Dunkin's Diamonds Review 2023 (are they trustworthy)

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Stuart Dunkin, known as the Diamond Man, started a jewelry company in Ohio over 60 years ago, which he eventually sold. However, Stuart Dunkin still wanted a foot in the jewelry industry. Thus, he opened Dunkin's Diamonds, which now features ten stores between Ohio and Florida, mainly in Columbus and Fort Myers.

The business has become a local favorite and has a comprehensive website to fulfill online customers.

Compare Dunkin’s Diamonds with James Allen.

Dunkin's Diamonds is a favorite among local shoppers, drawing in customers with their excellent customer service and an impressive selection of engagement rings and other jewelry.

Service in-store has always been a strong point for Dunkin's Diamonds, paying attention to keeping their customers happy in any way possible. Therefore, Dunkin's Diamonds is worth a visit for those looking for a more personal experience. However, to save money on an engagement ring, look at online Jewelers such as James Allen or Blue Nile.

While you might only sometimes get the best value for your money and selection might be limited, Dunkin's Diamonds will make you feel welcomed and tend to your jewelry needs.

Dunkin's Diamonds
  • 4 out of 5
    Product Quality
  • 3.9 out of 5
    Product Diversity
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Customer Service
  • 3.9 out of 5
  • 4 out of 5
  • 4 out of 5
    Website Use

      What Dunkin’s Diamonds Offer

      Walking into a Dunkin's Diamonds store will, with a classy and luxurious environment, offer you the experience you should receive when purchasing engagement rings. Display cases are beautifully displayed around the store, highlighting the acceptable range that Dunkin's Diamonds offers.

      For many, the ability to visit an actual store to view the jewelry firsthand is a significant benefit, and Dunkin's Diamonds do offer customers the ability to do this while offering a memorable experience.

      Dunkin's Diamonds sell its diamonds with grading reports. These range from certifiers such as the GIA - which is the best report to get - and the AGS - which does not necessarily state the exact properties of diamonds. Either way, buying a diamond with a report is always better than buying one with none.

      The diamonds are excellent quality, and the engagement ring settings are just as beautiful. However, it is always best to have an appraisal done to ensure it is as good as possible.

      What Makes Dunkin’s Diamonds Stand Out

      Guaranteed quality: Dunkin's Diamonds go out of their way to ensure that each piece of jewelry they sell has been personally guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship.

      Diamonds: The diamonds sold at Dunkin's Diamonds are of good quality. Sold with certifications, the diamonds' properties are open for viewing. With a good eye, you will notice that the diamonds have a good cut and clarity, perfectly fitting into an appropriate setting.

      Customer service: Being a family-run business for three generations and emphasizing making customers happy, Dunkin's Diamonds have done well to portray itself as a jeweler for the people. New customers are drawn in by the promise of excellent service, while

      Dunkin’s Diamonds Pricing

      While Dunkin's Diamonds claims to sell the lowest-priced diamonds, their prices tend to be slightly higher than what you might find at James Allen or Blue Nile. You will probably save around 30% when buying online. However, the quality of the jewelry and the customer service offered at Dunkin's Diamonds make the price hike worth it for some customers.

      Custom Orders

      Dunkin's Diamonds have a whole page on their website dedicated so that you can create your engagement ring. Therein, you can search through thousands of diamonds, filtering down as you choose the right one.

      From there, you can look through the different settings offered. You can choose from a classic solitaire setting to more unique designs that will surely give you what you want. The process is relatively easy, and there is the option to ask for help along the way or request further information on the process, the diamond, or the setting.

      Website Ease of Use

      Dunkin's Diamonds have done well in creating an easy-to-navigate and appealing website. The options of pages to follow are laid out very clearly, whereas the pictures and graphics on the site are beautiful and by no means overwhelming.

      You can view an engagement ring’s clear, stunning, albeit stock, picture. You can view the ring from different angles and read the information available for the setting. You will, however, need to match a diamond to the setting since they do not sell ready-made items online.

      The site clearly shows all customer service options, policies, and contact avenues for easy purchasing.

      Customer Service

      Dunkin's Diamonds are favored for their excellent customer service, from in-store to after-sales. Their reliable support is open to customers at all times online, while the sales staff in-store is always willing to help.

      Return Policy: There is a 30-day return policy for all diamonds and jewelry purchased from Dunkin's Diamonds. The store will offer a full refund or exchange on the item, no questions asked.

      Lifetime Warranty: All jewelry purchased from Dunkin's Diamonds is sold with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects, where the item will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge.

      Free Shipping: Dunkin's Diamonds offer free shipping to all US destinations for purchases over $250. The items are all securely packaged and insured for the duration of shipping until safely received by the customer.

      Free Lifetime Cleaning and Inspection: Items purchased from Dunkin's Diamonds come with free lifetime cleaning and inspection, where the store also covers the shipping.

      Dunkin’s Diamonds Financing Options

      Dunkin's Diamonds offers a few financing options, depending on whether you purchase in-store or online. Online purchases come with a financing option of PayPal credit, which offers six months of free interest on purchases over $99 with easy account management.

      In-store financing includes a special option with low minimum monthly payments and a credit card usable in-store for various purchases.

      Why You Should Choose Dunkin’s Diamonds

      • Beneficial in-store service
      • A beautiful selection of diamonds and engagement rings
      • Various certifications, such as those by the GIA and AGS, issued with diamonds
      • Lifetime warranty offered on all jewelry bought
      • Financing options available for in-store purchases and those made online

      Dunkin’s Diamonds – The Friendly Local Jeweler

      Dunkin's Diamonds do well to provide their customers with a personalized service that sees them coming back. Not only does this apply to the shopping experience in-store, but also to the services offered well after a purchase is made.

      To top the service offered, the diamonds and engagement rings kept at Dunkin's Diamonds are of great quality, with beautiful settings and stunning diamonds. However, you can find similar items for a lower price at James Allen or Blue Nile, though it is up to you to decide if giving up the in-store experience is worth it.