Custom Jewelry Design - Ring or Other Setting

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Submit your design idea for a custom setting

Have a custom design idea in mind?

Please either draw it or send us a picture of the setting, and we will be happy to design it for you. Below is a practical example of how this process works. You can email your idea to sales[at]petragems[dot]come. 

Here is a step by step guide into how this process works. 

Step 1 - Submit your custom design idea or send us a picture of your desired setting:

While submitting your design idea, please also let us know if you want us to provide the center gemstone as well so that we can quote you accordingly. If you already have a gemstone, please let us know the size and dimension of it. Please also share the ring size information at this point.


 Design Idea by Brandon S. Guida.

Step 2 - Based on the information you provide, we will share a quote for how much it would cost to make the custom setting.

Step 3 - If we agree on the pricing, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the agreed price. 

Step 4 - Once the payment is cleared, we will draw a CAD graphic design for you within two business days to seek your approval.



Step 5 - Once you approve the CAD design, we will move to production. 

Step 6 - Within 10 to 12 days, we will mail the finished custom setting or semi mount to you.