design Engagement Ring

Two Tone Swirl Diamond Engagement Ring: 

Beautiful designed two tone swirl engagement ring with an ideal cut center diamond. This design brings together white and rose gold to make a bold presentation - a truly unique master piece! 

Unique swirl engagement ring

Modern Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Design:

Unique split shank engagement ring elegantly designed to perfection and can be customized in white, yellow or rose gold as well as platinum. Several price range options as available. 

Halo Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

A true head-turner. There are not many princess cut diamond engagement ring designs that would compete with this masterpiece. Halo design with pave diamonds and eagle prongs. 

Halo Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Unique Antique Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring:

This vintage inspired unique halo diamond engagement ring can also be customized in yellow ro white gold as well as platinum. Several price options to choose from! 

Vintage Style Halo Engagement Ring:

Exceptional vintage style halo engagement ring with amazing details and craftsmanship. An excellent choice for someone who is looking to blend in style with heritage.

Vintage Halo Engagement Rings Style

Halo Swirl Diamond Engagement Ring:

This is one of our top exquisite halo engagement ring available in gold and platinum. Swirl and halo engagement rings are trending these days, and this setting beautifully integrates both to make a bold presentation. 

unique swirl halo engagement  ring

Bezel Set Vintage Inspired Antique Engagement Ring:

Elegant designed unique vintage classic style engagement ring in yellow gold. It can also be designed in white or rose gold and platinum. 

Halo Split Shank Unique Diamond Engagement Ring:

A top notch design. If you want something to look out in the crowd, this might be it for you. A truly antique and master piece. The halo round cut diamonds significantly enhances the aesthetics of the center stone. 

Antique Style Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with Sapphires:

Vintage inspired antique cushion cut engagement ring with diamonds and sapphires. 

Unique Infinity Split Shank Engagement Ring:

These infinity swirl style engagement rings are trending these days and are very popular. There are variety of designs available and each can be customized. Most of our customers love these styles. 

Unique Split Shank Engagement Ring

Halo Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring:

This is a very poplar halo design set with pave round diamonds available in rose, white and yellow gold as well as in platinum. This halo design particularly looks beautiful in a rose gold setting. 

Unique Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Classic Vintage Style Engagement Ring:

This engagement ring combines vintage and classic style with modern designs. If you want a fusion of old and new, this style might be it for you. It also comes with two matching wedding bands. It can also be customized for other shape diamonds. 

Unique Vintage Engagement Ring style

Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring:

It is unique and beautiful. If you have a small diamond/budget, considering a double halo engagement ring might not be a bad idea. This setting can also be designed in cushion halo style. 

Unique Classic Timeless Diamond Engagement Ring:

Modern design of the classic solitaire engagement ring designed to perfection. 

Unique Custom Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Cushion Style:

Unique design and solid wide shank made to last. Exceptional craftsmanship!

split shank platinum halo engagement ring

Unique Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

Pave set, this princess cut diamond engagement ring will stand out in the crowd. The center diamond set high making it very visible. A unique design for a lucky princess! 

Unique Princess Cut Engagement Ring Setting

Double Shank Halo Engagement Ring:

Diamond ring with double prongs and cushion halo design - a beautiful contemporary design. 

Unique Double Shank Halo Engagement Ring

Vintage Style Engagement Ring with Baguette Diamonds:

This is a beautiful style that combines classic and vintage styles to make a powerful presentation. The baguette diamonds particularly enhances the beauty of this engagement ring.  

Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Unique Floating Diamond Engagement Ring:

Very popular rings and designs. They have an elegant look and are a good upgrade to the classics designs!

Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring:

A truly exquisite halo design with a split shank. Definitely a style to be on a short list! 

Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Cathedral Style Engagement Ring:

This three stone cathedral style engagement ring is popular for so many reasons. Not only it shows the center diamond from far away, it also beautifully combines classic and vintage styles with modern designs. 

Cathedral style engagement rings

Swirl Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

What is there not to admire about this beautiful swirl style engagement ring. A truly unique design...

Unique Swirl Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

Unique cushion cut diamond engagement ring design with four round side diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds have incredible fire and are a good alternative to round diamonds if you want something different.

Unique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Set

Antique Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring:

A split shank design with a unique touch. The cushion halo also enhance the beauty of this style.

Antique Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring

Unique Round Halo Engagement Ring:

With four double prongs, this halo engagement ring will definitely standout among most halo designs. One of our top contenders.

Unique Halo Engagement Ring Top

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring:

Very popular, unique halo cushion style engagement ring set with pave diamonds and center round stone. 

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Classic Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

A classic modern design holding a brilliant cut cushion shape diamond. 

Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring:

Unique round style halo engagement ring with round side diamonds and double prongs. 

Round Halo Engagement Ring

Vintage Style Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

Unique emerald vintage style engagement ring with exceptional details and brilliance. 

Unique Emerald Engagement Ring Halo

Bezel Set Split Shank Engagement Ring:

Unique half bezel set split shank engagement ring set with brilliant natural diamonds.  

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Round Halo Unique Engagement Ring:

Round modern contemporary design - halo diamond engagement ring with brilliant details and craftsmanship. 

Contemporary Halo Design Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring:

Unique oval halo engagement ring in rose gold setting. This setting is also offered in white and yellow gold as well as in platinum. 

Unique Oval Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Swirl Kite Style Engagement Ring:

This masterpiece is exceptional on so many levels - if you want something entirely different and stylish, this kite style engagement ring should be one of your top choices. 

Kite Style Engagement Rings

Swirl Infinity Rose Gold Engagement Ring:

Infinity style halo rose and white gold engagement ring. Simple yet sophisticated!

Infinity Design Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Round Channel Set Diamonds:

This is a very elegant engagement ring design. The simplicity of the one carat round diamonds significantly enhances the beauty of this setting.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

Frank Ruebel Antique Diamond Engagement Ring:

If you are looking for something entirely antique, these engagement ring styles might not be a bad choice. If you have a even more antique design in mind, contact us and we will work with you to make it a reality.

Unique Antique Engagement Ring

Swirl Rose Gold Engagement Ring:

Here is an other unique setting to consider. It should definitely be something on your short list if you want a flower halo design that is very antique looking.

Swirl Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring:

Channel set engagement rings are relatively popular and there a variety of styles available. Contact us if you have a particular preference.

Unique Channel Engagement Ring

Halo Cushion Style Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

Simple, yet beautiful. Asscher and emerald cut diamonds are very unique and different! This design can also be customized for any other square shape diamonds.

Unique Halo Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Halo Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

Radiant cut diamonds are beautiful and they look exquisite in halo settings.

Halo Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Unique Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring:

Three stone engagement rings are also very popular. This one happens to be one of our top selection.

Three stone diamond engagement ring

Classic Platinum Engagement Ring with Side Diamonds:

This is a traditional 4 prongs style engagement ring with side channel set diamonds. If you have a well cut diamond, consider this design. 

Classic Round Dimond Engagement Ring

Five Stone Band or Engagement Ring:

These five stone settings are famous for wedding bands, but can be considered for an engagement ring as well.

Five Stone Band Ring

Classic Four Prongs Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

This ring goes very well with a matching five stone wedding band of either round or princess cut diamonds, especially a channel set one. 

Plain Princess Cut Setting

Pave Set Split Shank Halo Radiant Cut Engagement Ring:

A unique design to consider. 

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Classic Asscher Cut Engagement Ring:

Ideal asscher cut Engagement Ring

Classic Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring:

If you have a nice diamond and like the simplicity of an engagement ring, this might not be a bad idea. It happens to be one of the most popular engagement rings with traditional six prongs. These settings or semi mounts are also available in white gold and platinum.

ideal round classic ring six prongs

Classic Platinum Diamond Engagement ring:

Four prongs classic platinum engagement ring . A very common design - simple yet perfect for an ideal cut diamond.

Classic Platinum Ring

Classic Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with V Prongs:

V prongs are important for princess cut diamonds as they are prone to chipping and the v prongs protects them.

V Prongs Princess Cut Ring

Some of our other top contenders!

Vintage Style Round Engagement Ring:

Vintage style ring diamond

Vintage Style Engagement Ring:

Vintage Antique Ring style

Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring:

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Round Cut diamond Engagement Ring:

Round Cut Ring with diamond

Unique Antique Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

Unique Princess Cut Set

Round Diamond Engagement Ring Set:

Round Diamond Wedding Set

Bezel Set Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

Bezel Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Unique Round Diamond Wedding Set:

Classic round set wedding

Antique Diamond Set:

Antique Round Diamond Set

Unique Radiant Cut Diamond Ring:

Unique Radiant Ring

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