Diamond Consultant

Authoritative Citation

As a writer or researcher with an interest to learn more about natural diamonds, gemstones, and/or lab-grown diamonds, please contact us below and we will be happy to provide an insider's perspective and an authoritative source for data. Petra Gems is cited on all major sites and publications and is a member of the main diamond trading network. Our founder, Sharif Khan, is also a veteran of the industry and has had business relationships with most De Beers' sightholders. We can provide comprehensive insights on any aspect of the diamond and fine jewelry trade. 


'Google' what people have to say about Petra Gems. 

First, the goal of Petra Gem is to make information about diamonds and gemstones available to buyers in the most simple and summarized manner possible. In that sense, we hope that the website itself is adequate in terms of empowering consumers to feel confident while buying a diamond online. 

However, if you are at a loss and do not know where to begin (and/or if you want to save time), we are happy to step in and provide the kind of support that no one else in the industry can match. We can do so not only because of our familiarity with diamonds but also because of our decade+ experience in the retail and wholesale diamond industry.  


Over the last decade+, we have learned firsthand how challenging it can be to buy diamonds. Even now after trading thousands of diamonds, our experts regularly learn new insights about this precious and alluring gemstone. What you will get from us is not just subject matter expertise of diamonds, but also knowledge of the diamond market.

We have a strong sense of what is trending now, what the best options are in terms of maximizing your budget, and above all, what quality you should aim for in a given range. Should you compromise on color or clarity, is cut important, how does fluorescence affects the stone, and is certification important. We will go over all of these details with you and explain what factors to consider before making a final decision. We will also recommend our top vendors to you to consider while shopping for a diamond. 

Reading two or three articles is not enough when it comes to choosing the right diamond. Furthermore, it is important to be aware of the fact that one grade inconsistency or a slight difference in the proportions of a diamond can have a huge impact on the price of a diamond, and that is where our perspective is critically important.

You will discover that consulting with us is the best thing you could have done when it comes to shopping for diamonds. 

So let's get to work. In order for us to work with you, here is what we need:

  1. What shape stone are you looking for?
  2. What is your maximum budget?
  3. What criteria are you considering in terms of carat weight, clarity, color, cut, etc.?
  4. Do you also want a mounting or do just want a loose diamond?