How to Buy Diamonds in Detroit, Michigan

How to Buy Diamonds in Detroit, Michigan

How to Buy Diamonds in Detroit, Michigan

Posted by Sharif Khan on 29th Nov 2019

How to Buy Diamonds in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit - a city whose mention evokes all kinds of memories. It has a history that goes back some 11,000 years ago. At that time, the Paleo-Indian people predominantly occupied the city. And as time went by, more people migrated to the city. In the 17th century, the region played host to the Odawa, Potawatomi, Iroquois, and Huron communities.

Like many cities in the US, Detroit persevered years of invasions from within and without its borders. However, the resilience of its inhabitants cushioned the region from complete annihilation. Eventually, Detroit emerged as one of the most iconic cities in the U.S. Worthy of mention is the fact that the city is a hub of the automobile industry in the country. Its home to the country’s three major automobile manufacturers, namely Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. Some of these automobile manufacturers have existed for over two centuries.

The city also boasts a heritage steeped in arts and culture. Indeed, it’s Detroit that gave rise to popular music genres such as techno and Motown. Detroit’s nearness to the Canadian border makes it one of the choice cities to do business. Merchants fly from far and wide to set their offices here. Among these are diamond traders.

If you’re based along the US-Canadian border and are looking for an  excellent place to buy diamonds, you might consider giving Detroit a try. The jewelry stores in this city offer different kinds of diamond. Regardless of your preferred  shape, size, cut, or color, Detroit diamond stores have it all. But while shopping for diamonds in Detroit is a heavenly experience, it doesn’t come without unpleasant surprises. Therefore, it helps to have as much information as possible before you go out shopping.

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Where to Buy Diamonds in Detroit

When it comes to shopping for diamonds, most people prefer buying online. And that’s especially recommended if you intend to purchase your jewelry in Detroit. Unlike major global diamond cities, Detroit doesn’t have a diamond district. That means there are no locations within downtown Detroit specifically designated for jewelry shopping. As such, you may have to traverse different streets within the city, looking for your preferred diamonds. Therefore, it pays to shop for all your jewelry online.

But convenience isn’t the only  advantage of buying diamonds in Detroit online. You also get a variety. Online jewelry displays are more organized than the exhibits in a physical store. If you walked into a brick-and-mortar jewelry store, you’d notice that the front displays feature only a few fancy diamonds.

Perhaps due to space limitations, a store may choose to showcase only its signature diamonds. It’s worse if the store is a relatively busy one. It may take some time for the sellers to locate your desired diamonds. But the scenario is very different when shopping online. You can take your time to sample as many options as possible, on a store’s online exhibitions. And since the element of crowding isn’t there, there’s the benefit of clarity of thought. Therefore, you’ll likely make an informed purchase decision.

Some stores even deploy search features. Once you’ve identified the diamond you want, you enter its description into these features. And in the twinkle of an eye, the search mechanisms retrieve the gem you’re looking for.

Diamonds also tend to be cheaper online. Most jewelry stores in Detroit offer competitive prices when you buy from their online outlets. Now, if you factor in the cost of visiting a physical store a couple of times before finding your preferred jewelry, you’ll appreciate how affordable it is to shop for  diamonds online.

However, ensure the store ships to your location. Most Detroit jewelry merchants offer free shipping services to addresses within the city. If you’re based outside Detroit, you may incur a few costs. But you need not worry, as the fee is often negligible. The best part is that you don’t have to complete the entire process online. Some customers crave for the realistic experience that brick-and-mortar stores offer. If you’re one such buyer, you can leverage the internet to find your  ideal diamond and merchant. Then, you can proceed to the physical store to pick your jewelry.

Lastly, buying diamonds in Detroit online takes away the nagging concerns of safety. It’s a given that diamonds are some of the most precious gems. As such, incidences of theft aren’t uncommon in Detroit. One of such brazen robberies was published in Citizen Times. Most of these heists target the sellers. But as a buyer, you’re not safe either.

Thankfully, these are not challenges you’ll experience when shopping online. After identifying your desired diamond, you proceed to make an order. Then, you wait for the seller to ship the merchandise to your address. At this point, your only concern might be the security of payments. When shopping online, the risks of losing crucial banking information are always real. That’s why experts recommend paying using your credit cards. Better yet, you could opt for secure online payment methods like PayPal.

How to Buy Diamonds in Detroit

Having addressed the “where” question, we’ll now tackle the “how” question. In essence, this is the point where you should understand diamond markers of quality. It’s also at this point that you investigate the credibility and reputation of a seller.

Now, whether you’re buying diamonds in Detroit online or offline, it pays to do your due diligence. I believe that by now, you already have identified the kind of diamond you want. If you haven’t, you should do better to acquaint yourself with knowledge of diamond quality. You’ll occasionally come across terms like the  Four Cs, loose diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, etc.

Try to acquire some essential information about diamonds before you can begin sampling online displays. Remember that knowledge is power. And when it comes to jewelry shopping, the more you know, the better for you. Learning these basics will enable you to define the diamond you want. It’s the most crucial step in sifting through the thousands of diamonds you’ll come across.

The next most significant step is locating a jewelry store. The following are some pointers to consider when honing in on a store.


1. Does the Store Offer Variety?

You’ve already identified what you want. So, what is the importance of variety? Well, these are some common questions you’ll probably ask yourself too. When shopping for diamonds, the best-case scenario is that you find exactly what your heart desires and at the most affordable price. However, things won’t always work out in your favor.

For instance, maybe you need a 1-carat  princess-cut blue diamond. But the most famous description happens to be a 1.04-carat princess-cut blue diamond. Such are the times that you’d have to make concessions. Therefore, consider stores that offer a broad range of jewelry. That way, you’ll be able to find a diamond that’s very close to your style. Hence, you’ll sacrifice the least in terms of your taste and preference.

You could also view variety in terms of the diamond forms and designs a store offers. Some sellers only deal with  lab-grown diamonds, while others prefer natural diamonds. You’ll also come across merchants that sell only loose diamonds, whereas others offer all manner of diamond jewelry. The conventional wisdom is to choose a trader that sells various kinds of diamonds.

2. Check the Merchant’s Return Policy

When buying diamonds in Detroit, you hope that you never have to return the jewelry for whatever reason. But there are cases where purchase returns is the only viable option for you. For instance, you might have received merchandise that’s different from what you ordered.

Therefore, always choose a store that offers free returns. Along with return policy, also check on the merchant’s shipping policy. Like we mentioned, many stores offer free diamond shipping within the local Detroit area. If you’re based outside the city, try to establish the fee involved. Though often ignored, these hidden charges significantly affect  diamond prices.

3. Are The Diamonds Duly Graded?

Grading is a paramount consideration when choosing diamonds. It’s especially true when buying lab-grown diamonds online. Any store will readily tell you that their diamonds are graded. But it’s the reputation of the grading organization that matters most. Organizations like the Gemological Institute of America are an excellent place to start.

However, don’t just believe what the store says. Instead, check for proof of grading from the said association. You can ascertain that by requesting a sample grading report. Apart from dealing with GIA-certified diamonds, you’ll also come across stores that employ only GIA-accredited staff. That’s a plus, as it shows the merchant takes their reputation seriously.

The last consideration is the price. While diamonds don’t come cheap, you’re likely to get fair bargains. It all depends on where you look. Therefore, don’t be afraid to compare prices online, across various stores.

Popular Jewelry Stores in Detroit

Dearborn Jewelers Dearborn is famous for their wide assortment of bridal jewelry. Apart from its vast collection of diamonds, Dearborn also offers exemplary customer service. Some of their trademark services include repairs, engraving, cleaning, and remounting.

The Diamond Factory One thing that gives the Diamond Factory an edge over its competitors is direct interaction with customers. By selling their diamonds directly to their clients, the store eliminates intermediaries. And as you may expect, that reflects positively on their diamond prices. The Diamond Factory primarily sells classic engagement rings. Plus, they deal with some of the industry’s highly-reputed brands.

Redford Jewelry & Coin Are you looking for exquisite wedding rings or bridal jewelry in Detroit? Your search ends at the Redford Jewelry & Coin. As well as that, you also get custom engagement rings at reasonably affordable rates. The best part is their lifetime jewelry repair services.

Legacy Estate Jewelry As the name suggests, Legacy Estate deals with legendary jewelry. Think of diamonds that have a story behind them, those with a trans-generational significance! If you’re looking to gift these vintage pieces to your partner, look no further than Legacy Estate Jewelry.

Maloof Jewelry Maloof Jewelry prides itself on decades of exceptional customer service. Most of their diamonds are handpicked. Besides loose diamonds, Maloof also offers a wide range of diamond jewelry. From vintage designs to contemporary styles, they have it all.

Whenever your journeys take you to Detroit, never miss a chance to check out some of the city’s natural and manmade wonders. And to experience the best of Detroit, you’ll need to explore its art, fashion, and culture. And a perfect way to do that is to sample the city’s rich collection of diamonds.